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Can you able to float in the sea water? Mystery but true you can float only in the great Dead Sea because of the high saline nature compared to the normal ocean salt content. Do you know where it is located and is it only famous for the bizarre sea environment or any other famous site located vicinity? Many unrevealed questions will arise when you consider Dead Sea as you tourist destination spot. The great Dead Sea is located in the great Israel and it is not only famous for the mystery but too well-known for the other wonders surrounded it. The best time to explore the Dead Sea attractions in the month of October to April. Let’s see what are must see sites vicinity to Dead Sea.

Evacuate the great caves in Qumran:

The Qumran is the famous spot in the Israel located near to the Dead Sea, which is well known for the caves. Now you can only admire the remaining part of the cave because many already ruined due to many reasons. Interior part of the cave contains the kitchen, scriptorium, aqueduct, cisterns and refectory. The Qumran is the best historic and ancient site offers the wonderful and thrilling experience to you. This will be your must see site in Dead Sea trip and allow you to touch the adventure world.

Dive in to the Dead Sea beaches:

The best way to enjoy the Dead Sea is a Mineral Beach, which is the northern part of the Dead Sea. There you can find the temperature 39°c throughout the year. The Mineral Beach is the best place for the mud fun, which is a kind of treatment for your hair and skin. The Mineral Beach is the right choice for those who need the Warm-Rocks Massage, Swedish massage and so on. The next wonderful beach is the En Gedi Beach, which is the central part of the Dead Sea. The En Gedi Beach is the fabulous part offers the wonderful swimming experience to you, where you can also find some fresh water showers and other facilities too with less cost. The important beach is the Ein Bokek Beach, which is the south western part of the Dead Sea. All the Dead Sea beaches are the apt place for the best Spa treatment so rush to Dead Sea and reveal your stress and body pain over there.

Other must see sits around the Dead Sea:

Around the Dead Sea you can find attractive and different landscape with the lust plants with the stunning waterfalls in the Desert such as the Wadi David and Wadi Arugot. If you want to make yourself more adventure you must see the Wadi Boqeq, which is the perfect place for hiking along with the lush greenery plants. Here the hiking is easy because of the wonderful rock surface. If you want a picturesque spot you must go to the Neve Zohar, which is the located with the great and magnificent mountain scenery. These are the other important sites around the Dead Sea.

Now you know how to explore the Dead Sea and sites around it, so plan your itinerary to Dead Sea accordingly with the above mentioned sites and begin to discover it.

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Are in search of places to visit in the Garden city of India? Bangalore earns the name of “Silicon Valley of India” that offers a huge demand for with its amazing attractions an also with its convenient tranquil climate. Bangalore is one of the most famous Garden cities which offers the unforgettable time for the visitors and also let visitors to experience the charm of the attractions. It is not possible to cover all attractions in a single visit so to make this easier here is the list of must see places that must not to be missed while you trip to Bangalore.

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is a scenic tourist spot located in Palace Gardens, at the heart of the Bangalore city of India as the Palace can be reached by means of any transport facility. Bangalore Palace is composed with the mesmerizing structure captivated with the lush green environment which let you to enjoy the best sightseeing of the locality. Fill your easy with drastic significant wood carvings, splendid paintings and the finest architecture inside the Palace and the also Tudor style architecture of the exotic palace. You can enjoy the marvelous rock concerts and other musical events which will hold on the palace grounds. The palace grounds houses a convention halls which can be hired by people for the marriage ceremonies and other functions.

Wide open your eyes to see the magnificent fortifies towers, well designed scenic windows, turrets and battlements which made the palace as the must visit place in Bangalore. You have to pay little expensive as an entry fee as the amount varies on each category, Indian tourists: Rs 175, foreign tourists: Rs 350, if you want to take photographs inside or outside the Palace you have to pay Rs. 500. The visiting hours of the palaces are from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm and the palace is open to the public all the days in a week except Sunday. Anyone who sees the Bangalore Palace is bound to fall in love with it.

LalBagh Botanical Garden

LalBagh Botanical Garden is one of the star attractions of the city of Bangalore where you can find a rich variety of flora in a single place. The Botanical Garden spread over 240 acres with a rare collection of tropical and sub-tropical trees and plants and other fauna from countries around the world which urge your eyes to see with curiosity. Here you can find out the world’s famous red roses that bloom throughout the year which will make you feel that you are in a dream place. The jewel of this garden is the Glasshouse which is built by the impression of Crystal Palace in London. The garden draws large number of visitors each year in terms of its well-laid out roads, paths, open spaces, serene surrounding and an exotic collection of many types of plant species. Other attractions such as Lecture Hall, Lalbagh House, Pigeon House, Bandstand, the Museum and Cottage and much more makes the place as the gem of the Bangalore. Lalbagh remains open daily from 6.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. and it is always open to the visitors throughout the year.

Definitely the travel to the Bangalore does not complete without visiting these two places. Include these two places in your bucket list when you plan a trip to Bangalore. Enjoy!

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