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Nowadays most of the people like to visit China because it is the fantastic places to visit.  On same time it is the wonderful tourist destination. Due to this people are interested to visit china in their lifetime, now taking the  Chinese trip is also easy because there are lot of traveling agencies available they are providing best travel packages, if you contact them they also arranges all the facilities.  If you need to take the China travel you may take the below tips to enjoy your travel. In general, most of the people face difficulties. China is a strange it also includes major cities such as Shanghai, Xian, and Beijing. Moreover, there is lot of shopping malls available in china. The china trip help to get nice experience at the same time it is the suitable destination to enjoy with your family and friends.


Exquisite Beaches:

It is the place to understand new culture as well as history. Furthermore, it is the fantastic places to know about the Western lifestyle. In order to take the enjoyable trip you can prepare the travel, at first, you may take the best traveling plans, and it is the most suitable factors to enjoy the travel. After that, you can take all the essential things with you, rather than take the passport. If you need to visit the most popular destinations in china you have to choose the taxi, with this you may able to enjoy the surrounding places of china.  Taxicabs are also cheap; moreover, it is the good options to visit all the places in china. In china you also able to enjoy the shopping because popular malls available here. So you can able to find the suitable clothing’s and all the required things. In china there are most top beaches are there and the exquisite beaches in china will add more charm as well as it will fascinate the great world.


The Beidaihe Beach:

The Beidaihe Beach will extend few km from west to east from the Pavillion up to Daihe end. Moreover, Beidaihe Island gives the natural bathing along with the pristine waters where this wills facilities the relaxing holidays in the sands. In china is covered with vast mountains where all help people to take part of the trekking. Normally trekking makes the travelers to attain more fun part. The beach will attract more number of visitors on all part of world. In china all the resorts covered with full facilities and it best for honeymoon in order to enjoy time on days, this will give best time for couples to spend time together. The Antarctica will make the beautiful beaches where all the resorts are lying near to the coastal regions. In China the Antarctica is consider as most popular among the tourist where you can visit the places on all days from sunset to sunrise. In china, the region is very famous especially for the tropical beach. The Dadonghai and Tianya Haijiao are well known beaches for the province.


People are becoming increasingly short-sighted. We all spend so much time staring at screens that our eyesight is suffering. An estimated 1.9 billion people around the world already wear glasses, but a further 2.5 billion people really should be wearing glasses. As a result, sales of designer glasses are booming.


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The Designer Eyewear Market

The designer eyewear market is worth an estimated £64 billion. The first designer glasses were launched by Gucci back in 1989. Gucci is still a big brand in the designer eyewear market, but the biggest player has always been Italian giant, Luxottica, which owns the Oakley and Ray-Ban brands. However, with demand for designer eyewear increasing year on year, competition is fierce and Luxottica is facing threats from other big brands, including Gucci and Dior, who all want a bigger slice of the market share.

Leonardo Del Vecchio, billionaire founder of Luxottica, has recently come back from retirement to take charge of the company’s fortunes going forward. He recognises that in order to maximise global sales, Luxottica (and other big eyewear brands) needs to seize opportunities in new markets and e-commerce. Del Vecchio is one smart cookie, so it is likely that Luxottica will continue to dominate the designer eyewear market – at least for the foreseeable future.

The Switch from Manual Labour to Office Work

The increase in poor eyesight is largely down to modern lifestyles. A hundred years ago, most people were manual labourers of one type or another. Many worked the land, growing crops and tending to livestock. With the onset of the industrial revolution, large swathes of the population moved into the cities to work in factories. White collar jobs in offices were few and far between.

Today, modern life is very different. We are far more likely to work in an office than outdoors and eye strain is common. The global population is also aging fast and eyesight tends to fail as we grow older. Cheap glasses abound and it is very easy to pick up a pair of standard reading glasses. Most supermarkets sell them and you don’t need a prescription to buy a pair.

Eyewear is a Fashion Statement

However, eyewear is increasingly becoming a fashion statement and if you care about your appearance it is only natural that you would choose a pair of designer glasses to match your look.

Celebrities have bad eyesight just like the rest of us, but when they need glasses, they tend to buy designer glasses. It used to be difficult to find stylish designer frames and lenses at an affordable price, but today anyone can buy designer prescription glasses from online retailers or their local optician. Designer brands are available in a multitude of styles and they no longer cost the earth – although you can easily spend a small fortune you want to!

The Cartier Panthere glasses are a good example of a high-end pair of designer glasses. These gorgeous specs have 18-carat gold white frames, 561 diamonds and 64 sapphires, and are not the type of glasses you would want to misplace.

If you have problems reading or seeing at a distance, get your eyes checked as you may need glasses.

If you are a world traveler, you will definitely have had your eyes opened to the way people in other countries decorate and furnish their homes. You can take their ideas and ways of doing things and apply them to your own home to give your property an original and personal identity.

Western ideas

But why should you turn to other cultures for interior design ideas? Because by doing so, you will be able to achieve an interior that looks nothing like your neighbor’s, utilizing items that cannot be found in every main street store and colors that are out of the ordinary.

Using decorative items that you have brought back from your travels, or using a color scheme that comes from a vacation can help to bring back happy memories and inspire you in other areas of your life.

African art

Africa is a huge continent and offers a wide range of decorative interior choices. Many of us are familiar with the distinctive styles of Egypt and Morocco, for example; indeed, many of their iconic designs have found their way into mainstream Western art in some way or other. It is not unusual to see a basalt Egyptian cat serving as an ornament or Moroccan tiles decorating a bathroom. But the other African countries have much to offer as well.

For small accent touches, you can use woven baskets as decorative items, boldly patterned cushion covers and other native fabrics for soft furnishings, or carved wooden figurines that represent tribal gods that can be used as ornaments or wall art. These minimal design elements are perfect for those who are still unsure about doing a complete overhaul. For large-scale redecoration, larger design motifs can be laid upon the very walls of your interiors by choosing shades of paint that echo the natural landscape, such as tans and light browns to represent the sands of the African desert areas.

European style

The Western world naturally incorporates the continent of Europe, but perhaps the New World still has something to learn from the Old. Much of American interior design ideas come from our Quaker heritage and borrowings from England, but continental Europe has a wide range of styles that can be applied to American homes.

Take France as an example. Their interior design history is rich with ornate metalwork gilded in antique gold that lends any room a feeling of opulence, mixed with furniture that has ornate woodwork detailing. Much of French style features a distressed look, so that even if the pieces are brand new, they give the impression of having been passed down from generation to generation.

The Scandinavian countries have an almost opposite idea of style, paring down the essentials of a room to a bare minimum and showing off the beauty of natural wood furniture, teamed with plain and simple soft furnishings. This is a style for those who love minimalism and appreciate the clean look Scandinavian style offers.

Use your travels to influence your interior design style to create a home that not only represents you and your personality, but that also acts as a reminder of the places you so enjoyed visiting.

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