Saint George, a most famous legend or Patron Saint of England most of people never have an idea about this name, its sounds weird obviously! Because, he has been still popular by the story name of St George and the dragon, awesome story really believed by Christianity region people, many versions of St George and the dragon story is available but the root of all is common, in middle ages people usually called devils as dragons, St George slayed a dragon and rescued the princess, so people who belongs to the Christianity region believes this and every April 23rd especially England and America people celebrating as a St George day.

Apart from the history of the St George and the dragon in middle ages, later on this St George slaying the dragon picture is famous among art personnel, world popular Italian High Renaissance artist Raphael painting this under the name of St. George and the Dragon, now this artful painting in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Raphael embarked his career in painting by number of tiny cabinet paintings, these tiny cabinet paintings helps to show full-length figures at a small scale. Among plenty of Raphael’s cabinet paintings we can consider most famous St George in the Louvre, and the Vision of a Knight in the National Gallery in London.

Raphael’s St George and the dragon painting done by oil on wood type painting, which is very prestigious medium in Greece and Rome and very old too. Giovanni Bellini, Tintoretto, Gustave Moreau, Peter Paul Rubens, Brian Whelan, Edward Burne-Jones and other artists also practiced St George and the dragon painting. St George and the dragon not only well known by painting, it is also known by Sculptures, you can find this historic Sculptures in Open Air Museum in Cosenza, Storkyrkan in Stockholm, The Landmark Loews Movie Palace in Jersey City and more. Saint George and the Dragon is really a legendary and historic painting.(image by carlm1066)9528218411_d988fbdf5e_z

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Southeast Asia is the biggest way to enter in to the many ancient wonders, where you may find many regions in this category though among all you can find the real Southeast Asia’s pearl the great Cambodia. Each year Cambodia draws more number of visitors by its stunning temples, tropical beaches, colonial buildings and an abundance of natural attractions. Let’s see how all wonders of it boost the Cambodia as a best tourist destination among all. Let’s begin to explore it by our review in right way.

Silver Pagoda:

The Silver Pagoda is located on the south side of the Phnom Penh, which has many names such as Wat Ubosoth Ratanaram, Preah Vihear Preah Keo Morakot and Wat Preah Keo in Khmer. The Silver Pagoda is a home of many national treasures such as gold and jeweled Buddha statues, where the baccarat crystal Buddha and a life-sized gold Maitreya Buddha decorated with 9584 diamonds are the most notable. There you can see the detailed mural with rich color on the courtyard’s internal wall and the murals explain the Ramayana myth. The Silver Pagoda is made-up of 5,000 silver tiles and you can also see the royal families’ gifts on the display. So don’t miss to visit the Sliver Pagoda while you are in Cambodia trip.(image by Kirk Siang)389099792_7d0a96c01f_z


Kratie is a small town as well as best tourist destination in the Cambodia located on the banks of the Mekong River, which is the best place to see many French colonial buildings with the water surroundings. The Kratie is the best spot for those who love Irrawaddy dolphins, now you may get confusion right, because the provincial capital Kratie is the home of the rare sweet water Irrawaddy dolphins. The rare sweet water Irrawaddy dolphins are the main tourist attraction over there, where you can find Irrawaddy dolphins between 66 and 86 left in the upper Cambodian Mekong area. Kratie town is quite picturesque spot with sandbars, big islands, hundreds of Green Island, and circling water, where don’t miss to enter in to the bustling market and taste some delicious foods in rural Cambodian life.(image by luco)13102939495_4cd4bb3685_z

Other Attractions:

In Cambodia you can find many attractive sites apart from the above mentioned area, where you must visit many manmade attractions such as the Banteay Srei-famous for the largely built red sandstone with elaborate decorative wall carvings, next is the Bayon Temple- famous for the 200 massive stone faces and located in part of the Angkor. Angkor is famous for many temples though there you must visit the famous and magnificent Angkor Wat. The Angkor Wat is the famous of all and also serves as best monuments among all in the world, where you can see the series of three rectangular terraces to the central shrine and tower at a height of 213 meters. If you want to enjoy the beach with the amiable environment you must visit the Sihanoukville, which will be fully covered by the visitors during the weekends.

These are the most important and must visit spots in Cambodia.

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South America boasts much tremendous landscape, unique wildlife, and stunning natural wonders and so on, now the most difficult and hard to make a list of natural wonders of the south America because it has more over there, the below review will help you to know some important natural wonders in South America. So read a glance and begin to wander around the South America’s natural wonder.

Amazon Rain forest:

The most famous Natural wonder in the South America is the Amazon, which is the wonderful home for the plenty of exotic wilderness. This Amazon Rainforest stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Andes Mountains in the west across the South America. There you can get a chance to view the different species of flora and fauna, indigenous tribes, Lakes, and so on. Don’t miss to enjoy the River Cruises, Canopy Tours, Hiking, Explore the botanical garden, zoological park and more. The Amazon Rain forest is the world’s most famous and large thick forest, so Amazon Rain forest trip is the best way to explore the unique world with mysterious.(image by CameliaTWU)6705207731_7eca6beabc_z

Angel Falls:

The Angel Falls located in the Canaima National Park of Venezuela region, which is the highest waterfall in South America with the height of 979 m. The Canaima National Park spreads over three million hectares in south-eastern region of the Venezuela and makes Guyana and Brazil as a border. There you can do the trekking along with the good climate and pleasant environment and the uphill hike will offer the stepping onto exposed roots and rocks along with the constant humidity, so the trekking in the Canaima National Park region is good as well as dangerous. The Angel Falls is the best place for the family trip as well as the group trip.(image by Nicholas_T)9224156275_19d0a933f3_z

Galapagos Island:

The Galápagos Island offers wildlife observation, protection and research center, views of the islands, beaches, ports and unique landscapes to the tourist people. The Galápagos Islands are volcanic islands distributed on 926 km west of continental Ecuador and either side of the Equator in the Pacific Ocean. The Galapagos Island is a best recreational spot with the unique wildlife will allow you to experience the various islands and wildlife areas as well as the Charles Darwin Research Station. The Galapagos Island is the best wonder in the world because of the stunning and mysterious wildlife. (image by D200-PAUL (Paul Fernandez))7755838756_58f85fa277_z(image by Rita Willaert)5668109481_cbcbf7902e_z5694108576_3efc43ed44_z

Iguazu Falls:

The Iguazu Falls is the mammoth attraction in the South America and taller than the Niagara Falls, twice as wide with 275 cascades spread shape, Iguazú Falls are the result of a volcanic eruption, during the rainy season of November and March the rate of flow of water will be more. This mammoth Iguazu Falls Situated in Iguazú National Park, from Puerto Iguazú in the north of the province, these falls is shared by Brazil and Argentina. The Iguazu Falls is the best recreation spot as well as apt place for those who looking for the adventure oriented spot.

These are the important natural wonders of the South America, so embark to wander around all the provinces of the South America.

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