Scotland has a wealth of visitor attractions, and the area of Perthshire is not short of a good share of those. History and landscape, and plenty of space to enjoy it. Compared to the crowds of southern England, parts of Perthshire can seem almost uninhabited. According to CLC World, Scotland has 3000+ castles, many of which are driving distance from Perthshire.

While it’s maybe not “big country”, Perthshire is sometimes called the “big county”, with landscape ranging from wide agricultural valleys, to the mountains of the southern Highlands.

With all this open space, it’s no surprise that hiking, camping, and mountaineering are popular. If you don’t want to spend your nights in the open air, there are plenty of hotels and hostels, and self-catering accommodation.

The city of Perth itself is a good place to start; this area around the River Tay has been settled for thousands of years. For a while, the city was also the capital of Scotland, due to the presence of the royal court, and the nearby Scone Abbey. This is an ancient site, where Scottish kings were crowned for 1,000 years. Kings such as Macbeth and Robert the Bruce. The abbey building no longer exists, but archaeology suggests the location was at Moot Hill.

The abbey remains are in the grounds of the magnificent Scone Palace, about 3 miles from the city center. There is plenty to see in the palace and grounds, though it does cost several pounds per person. Car parking is included in the price, and there is usually enough space for about 200 cars. If you have the budget for luxury accommodation, you can actually stay in the palace – but at present there is only space for about 6 guests.

At Scone Palace you can also find the typical Scottish pursuits of fishing, shooting, and deer stalking. Being on the River Tay, the largest river in Britain, means a plentiful supply of quality fish – especially the Atlantic Salmon.

Another attraction in Perth, this time dating from around the 12th century, is Balhousie Castle. Fans of military history will know that this is the home of the Black Watch museum, a regiment whose motto is “No One Attacks Me With Impunity”. There’s also a lovely cafe and gift shop, and this is all in easy walking distance from Perth city center. The castle is not far from the Dunchally country estate which is a great hotel option if you want to stay close by, you’ll find some great deals if you search online.

If you like horses, then maybe try a visit to Perth Racecourse, which is close to Scone Palace. There has been horse racing in Perth since the 17th century, but only began at the current site in 1908. There are over 100 events every year, and travel to the racecourse is very easy by whatever transport you choose – even private aircraft.

Speaking of aircraft, Scotland has several international airports to welcome foreign visitors – Glasgow, Prestwick, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Hire a car at the airport, and you’ll soon find yourself on some remarkably quite roads, once you’re out of the city. Perth is a very good starting-point for a driving tour of Scotland, where the lack of traffic means you can relax and enjoy the scenery.


The Dodecanese islands are an amazing group of islands found in Greece. They have become great tourist destinations, which have an excellent tourist infrastructure with superb beaches and fancy resorts. They attract many tourists because of the amazing restaurants and pubs, which serve delicious food and drinks and have a rich cultural history. In addition, the islands have amazing museums, friendly people and fantastic hotels which offer cheap comfortable accommodation. Although there are many amazing islands, here is a list of six of the best Dodecanese islands:

1. Kos Island

Kos Island is the third largest of the Dodecanese islands and is the second most populous. Kos is a lovely island, which has many monuments, sandy beaches, natural beauties and a rich history that will enchant you. Cheap deals to Kos are possible since the island has many amazing beach resorts and hotels that offer affordable great. There are numerous fun activities to do such as bike excursions, horse riding excursions and windsurfing making it an ideal tourist destination.

2. Rhodes IslandLindos_Rhodes

Rhodes Island is a lovely island and is the biggest of the Dodecanese Islands. It is famous for the fantastic beach resorts and the romantic old town. It has many exciting attractions such as the impressive beaches, a rich cultural history, amazing hotels and villas, which offer cheap and delicious food and drinks. In addition, the hotels offer affordable and excellent accommodation. It also has a buzzing nightlife filled with excitement. The island is an ideal holiday destination not only for those who want an action-packed holiday but also those who want to relax.

