Dubai is one of the region around the world, where luxury crawling, apart from this, it is the owner of many Skyscrapers, stunning artificial Islands, unique attire, unique in landscape too, however luxury blows up in Dubai, authentic and traditional beliefs also wandering each and every region of it. These are the wonders makes to visit this frequently from across the world.

We can give a tag-line to Dubai as, where ancient historic wonders and modern historic wonders handshakes together. It is the complex of four regions, each one is unique in the different way. Let’s Begin your Dubai trip from Bur Dubai, an excellent place to enjoy the Historical Attractions.

Bur Dubai is the old Bastakiya district with tantalizing glimpse of narrow lanes and tall wind-towers, which really will show off the uniqueness qualities of old Dubai. In the east of Bastakiya district, you can find the Fort famous for traditional courtyard houses with wind towers, in the name of Al Fahidi ,now this Al Fahidi fort turned in to Museum, which serves as an exemplar for rich culture and heritage of Dubai. Dubai Museum offers a unique trip to desert life, traditional Arabian homes, mosques, fishing, pearl diving and trade. There you can discover the major highlights such as artifacts from excavated graves, musical instruments, deadly weapons like swords, spears, bows, arrows, shields, pistols and axes.(image by ” SaNuRiTa FaJoRa)ee

Next province is the Jumeirah, which is an artificial island, where you can find out impressive number of monuments across this region. One of the most impressive landmarks among all is Burj Al Arab, a five star hotel, located on this artificial island, with a sail-shaped build reaching out at 321m, an extraordinary building with superb interior architecture, to enhance the glory of it you can find a Sky view bar with amazing views. Next one is Jumeirah Mosque, a great masterstroke of modern Islamic architecture, after the sight seeings you must enjoy the Dubai by involving many activities regarding this visit the Wild Wadi Water Park, especial for children to enjoy, which includes many exciting rides for all ages which are based on the Legend of Arabian adventurer, Juha and his friend Sinbad.

Another important region is Deira, a beautiful city protected by three watch towers, among the three the Burj Nahar is positioned in Deira, from there you can view the scenic view of entire city with picturesque gardens and exotic surroundings, this magnificent and beautiful Burj Nahar tower is one of the must visit attraction. Don’t miss to wander around the market places in Deira and enjoy the bargaining with the products like textiles, spices, kitchen wares, clothes and henna. Then visit Deira Spice Souk’s narrow lanes of the spice souk are scented with cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, incense, dried fruit and nuts.

Then visit Gold Souk, one of the largest gold retail market in the world, selling everything from ingots to intricately worked jewelry at bargain prices. The street-front stores side alleys of smaller shops with glittering show windows.

Now plan yourself completely and begin to wander around the luxurious Dubai!

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Cayman Islands, an only place allow you to discover it, on land, in the air and even under the water, which is a British Overseas Territory, located in the western Caribbean Sea. Cayman Islands comprises the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman; it is the excellent spot for the scuba-diving; Even though the Cayman Islands one of the world’s popular scuba-diving destinations, but divers try to avoid the islands visit in August and September, during these days, tropical storms can churn the waters. However, the islands have so many dive sites; you can always find places to dive, even in August and September.

Winter period, from mid-December to mid-April is the peak season in Cayman Islands, if you visit this spot, during that time, you would feel the difficulties like, hotels changes their prices to high, each attraction over flow with many visitors and you can’t able to enjoy each and every attractions completely, though many reasons reverse our trip plan but this high season from mid-December to mid-April is perfect time for hanging out on the beach, so weather-wise, April is the best month to visit the Cayman Islands; It boasts perfect warm weather before the heat of summer, Europeans prefer to visit this spot during summer.

While every diver need a unique in their diving spot, for those types of people Cayman Islands offers seven distinctive spots.
Bloody Bay Marine Park, Little Cayman: best diving area in the Caymans, boasts a spectacular combination of beauteous marine life and alluring water; it offers vertical forest of neon-yellow tube sponges, giant waving fans and bioluminescent corals and dive along with the gorgeous eagle rays, turtles, lobsters, Nassau groupers and cheeky triggerfish.

USS Kittiwake, Grand Cayman:

In 2011, a former navy ship was stripped of hazardous materials and sunk off in seven mile beach, during this trip you can explore the fun by discovering the 76.5m vessel; it comprises all five levels such as mess hall, hospital station, propulsion rooms and ammunition lockers, you can enjoy dive of max depth of 20m for all levels, while even snorkelers can get an awesome vista overthere.

