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Hiking is the best gateway to explore the world’s macro and micro level of wonders, especially in Norway you can find plenty of perfect hiking areas, which offers an incredible experience to you, many travelers usually move towards to Norway because of the lush greenery and stunning man made wonders. The below review will help you to find a few of the most spectacular areas for hiking in Norway for you, so read this and know more about the hiking in Norway.


Jotunheimen is a mountainous area with 29 highest mountains located 3,500 km² in southern Norway, where you can find the Jotunheimen’s very highest mountain range in the name of Galdhøpiggen, where you can also find the Jotunheimen National Park, which covers an area of 1,151 square kilometers. In that national park you can find the mountain range with the sharpest peak under the name of the Hurrungane. The Jotunheimen is incredibly popular spot for hikers and climbers, where the Besseggen-trail is the famous trail among the all. So the best Hiking Areas in Norway bucket list will embark with the Jotunheimen mountainous area.(image by Bhalalhaika)8541666355_9b043f119a_z


Dovrefjell is a mountain range in central Norway located in twixt of Eastern Norway and Trøndelag, the area around Trondheim. The Dovrefjell mountain area is the best home of musk ox, you can’t find this unique beast apart from Norway. Although it is a harsh environment, Dovrefjell is an excellent area for spectacular hiking and cycling during the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. The Dovrefjell mountain range area is also offers fishing, canoeing, climbing and snow kiting for its tourist visitors. The Dovrefjell mountain range is highly recommended for the experienced and well-equipped hiking personnel only.(image by Max J R)6871454375_26034f7411_z

The Lysefjord:

Lysefjord is a fjord located in Forsand in south-western Norway with the colored granite rocks along its sides. In Ryfylke you can find the famous tourist spot under the name of Preikestolen, with an impressive 604 meters over the Lysefjord. There you can find the best climbing area for 350 metres with uneven terrain, where you can find the picnic areas and excellent bathing spots. The Preikestolen is a wonderful hike with an amazing view and challenging too, so enjoy the stunning and thrilling hiking experience in Lysefjord.

Other important hiking spots in Norway:

In Norway you can find some more important and best hiking spots apart from the above three spots such as the Hedmark mountain area, which is a county in Norway, The Lyngen Alps are mountain range in northeastern Troms County in Norway, Rondane National Park is the oldest national park in Norway, Hardangervidda is a mountain plateau in the Hardanger region of western Norway, Hemsedal is a small mountainous town in Norway, Sunnmørsalpene is a snow-capped summits and Trollheimen s a mountain range in Møre og Romsdal, these are the other important hiking spots in Norway.

So explore each and every hiking area with your family or friends or single, before step in to the hiking you must know more about the hiking trails, location, weather and so on.

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Norway, a best gateway spot in the world because it is the best home of the natural attractions as well as the man made attractions, if you want to explore the Norway completely you have to spend more days so prefer to wander around the capital province of it in the name of the Oslo. The Oslo is one of the world’s largest capitals with protected forests, hills, and hundreds of lakes, colossal mountains, and fasinationg national parks. Oslo boasts a rich cultural scene and also famous for its theatre, museums and galleries, let’s read this review to know more about it.

Man-Made Wonders:

In Oslo you can find the spectacular and fascinating Akershus Fortress, where you can wander around the grounds and ramparts and wonderful harbor views before exploring the quaint chapel with its tomb of Håkon and then enter in to the Oslo Cathedral where you can find and mesmerize by viewing the decorated bronze doors, as well as the ceiling paintings. If you want know the history of the Oslo you must visit the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design and then visit the Royal Palace located on the northwest end of the Norway capital Oslo, where you can find the mammoth and impressive 173-room building but it is not open to the public, visitors can wander the grounds and gardens freely. In Oslo you must visit the spot Vigeland Sculpture Park, which is the largest park in the world and one of Norway’s most famous tourist attractions. In this sculpture park you can visit the dynamic sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron. In Oslo don’t miss to visit the Natural History Museum & Botanical Gardens, Aker Brygge, City Hall, Munch Museum, and Oslo Opera House and so on. These are the must visit man made wonders in the world.(image by Moyan_Brenn)6789041914_fbdbeb50f0_z

