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Australia is one among the foremost standard travel destinations within the world. Australia’s stable social group, well-maintained roads, low rate and high commonplace of health care create it a comparatively straightforward and safe country to explore. The country is stuffed with unimaginable natural beauty from Uluru, to the outback, pristine white sand beaches, rainforests, and, of course, the good coral reef. But it is important to bear in mind of some sensible tips like currency, a way to decision home, search responsibly, keep safe and travel with incapacity before you make preparations to travel there. Below are some helpful Australia travel tips.



Australia’s currency is Australian bucks and currency exchange is obtainable at international airports, hotels and banks. The foremost usually accepted credit cards are Bankcard, Diners Club, MasterCard, and Yankee categorical.

Typical prices

Accommodation: Hostels value around $20 – thirty five USD per night for a dormitory room and $65-100 USD per night for personal rooms with a bed. Habitation prices between $10 – twenty per night for a spot which will either be for a tent or automobile.

Food: Food is not low cost in Australia. Most good building meals value $20 USD or additional. If you cook your meals, expect to pay $70-80 USD per week. A mean building meal can run you regarding $15-20 USD for no frills intake. Most provide meals every night for around $6 USD if you’re staying in hostels.

Transportation: native town trains and buses value $2-3 USD. Passes begin at $107 and go all the thanks to $2,500 USD. The easiest thanks to see the country is via racer. There also are packer buses just like the Oz expertise that have passes beginning at $300 USD. The foremost standard and least expensive thanks to travel are to drive you. Owing to restricted competition flying are often terribly pricey, particularly once going from coast to coast.


You’ll find arcades, giant malls, arcades, gift and memento retailers, and malls across Australia. Mercantilism hours vary across the country however retailers in town and toured arras are typically open till 6pm, with the exception these days night searching on either Thursdays or Fridays in numerous states. You’re coated by Australia’s client protection laws in Australia that need businesses to treat you fairly.



Australia’s official language is English however being an ism nation with a big migrant population you’ll be able to relish an amazing diversity of cultures and languages.


Australia’s country code is sixty one. Native calls from public pay phones are untimed and charged at AUD$.050 however mobile, long distance and overseas calls are typically regular. Network coverage is obtainable across Australia however coverage is also restricted in some remote areas. Web access is wide obtainable at accommodation, web cafes and libraries.

Goods and Services Tax

Australia encompasses a merchandise and Services Tax of ten per cent. However, you will be able to claim a refund of the GST paid on merchandise bought here if you have got spent AUD$300 or additional in one store. Toured Refund theme facilities are situated within the departure space of international terminals.

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Seasons are the real consideration while you planning for a trip, whatever spot it may be, as a traveler you must interrogate about the seasons, because each place in the world has the unique façade when it comes on climatic season, If you visit the spot in imperfect season, you can’t able to enjoy and view the real spectacular sceneries over there.

In case your vacation spot in Southern Australia means you don’t mind about the season, because each season is ready to immerse you into the wonderful unique atmosphere. The Southern Australia offers tremendous and nonpareil attractions in each season. Now read the review to know how to explore the Southern Australia by seasonal vice.

Step ahead with summer, this season always pull people towards the beaches to enjoy the hot sun along with the cooling breeze. Average temperature of 28.3 degree Celsius, so which spot is apt for this climate, for this in Southern Australia you can find the attractive kangaroo island, which is the excellent site for those who wants to make their trip better along with wildlife and awesome environment.

In Kangaroo Island you can watch herd kangaroos throughout the island, which is unique only exist in Australia. Apart from that you can also see the koalas, rare birds and so on, where you can find out the unique ecosystem, which will be your worthy trip and never disappoint you especially the Kangaroo Island makes the summer more impressive, where you can also find the Adelaide Beach, Granite Island and more in summer. So enjoy the summer in Southern Australia.

Spring always welcome you with the exotic flowers along with the awesome natural aroma, this is the right season to visit all botanical gardens, wildlife parks, flowers and more, where you can really enjoy the natural scenery crawling over the vast region with colorful flowers, different species and more.

During spring you must visit the Adelaide city’s parks and wildlife areas, where you can touch and feed kangaroo, koalas, and dive along with the dolphins, you can also see the special gigantic pandas, then you must also visit the Monarto Zoo, where you can see the African and Asian animals such as the rhino, giraffe and so on. These are the best way to explore the spring in Southern Australia.

How the summer pull you towards the beaches similarly the winter pull towards the misty valleys, hill stations and more. Winter is the apt time to move out with your loved ones or families because the winter keeps you’re fresh and calm, so you can able to explore the wonders easily.
Walk over the hill stations and giant tree top of the valley; watch the misty clouds in morning and climate along with the wonderful flowers and tallest trees in Blackwood river valley, which offers you the extra ordinary picturesque spots with the breathtaking views.

Especially tulips in the main street of the Nannnup will immerse you more in to the natural scenery. Never miss to explore the Margaret river wine region in winter seasons, markets, galleries, green forest and more. So explore the winter in good way.

So immerse yourself in to the seasonal beauty of the Southern Australia!

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