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Traveling alone is less safe and emotionally comfortable than traveling together with family or friends. So most people travel in couples or groups. It is safe, fun, and you all can help each other when needed. However, traveling in groups usually prevents travelers to meet locals and communicate with them. This means that the foreigners fail to comprehend the most important part of the new culture – the people living in the country and creating this culture every day.

If you are someone planning on travelling in the San Francisco Bay area, you will know that it involves walking. A lot of walking. Especially if are planning on exploring the natural wonders of the area. And while California might be the land of gorgeous sunsets and golden beaches that leave you breathless, getting to most of the places that hold the tag of natural wonders can leave you literally gasping for air.

If you are only looking to take relaxing walks with the love of your life or having fun and less literally breath-taking ways to spend your day among the beauties of nature, rest assured. You are covered. For here is a list of some of the most gorgeous natural wonders in and around the San Francisco Bay area where you can travel without looking for a wheelchair by the end of the day.

And if it’s a group tour that you’re planning, you’ll definitely want to book a San Francisco charter bus rental to help shuttle your group from one stunning site to another.

1. Twin Peaks

Sometimes when you have lived somewhere for far too long, you tend to forget how beautiful the place is. San Francisco is breathtakingly gorgeous and it is one of those destinations where travellers travel in droves each year to explore the beauty of this city. But if you have somehow forgotten, make your way to 501 Twin Peaks Boulevard and explore your city anew. You can just drive up the hill, taking in the scenery along the way. Once you are on the top, you might need to fight for a spot at first but it will be worth it. Take in San Francisco in all its glory, with your loved ones for the company.

2. Muir Woods

Sometimes we need to look at the giants in the world to remember our place in the world. Gather your group of friends and drive to 1 Muir Woods Road early one weekend. And then let the sight up the tallest life on earth ground you and give your life perspective. This is where the last of the world’s coastal redwoods stand guard and here is where you should come at least once in your lifetime.

3. Mount Sutro

If you take the bus to 94143 San Francisco through the Medical Centre Way, you can begin appreciating how fog curling around your arms and the limbs of tall eucalyptus trees can transport you right inside a fairyland. Breathe in the fresh cool air of the eucalyptus woods right in the middle of the city and let Karl, the fog, curl around your lungs and take your worries away.

4. Angel Island

In the Bay Area, Angel Island is another destination that was perhaps made to transport you from the bustling city and land of humans to the arms of the goddess that is nature. Once you reach, you will know why Angel Island is called the way it is. Take a quaint little ferry and gurgle along the rolling waters with your loved ones. The island might be only the second largest in the SF Bay area but it surely takes the cake with its gorgeous greenery and the sapphire waters that encase it.

5. Ocean Beach

In 94121 San Francisco, along the Great Highway is the Ocean Beach. It is exactly what it sounds like. But the waves of the ocean that crash on to the beach will do enough to convince you of its worth. The water is an icy blue along with a stunning gold beach. And you can also drive up and down other places on the coastline from here, including the Batteries, Bluffs Trails, Lands and Lincoln Park.

What’s the deal with raclette? If you’ve heard the word before, but you’ve never had the chance to find out more about the cheese itself or about the Swiss tradition, in general, this article will shed some light on those aspects and more.

The tradition

Many Switzerland rural residents, as well as Swiss herdsmen, used to place a block of semi-hard cheese in front of a fire or a cooking heart and then wait for the cheese to melt. As it slowly did so, they scraped off the melted parts and added it to their main dish. You can eat virtually anything with melted cheese, as most people know that already, but this rule also applies in the case of this special cheese.

The neatest thing about the practice is that only some part of the block would melt, which meant that the diners would have to wait for a bit to enjoy their meals, instead of gobbling it down in a hurry. The practice was mostly used for bonding and other social purposes as it involves a relaxed dining atmosphere.

How has eating raclette changed?

There are two ways of enjoying a meal of raclette nowadays. You can get a unique raclette melter and scrape the melted parts much like the herdsmen we were mentioning earlier on used to do. On the other hand, you can get a raclette machine. This nifty gadget is, in fact, a grill that has been fitted with several components which allow the diners to cook their own food. The plate on the top can be made of stone or Teflon that was covered with a non-stick coating.

Under the main grill component, you’ll find several mini trays that are used to melt individual cheese slices. What makes this type of appliance so appealing? Well, in a nutshell, it involves the entire family or friends that have gathered around the table. The grill on the top can be used for preparing anything from meat to veggies, and one can also use pre-boiled potatoes.

Once the cheese has melted, it can be added to the dishes and the mini-trays can be filled time and again. On the one hand, this dining practice makes it easier for the cook to deal with the whole dinner preparation, because he or she doesn’t have to run from the kitchen to the living room all of the time, to bring all sorts of extra dishes.

Everything is conveniently placed at hand, and best of all, everyone can choose his or her favorite meal and indulge in it at a comfortable pace. Because the entire raclette tradition is based on a relaxed atmosphere, the diners will finally have the chance to have a nice talk, discuss the weather, or any other recent events they might be interested in.

On top of that, raclette grills usually come with variable heating, which means that the elements can be heated separately. The top-tier can be used for cooking veggies and meat instead of just warming them up, but it needs to be capable of producing enough heat for that.