Natural wonders:

How the Oslo is famous for the stunning man made attractions as same as it is also famous for the natural wonders such as the mountains, national parks, Zoo, lakes and more. There you must visit the Lofoten Islands, which is an archipelago and a traditional district and it is well known destination for the excellent fishing, nature attractions and nature safaris. Preikestolen a famous tourist destination with the gorgeous mountains and it is the best spot for the hiking as well as the climbing. Then visit the Fløyen Mountain is the most visited among the seven mountains that surround the city centre of Bergen. In Oslo trip you must also visit the natural wonders such as the Oslo fjord is an inlet, Geirangerfjorden is a fjord, Ulriken is the highest of the Seven Mountains, and Nigardsbreen is a glacier arm of the large, Briksdalsbreen and Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, these are the important natural spots in the Oslo with stunning attractions. Each natural attraction in the Oslo offers plenty of activities such as the hiking, camping, bird watching, kayaking, fishing, Eagle safari and so on.(image by i.prinke)2289951278_848fda0190_z

So place your Norway’s capital Oslo as best gateway spot for your vacation.


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Lapland, a magical and attractive wonderland located on the northernmost region of the Europe, which really looks like a fairy tale world and best time to explore this world is winter, where you can find the exciting spots to spend your winter holiday, do you know the great Santa Claus village? It sounds amaze right! Your Lapland trip will allow you to explore these types of mysterious spot along with the white snows. In Lapland you can enjoy the winter almost 200 long days of year, so you can explore the huge glittering snow regions, amazing wildlife and magnificent spots over there, so your winter season’s best tourist destination is the Lapland. Let’s begin to explore it.

Santa Claus Village:

In Lapland you must visit the Santa Claus Village, which is the children’s dream world and most of the kids like to visit this spot, where you can find the 3 Exciting Parks and 1 Great Campground. The Santa’s Village is located 60 acre family entertainment park near Rovaniemi, where you can find many things to enjoy for your kids such as the Rides in amusement park, giant Candy Cane fountains, don’t miss to enjoy the sandy beach and Santa’s Village has several playgrounds throughout the park so the Santa Claus Village is the best spot for your kids and don’t think that the Santa Claus Village is only apt for the kids because there you can also find spots for the adults such as the Sports land, Muskoka Zip Lines & Aerial Park and so on. Don’t begin your Lapland trip by visiting the Santa Claus Village.(image by chanshuikay)8326897249_f6a1cbee82_z

Oulanka National Park:

Oulanka National Park is a national park in the Northern Ostrobothnia region of the Lapland, Which is the best spot to enjoy hiking because it is the best hiking destination in Lapland. There you can follow the popular Karhunkierros Hiking Trail, which leads through the National Park, where you can enjoy the landscape is made up of pine forests, river valleys with sandy banks and more, which is the really enriched with the rich in animal and plant species, even endangered ones. The vista of the Oulanka National Park will impress you more by its gorgeous look, where you can enjoy the stunning scenery of the animals and greenery plants of the Oulanka National Park.(image by Stefan Gerrits aka vanbikkel)8386486645_ea872ddb08_z

Riisitunturi National Park:

Riisitunturi National Park is a national park in Posio spreads over 77 square kilometers and located over the mountainous area, where you can enjoy the awesome snow covered and frozen snow deposits forest landscape. In Riisitunturi National Park you can enjoy your trip by wander around the snow regions everywhere and make your unique trails over there, which is a best ski spot in the Lapland and tourist people also enjoy the trails of the ski area in that park and especially this is the heaven in winter season and no one never like to return their dwelling spot because of the landscape. So add the Riisitunturi National Park also in your list of Lapland trip.

So enjoy your winter in Lapland and stun it.

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