Babylon, Grand Cayman:

Entire Island is covered by Grand Cayman, with popular dive sites on all four sides, but the most famous site is found along the North Wall, that’s Babylon, while dive you can truly enjoy the breathtaking scenery of mélange of black coral, giant purple sea fans and barrel sponges. Dive along with the parrot fish, barracuda, eagle rays, and green and hawksbill turtles and so on. Enjoy the Full-day diving safari in Babylon.

MV Captain Keith Tibbetts, Cayman Brac:

MV Captain Keith Tibbetts bring you the great experience wrecked parts during soviet moment, now this is a by over from home to barracudas, big groupers, moray eels and colorful tube sponges. Portions of the vessel are also still penetrable.

Stingray City, Grand Cayman:

Stingray City is the best choices of many divers, due to stingrays, where it’s possible to feed them by hand, walk around in the shallows and ‘hug’ the rays, and so on. Best shallow dives among all in the world.

Jackson’s Bight, Little Cayman:

Most divers come for Bloody Bay Wall, in Little Cayman, but Jackson’s Bight comprises chutes, tunnels, crevices and reefs located in the Bloody Bay Marine Park, it is spectacular by the tiny sailfin blennies to graceful eagle rays and sleek Caribbean reef sharks, and talk with tilefish, yellow-headed jawfish, peacock flounders and garden eels.

Ghost Mountain, Grand Cayman:

North point of Grand Cayman’s you can find a stunning diving site in Ghost Mountain, a giant, mushroom-shaped peak in the underwater, encircled by schooling fish boost this spot.

Never miss to enjoy the best diving experience from the world’s unparalleled Cayman Islands.

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Ancient architectures are the real power of the ancestors, because they resembles the way they talk what they think and so on. These splendid buildings are worthy of emulation, artful interior and exterior and many features escalates its charm, in front of the world, when we begin in to this review we must take a keen view on to the most famous region. Greek region is significantly familiar for this ancient architectural wonders.

Now our review will show off the pride of few prominent buildings from this Greek region. Let’s fall in love in these artful architectural qualities,
Begin your trip with the gigantic awe-inspiring pyramids, located in Egypt’s most important city, we can also make a phrase like Egypt got universal fame with this gigantic pyramids. The pyramids were commissioned and completed during Pharaohs days, these ancient built pyramids served as tombs for the imperial members, especially the king Pharaohs and their queens. There you can find three tremendous 80 small pyramids, which is one of the important master stroke due its mammoth size and architectural aspects, such gigantic pyramids allow you to discover more, interior of these three gems are really fabulous ancient wonder.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon, is a usual word normally swirls around the world in many ways such as stories and more. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is a tower like structure, which still impress all archaeological persons with its unique way of architecture. Herodotus claimed the outer walls were 56 miles in length, 80 feet thick and 320 feet high, which is wide enough, to allow two four-horse chariots to pass each other and the city also had inner walls, inside the wall you can find the stunning fortresses and temples containing immense statues of solid gold, there you can also find the famous Tower of Babel, that’s a temple to the god Marduk, a fabulous ancient wonder but lost most beautiful parts of it despite of many natural disasters.

Next most sacred wonder is statue of Zeus, from the temple of Olympia, statue stood more than 40 feet high. During ancient days Greek’s one of the most important festival is Olympic Games, which was held every four years to honour the King of their gods, Zeus. This design of the temple resembles Grecian temples, which was similar to the Parthenon in Athens and the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, which was built on a raised, rectangular platform and contain thirteen large columns supported the roof along the sides and six supported it on each end and slightly peaked roof topped the building. In spite of the magnificent statue of Zeus that the temple of Olympia would become one of the Seven wonders of the Ancient World.

Another awe-inspiring statue is Statue of Liberty, a gift from France to America, if you travel to the New York City harbor, you can see a marvellous statue, standing on a small island in the harbor. The statue is, a robed woman, holding a book and lifting a torch to the sky. The statue measures almost one-hundred and twenty feet from foot to crown. This amazing Statue of Liberty called as The Colossus of Rhodes during ancient days, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Ancient Amazing Architectural Wonders exploration never ends.

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