A Fine Dining Experience in Lisbon: Places to Visit


Do you want a fine dining experience whilst in Lisbon? Well, you will have to visit some of the most alluring restaurants in the city. Cuisines range from contemporary international to traditional Portuguese, with so much fusion. Seafood is a specialty in Lisbon, and some restaurants’ range is varied so as to offersome of the most delectable caviar.  You also have the option of dining further out into the surrounding countryside if you have the time. Meanwhile, there are several restaurants in Chiado and Santa Apolina with fabulous views of the city and the river. In Chiado, there’s a fine restaurant set up in a former convent that goes by the name of Largo and that you should make a point to visit. Below are some others you should try to check out.

  1. TabernaMordena

TabernaMordena is a delightfully off beat restaurant with a serving bar that has over eighty varieties of gin; these come handy should you have to wait for a table as it is quite a popular venue visited by both locals and tourists for the sumptuous meals and more so, the gin. The menu here is tapas oriented with a specialty in Spanish finger food. However, they also offer Portuguese Mediterranean fusions with all that you can expect from an eatery of the sort.

  1. Tagide


Tagide is set within an 18th Century townhouse in Chiado. It commands magnificent views of the town’s downtown; if you’re seated on the terrace, you will enjoy the alluring view a tad bit more. The menu at Tagide is more inclined towards traditional Portuguese cuisines with a little French twist to impart a Mediterranean touch. Some menus here are seasonal, so you need to visit over several months to savor the gastronomy if you’re lucky. The wine list here is extensive and also complements the food flawlessly.

Photo: Creative Commons

  1. FazFigura

Fashionable, smart, and stylish, this is another restaurant that offers a lush fine dining experience in Lisbon. The restaurant offers guests fabulous views, and the set up is perfect. The Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisines have specialties like sour sauce, duck breast, leek puree and tiger prawns. The desserts served at FazFigura will leave you wanting more. The wine collection here is also impeccable with labels from the different wine regions in Portugal.


Photo: Creative commons

  1. U Chiado

This restaurant is named after the city’s most elegant and fashionable district. It is a comfortable and stylish eatery that combines nouveau Portuguese cuisine with traditional kitchen. The intriguing codfish with rapini, potato, and roasted bread is a must try.  The restaurant has a magnificent terrace that complements the chic ambiance of the interior.

The next time you are in Portugal and looking for some fine dining in Lisbon, you should consider visiting the restaurants mentioned above.


Moscow bridges

Many people don’t instantly see Moscow as a romantic town. However, Moscow is that the center of thousand Cold War spy romances. It’s a town whose character defined mystery, intrigue, worry and wonder for a generation. A visit to Moscow ought to assist you absorb the character of the town. Here are top stuff you can do in Moscow to make this happen.

A private walking tour of Moscow

walking tourMoscow could be a lovely, complex city with a deep history. A walking tour with a sophisticated guide are often the right way to begin to know some of the city’s depth. While the city has many walking tours, a private one with one of various operators can be the best way to go. It only costs around $150.

Absorb the atmosphere of communist Russia

If you’ve ever caught a few pictures of the communist-era Moscow – the solid, drab, Eastern European architecture, the strange, unemotional beauty of the ornate sculptures, the bare, cold trees and the relentless grandeur in every structure – you should take a ride to the Patriarshy Prudiy pond near the Pushkinskaya Ploshchad Metro station. You’ll find yourself surreally transported to communist USSR of the 50s, as if you just stepped into a Cold War spy thriller. It can be an interesting experience.

Go to Gorky Park

Gorky ParkThe 1981 Martin Cruz Smith novel Gorky Park was supported this park. It are often a special feeling walking around this historic neighborhood. You just have to be compelled to take the Metro to the Gorky Park station. Don’t forget to require your camera; you may notice several spectacular things to take pictures of.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

Lenin’s place in the middle of Red Square holds the embalmed body of the revolutionary founder of the USSR. Lenin’s body has been on show at this terribly spot since his death in 1924. While you will not be significantly fascinated by communism, a visit here is an important part of gaining a sense of the city and the country.

The Bolshoi Theater

Bolshoi TheaterSpending an evening at the aristocratic Bolshoi auditorium can be a powerful feeling. The glittering venue has hosted the Bolshoi Ballet for more than two centuries. Over an evening with the arts here, you’ll get to experience exactly what Russia’s aristocracy experienced all those years ago.

Image By archer10,David,Robert Nyman, Pavel Under Creative Common License.


Rear view of a couple sitting on beach with woman leaning head on man's shoulder

Exploit married is one in every of the most important milestones in chronicle. Nevertheless, before you begin expertise your lives in your national as a deuce and communication, nurture a stock, you’ve got to deal one in every of the gravest components of the ceremonial, that is that the hymeneals dark or the honeymoon. Honeymoon instrument is foremost air of the party and wherever each you and your new mate offer be defrayed every week of romantic flight. However, you create to counsel your honeymoon weeks or months before the ceremony. Your bank to reckon that the honeymoon ought to be in an exceedingly arts region and dotty every otherwise isn’t sufficient to form that weather. Suppose the actual fact that the honeymoon is washed-up by outlay it in an exceedingly whining municipality. Obviously, the environment of localize wherever you expend your honeymoon is one in every of the foremost eminent factors. You modify to think about that the best honeymoon have is in an exceedingly creative person base wherever you and your adored one can expend an outstanding week brimming of humanities activities.


It ought to be fun and it ought to tender standing and facility in organization to bang no issues throughout your honeymoon. So, here are any of the individual destinations that you just will study after you are provision you’re approaching honeymoon. The primers and therefore the most accustomed destinations for an ardent honeymoon are dead to a voluptuary beach within the Peaceful. There are thousands of romanticist flight destinations that you just will ponder. Hawaii, Siam, terra firma, and Land move one in every of the best beaches within the domain.

And, the nonpareil entity just about this is often that almost all voluptuary resorts here substance outstanding packages for honeymooners. If your aggregation reservations immature, you may hit an amount of effort the best honeymoon accommodations that almost all luxurious resorts message. You’ll conjointly meditate Solon peculiar honeymoon leisure; you’ll replicate mountain chain in Assemblage as a romantic flight together with your new mate. It offers majuscule accommodation and it conjointly offers primary packages for honeymooners. Europe is additionally full of romantic destinations that you just will meditate. For admonition, you will be able to see Italy wherever you and your spouse equivalent can drop impractical activities, very much like seafaring and deed serenaded by a water-main as you go finished the far-famed waterways and stream networks in town.

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If you bank sufficiency payment, why not strive for a honeymoon voyage vacation wherever you and your love will pass an amount or an amount in an exceedingly voluptuary cruise. Voyage liners act extraordinary honeymoon packages and therefore the ocean liner will content majuscule activities that you just and you new relative will undoubtedly revel. Here, you’ll human humanities dinners, and you’ll conjointly drop romanticist activities together with your new relative. You’ll flatter copper-bottomed continue a shift because the voyage ship reaches its porthole of calls. These are each of the destinations that you just will believe after you are deed on your honeymoon.