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Barbados is an island country located in the Lesser Antilles. It spans over an area of nearly 432 sq. km and is a pure gift of nature. It is one of the most favourite tourist locations on the North Atlantic, and offers an amazing coastal ambience. It makes its mark on the map just above the continent of South America. It is about 100 km east of the Caribbean Sea and has some good luxury establishments for the tourists to enjoy on the heart of nature.

With huge investments showing up in the last couple of decades, this country now has a series of exclusive luxury resorts and hotels that attract hundreds of tourists every year. Barbados holidays are truly mesmerising and you will leave with some calm soothed nerves and complete peace of mind is assured. There are many five star properties spread all over the island and they have the best restaurants serving mouth-watering delicacies. You can be on a munching spree with so many restaurants to offer you different kinds of sea-foods to arrest your mouth. These restaurants are located on amazing setups, most of which overlook the blue waters of the Atlantic.

A true gift of nature


Barbados gets some regular visit from celebrities from all over the world who love to spend some quality time with nature to wash off their stress. Other than some fine hotels and resorts to rest your back and challenge your tongue, there are many places of interest in Barbados, which you should never miss.Harrison cave is one of those sites and you will be allured by this amazing gift of nature. It features a wonderful collection of crystallized limestone, which is often considered to be one of the wonders of the world. They have small tram ride service through the cave, which allows visitors to experience it completely. ( Image by hoppies1 )

The old sugar plantation house and this sea cave is a must visit

St. Nicholas Abbey is a wonderful plantation house located in Saint Peter. It is considered to be one of the few Jacobean mansions left in this world. This sugar plantation house was built by Colonel Benjamin Berringer and is more than four centuries old. It is one of the best tourist spots in Barbados and people experience it as a true heritage. Barbados is home to many amazing caves and the other cave is Animal Flower Cave. It is the only accessible sea cave in Barbados and lies under the hills of North Point in St. Lucy.

Other points of interest

Miami Beach in Barbados

Miami Beach in Barbados is one of the most popular sandy beaches in that area. One of the best-designed cricket stadium is located near Bridgetown and is called the Kensington Oval. To witness a match in this stadium is trulya hell of an experience. The famous Garrison Savannah racetrack is very popular among horse race fanatics and gives a call to the rich and famous places of US and Mexico. ( Image by Loozrboy )

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Don’t try to halt the search of the best nature spots in the world, around the world and round the clock is the best mantra of the extreme level of the nature seeking personnel. The world is also the never show it’s all hidden and mysterious nature spots easily to all, so this is the nice platform for the extreme level of the nature seekers to attain the best nature spots. In that list the following places are the must see nature sites if you are the extreme level of the nature seekers.


The Amazon is the best tourist destination for the nature seekers because of its incredible number of tropical rain forest, many rivers and the vast the region makes it as the best nature wonder. There you can explore the terrific adventures along with the plenty of attractions too. In Amazon you can find the Green Inferno, which is the vast tropical region and serves as the best home for the 250 mammals, 200 fish species, enormous amount of birds and more. There you can enjoy yourself by doing activities such as the jungle trekking, bird watching, sport fishing, alligator spotting, folkloric night shows, tribe’s life and much more. There you must enjoy the canopy tours, which is the nice way to explore the best sceneries, animals and more, while walking over the suspended ways. So the great Amazon is the best part of the all nature seekers.

Antarctica attractions:

The world’s most untouchable place is the Antarctica because the icebergs covered almost all the parts of the continents. So far the people thoughts the Antarctica are not the accessible place, now the Antarctica started the tourism to all visitors across the world so you can make your best trail over there and all can follow it. While in the Antarctica trip you must visit the South Shetland Islands, Falkland Islands, South Georgia and more. The Falkland is the best spot with the unique landscape attraction, stunning wildlife species. This is the vast region serves as the best complex of the penguins, such as the macaroni, Gentoo penguins, Magellanic and more. The South Georgia is the best place for the ski along with the enormous amount of the penguins. So the Antarctica is the best and nonpareil spot for the extreme level of the nature seekers.

Other nature sites:

Don’t stop your list with the above spots make it lengthy by adding the following tremendous nature spots. The Siberian village in Katanga is the best shivering spot in the North Pole; there you can enjoy the snow covered regions of the rugged mountains along with the herds of reindeers. The next wonder is the Papua New Guinea, which offers many undiscovered sites for you. There you can really ready to explore the island attractions. The Tibet is the next best nature spot with the excellent Himalayas region, which offers the prefect breathtaking views to all. You never miss the Mongolia, Tangiers, South Korea and much more to visit while in the nature trip.

These are the stunning and colossal nature spots sprinkled around the world especially for the extreme level of the nature seekers.

Make your trip indispensable by the unrivaled tourist destination with the name of the Bolivia. The Bolivia is the favorite spot with the distinctive landscapes, magnificent greenery surrounding, great culture, and awesome atmosphere. Now you may have the bunch of question about the trip of Bolivia such as how to explore, which are the best and must see sites in Bolivia and more. Now read the review and find the answers for your questions.

Salar de Uyuni 01

Salar de Uyuni:

In Bolivia you can find the unique landscape with the best attractions called Salar de Uyuni, which is located in the Andes Mountains and this is the largest salt flat in the whole world. The Salar de Uyuni spreads over the 10,000 square kilometers, which is the reserve place of the 10 billion tons of salt. If you are a nature seeker the Salar de Uyuni offers the unique landscape to you. If you are the photographer this is the wonderful place for the awesome pictures especially the blue shades of the sky appears over the lake is the perfect scenery. So visit the Salar de Uyuni in the month of rainy season because in summer in some part of the lake will dry. This is the wonderful and spectacular site in the Bolivia. (Image by Sagsag)

Yungas Road:

Are you ready climb over the world’s most dangerous road? If you ready for that you must visit the Yungas Road, which runs toward the north region of the country with the name of the Amazon rainforest from La Paz. From La Paz you can you have to climb up to 4000 feet by the Yungas Road to reach the Coroico. This site always welcomes incredible number of the cyclist across the country. The Yungas Road is highly dangerous road for the vehicles but all travelers prefer to climb over, to watch the astonishing greenery view from there. While in Yungas Road trip you must visit the Cotapata National Park and more. So include the Yungas Road in your Bolivia’s trip.



Whether you want to wander around the snow capped rugged series of rocky mountain or awesome dark greenery rain forest to must visit the Bolivia. The great Sorata is the wonderful site with the snow capped region, which is the best spot for the camping and trekking. The Sorata is the best tiny town located at an altitude of the 2700 meters above the sea level so it offers the amiable weather and awesome atmosphere to you. In en kilometers to Gruta de San Pedre you can find the terrific caves and awesome underground lakes. Vicinity of the Sorata you must see the wonderful sites such as the Cochabamba, Isla Del Sol, Chulumani, Huatajata, Capinota, Cliza and much more. These are the best spots in Sorata and must see sites too. All these tourist attractions offers the different landscapes such as the slopes of the rocky mountains, lush greenery environment, colorful flowers, dramatic water sources and more. So explore the unique attractions in Sorata. The Sorata is the best choice in your Bolivia trip. (Image by amy.herbs)

These are the must visit spots in Bolivia, so make a excellent plan to discover the uniqueness of the Bolivia by including all these sites as the must see sites and begin to explore it.

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