3. Symi Island

Symi Island is a breathtaking and beautiful island that is also among the Dodecanese islands. It amazes tourists with the fabulous architecture and the calm atmosphere. It has one of the most exciting ports in the Greek islands and well-designed mansions built on the slopes of a hill, which offer a breath-taking view to the sea from any place. The beaches of Symi Island are small but clean and provide a peaceful atmosphere during your visit to the island.

4. Leros Island

Leros Island is a small but lovely island that has a rich cultural history. The island has interesting museums and other impressive historical buildings such as the Medieval Castle. It also has cool and calm beaches, which are ideal for relaxing. The Island has a good tourism infrastructure such as impressive hotels, resorts and apartments. It also has a fun and exciting nightlife making it an island worth visiting.

5. Patmos IslandChora-of-Patmos

Patmos Island is a lovely island mostly known as the island of the Apocalypse because according to religion it was where Saint John wrote the book of the Apocalypse in a cave on the Island. The Island has a large impressive monastery that is surrounded by strong walls and resembles a fortress. The island has an excellent atmosphere with calm and relaxing beaches, which are ideal for tourists.

6. Kasos Island

Kasos Island is a pleasant small island which is the south most of the Dodecanese islands. Although there not very many beaches it has some impressive quiet and peaceful beaches. It also has great restaurants and bars, which offer affordable and delicious food and drinks. The local people are also friendly. The island also has amazing hotels, which offer cheap comfortable accommodation making it an ideal tourist destination.

The best means of connecting through the Dodecanese islands is by travelling using ferries since there are no airlines that operate between the islands. However, there are some islands that have airports such as Leros, which connect the island to the Greece capital, Athens.


Looking for somewhere to vacation? Then be sure to consider Cirebon. This is a city located on the northern coast of Java in Indonesia. It is a unique spot with influences of Sundanese, Javanese, and Chinese cultures. Oh, and it is stunning. During your time there? You can expect plenty of warm weather, beautiful views, and countless things to do. It is the perfect place to get away from it all. Dreaming of Cirebon? Then keep these tips and tricks in mind. They will ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch.

Put Some Thought Into The Hotel You Choose. Cirebon is an incredible city. One that has a number of different accommodation options. There are rooms to rent, resorts to explore, hotels to stay at, and so on. The most important thing to do? Choose your room wisely. You want to find the best room to stay in. Ideally it should offer you all of the comforts of home – as well as any extra amenities you desire. (That might be a swimming pool, spa services, or an in-hotel restaurant.) Be sure to look into the extras and amenities before you book. That will ensure that you find the perfect room for your unforgettable getaway. Whether you choose a small local spot or a room at the Grage Hotel Cirebon. With an amazing place to rest your head at night…. every aspect of your vacation will leave you feeling satisfied.


Understand How You Can Get Around The City. Once you get to Cirebon there are a few things you will need to think about. Like how you will get around. Maybe you want to see something on the other side of the city. Not a problem! There are many different options to choose from. The most convenient way to travel through the city is to rent a car. Or you can take the Angkot. This is a public van transport as well or Becak, which is a rickshaw service. Another option is to grab a taxi. Just keep in mind there are not too many of them around. So you might be waiting a while to get to your destination.

Find Exciting Ways To Spend Your Vacation Days. You want your trip to Cirebon to be memorable. Special. Exciting. So be sure to do a little bit of research before you arrive in Indonesia. You want to have a rough idea of how you will spend your time there. It might be touring the city, enjoying the area around your hotel, visiting local attractions, sitting poolside, or checking out the harbour front area. The whole idea is to have a general game plan. Sure you can add extra activities as you come across them…but figure out what you can see and do during your trip. This will prevent you from wasting time – and ensure that your Cirebon vacation is everything you are dreaming of.


There you have it. Some helpful vacation tips to make your Cirebon getaway absolutely unforgettable. All you need to do now is start packing your suitcase!