If you want to enjoy the land of culture and rich tradition, West Bengal is the best spot for you to explore. Visitors and tourist from all around the world can get to find out and enjoy the maximum number of numerous poets, painters, film makers and scholars that definitely excite them. The fantastic West Bengal is captivated with large number of attractions and also they are pleasured with lots of magnificent opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage and architectural splendour of the state. The most preferred time to explore this glittering West Bengal is during the month of September and October as you can also enjoy the celebration of Durga Pooja with charm. If you are planning to visit West Bengal, check out the following places that must not to be missed when you plan a visit to the fantastic West Bengal.


Darjeeling is one of the best preferred and the most astonishing tourist destination, which is popularly considered as Honeymoon destination. Darjeeling is well known for its breath taking views of Kanchenjunga, eye catching tea gardens, mesmerizing waterfalls and much more. No visit to Darjeeling would be complete with out making a visit to the most famous Tiger Hills, where one can enjoy the perfect views of the sunrise over the Kanchenjunga and also can get eastern Himalayan Mountains. Darjeeling is being a place known for its tea plantations, as the trip to Darjeeling would not be complete without a walk through these carpeted gardens. Don’t miss out to make a visit to the monasteries of the Druk Thupten Sangag Choling Monastery situated at Dali, is one of the most famous monasteries here that definitely worth visiting. There are also some of the other places in Darjeeling that can also be visited if you want to extend your trip.


No visit to West Bengal would be complete with out making a visit to the green paradise called Assam. Visitors and tourist from all over the world can get to find out and enjoy the everything from lush meadows to picturesque hills, exotic flora and fauna to brooks, streams and other water bodies. The fantastic Assam is well known for its scenic natural beauty, but also for its rich culture, interesting temples, old tribal communities, and many wildlife sanctuaries and much more.Step into the interesting place of religious significance is Poa that offers you the best serene environment to get rid of your day to day activities. A visit here would take you to the jungle-clad Himalayan foothill, which is home to various exotic species such as Pigmy Hog, Golden Langur, Clouded Leopard, Hispid Harem, Himalayan Bear and much more, the glittering Manas River adding to its beauty. There are also some of the other places in Assam that can also be visited if you want to extend your trip.

Shopping in West Bengal:

West Bengal is not only famous for attractions, but also famous for shopping. In some places of West Bengal, the craftsmen weave superb silk saris, which is a popular item for those who wish to do some shopping in West Bengal. If you are an art lover, you can get to find out large number of art crafts and also paintings the delights you at its best.

Explore all the places and return home with lots of unforgettable memories. Enjoy with your family or friends.

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Tamil Nadu is one of the most astonishing tourist destinations in India that definitely worth visiting. Tamil Nadu is the fascinating part of South India that suits the taste of all ages of the people coming from different parts of the world. Tamil Nadu is dotted and captivated with the land with their customs and creations and left a rich legacy on the culture and heritage of the state and much more that definitely keeps you busy through out your trip. Most of the people from all over the globe travel to Tamil Nadu, to see the crumbling old temples where myths and legends come live in etched stones. If you are planning to explore Tamil Nadu, check out the following places that cannot be missed when you plan a visit to the fantastic Tamil Nadu.


Kanniyakumari is the most ancient and the historical tourist spto that has been blessed with the beauty of South Indian landscape, which have been captivated by Kerala, Tirunelveli, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. Shining with the reflections of sunset and sunrise, the place boasts of a range of interesting places and creations that pleasures your eyes at its best. For one, the world famous Vivekananda Rock reminds the tourists of the solid determination and integrity of character of Swami Vivekananda who meditated on this very place before departing to Chicago.

While exploring the splendors of South India every traveler make it a point to visit Kanniyakumari. Not only because of the golden beaches and mysterious sea of the place but also for the man-made ecstasies like the sacred temple of Bhagavathi.


No visit to Tamil Nadu would be completed with out making a visit to the eye catching Madurai, which has been considered as the second largest city of Tamil Nadu. The Madurai is dotted with a large number of temples and has rightly earned the epithet of Temple City of South India that is really a pleasure to your eyes. The star and the pride attraction of Madurai is the most famous Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, which is the biggest temples in India, where one can find out the fine works of art that tells you about the historical and the cultural heritage of South India. You can also make a visit to the Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal, which is the national monument leaves visitors speechless in terms of its excellent work done on its ceiling and domes is truly one of its kind. You dont need to worry about the accommodation as the fantastic place is a travel hub for the visitors and tourist from all over the world, coming to the state of Tamil Nadu, offers a lot of accommodation options.

There are also some of the other interesting places in Tamil Nadu that can also be visited if you want to extend your holiday. Explore all the places and have a blast in your trip.

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Finland is famous for its vibrant cities covered with aplenty of natural beaut. Over the Finland you can watch out, lots of beautiful sights with alluring environment. Finland, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, which is quite small, though it serves as a home of 200,000 lakes. In Finland, you can have chance to watch out the Santa Claus village, Europeans believed this, yet. Visitors looking this place, for the better recreation and leisure spot. Natural attractions of the lake and forest are the main tourist attractions in Finland. Let’s begin to explore the great Finland.

One of the must visit spot in Finland, is Suomenlinna Fortress. Located at the entrance of Helsinki’s harbor, which is a unique example of European military architecture. Finland people call it as a fortress savior. The Suomenlinna Fortress is really strong enough and draws plenty of people from across the world. Travel to the Suomenlinna fortress can be done by using the connecting inter-island motor boat from the Port in Katajanokanlaituri, Helsinki. Tourists can enjoy the journey takes about 15 minutes. Wander around the fortress and enjoy the trip.

Most of the Europeans believed that the Santa Claus lives at the north pole, precisely in Lapland. Santa Claus Village is an amusement park in Finland. Alluring Lapland visit here impress you more that the other attractions. In and around the Lapland, watch the enthralling pine forests, frozen lakes in winter and the snow hill near the park and more. During Christmas season, discover the real natural beauty of Finland via Lapland. Here, indulge your mind and explore Christmas-themed exhibitions, shop for gifts at Santa’s official souvenir shop, and more.(image by Eugene Hamill)5992771003_3eb11e7fc4_b

Get in the festive spirit and enjoy the Christmas along with Santa and take your photo at the border of the Arctic Circle or take a ride on a husky sled or snowmobile. Winter in Lapland really offers more than that, especially children, those who are thinking Santa as a super hero. Come and take a photo with your Super hero and a big man Santa and along with its friendly reindeer. You can find a white line running through the village, that’s the Arctic Circle, take snap and share among with your friends.

Various tourist resorts sprinkled across the village, to invigorate tourist people from across the world. Utterly almost all the Resorts commonly offers traditional cottage and winter sports like skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding or on safari with a Siberian Husky and reindeer. How the winter grabs the immediate attention of tourist people, the Summer also do the same. During summer, Lapland really begin to glitter everywhere with greenery resources and water sources. Obviously summer in Lapland, is a dream of the nature lovers, campers, and water sports.

Finland claims to be the coldest region in the world, so soak up some snows on one of the Finland’s city.Explore the breathtaking wonders of Europe via Finland

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