Historical monuments, sounds of the words offers many thoughts to you, many people doesn’t know that the Bulgaria is not only famous for the natural attractions, which is also famous for the historic monuments. In Bulgaria you can find plenty of ancient historic monuments along with the background of natural wonders. Now the review will allow you to make a list of man-made wonders over there.

Best monasteries in Bulgaria:

In Bulgaria you can find the wonderful historic landmark in the name of Rila Monastery, which attracts more number of tourist people because of its gorgeous architecture and location. The Rila Monastery perched over the Rila Mountain at an altitude of 1147 m above sea level, which is the best pilgrimage site. Vicinity of the Rila Monastery you can find the cave, which was the dwell of saint. Next is the Troyan Monastery, which is the complex of more ancient and culture oriented monuments. This is also one of the important tourist attractions in Bulgaria because of its valley location. The Troyan Monastery located in the valley of the river Cherni Osam, where you can see the mesmerizing cultural monuments over there. In Bulgaria you can also visit the Bachkovo Monastery, Rozhen Monastery, Transfiguration Monastery, Dryanovo Monastery and Seven Altars Monastery. So enjoy the amiable weather and relief from your stress filled life. (image  by archer10)rila

Churches in Bulgaria:

The Capital of Bulgaria offers wonderful gem like a Boyana Church, which is a medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church located on the outskirts of Sofia. Interior of the Boyana Church offers stunning paintings over the walls, roofs and more. The paintings remember the history of the medieval Bulgaria and many Christian related stories, you can’t take a photographs inside the Church is forbidden. Next important church in Bulgaria is the Saint Sofia Church, which is the wonderful symbol with the ancient monuments. In Bulgaria you can also find more churches such as the Russian Church in Sofia, Church of St Petka of the Saddlers and more. Explore the tranquil atmosphere over there. (image by archer10)si

Other important man-made attractions in Bulgaria:

In Bulgaria you can find many attractive man-made sightseeing, in that list you must visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which offers the three high arches, with four large columns supporting the gold-plated dome and many murals. The murals in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral show the Russian and Bulgarian saints and scenes from the Bible and there you can also find a museum with the largest collections of religious icons in Europe. National Art Gallery, National Historical Museum, Earth and Man National Museum, Varna Archaeological Museum, National Archaeological Museum and National Gallery for Foreign Art are the best way to explore the treasures of the Bulgarians. These museums show the evident of the cultural, historic and ancient glory of the Bulgaria by its artful murals, paintings, interior and exterior and more.

So wander around the above mentioned historical spots in Bulgaria, which will surely make your trip worthy and fun. So pack your things and enjoy the best man-made attractions over there.

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The United States is the combination of many regions; among the list you can find the Tennessee as your best spot. In Tennessee you can find many attractive sites, such as the fun based theme parks as well historic sites and more. Let’s prepare a travel plan to the Tennessee by including all the sites mentioned in the below content. Before that you must know the weather conditions over there, summer, fall, winter and all the seasons good to visit the Tennessee, each season will surely impress you by the enchanting attractions.

Ruby Falls:

In Tennessee you can find the breathtaking water falls under the name of the Ruby Falls, don’t think that the Ruby Falls is similar as the other falls, because it is the underground falls located 1,120 feet below the surface of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga. The Ruby falls is one of the ten best cave waterfalls around the world. If you visit the Ruby falls, you can really enjoy the magnificent view of the cave as well as the fascinating waterfalls. When you embarking in to the cave you will feel like a character in the horror movies, because of the cave environment. Don’t miss to visit the Ruby falls in the Tennessee, if you missed your trip will be incomplete.(image by tony.lombardi)6843395089_f26025df74_z

Rock City:

Around the world you can’t find such a romantic spot, because the Rock City will unleash all the best romantic sites in the world. The Rock City is the amazing natural wonder located at the top Lookout Mountain, just 6 miles from downtown. If you want to know the complete natural beauty of the Rock city you must invade to it, because there you can find the mammoth natural and amiable weather combined breathtaking panoramic view, apart from there you can find the massive ancient rock formations with the enchanted trails. In Rock City you can enjoy the lush greenery native plant species and visit the spectacular shops and enjoy the delicious dishes over there. Enjoy your best honeymoon in Rock City.(image by Zruda)12752134495_69117c6fdb_z

Other attractions:

In Tennessee must visit site is the Rock City and Ruby falls, apart from these two attractions you can also find many attractive sites over there. There visit the Mud Island surrounded by the Mississippi River to the west and the Wolf River Harbor to the east. There you must also visit the Tennessee Aquarium located in the Chattanooga, to explore this you don’t need any particular days, because it is opened for all the days. While in Tennessee Aquarium trip you can also visit the Aquarium’s IMAX 3D Theater and River Gorge. In Tennessee you can find the National Civil Rights Museum, Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Beale Street Historic District, Parthenon, Graceland, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Tennessee State Capitol, Stax Museum of American Soul Music, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, Adventure Science Center, Shiloh National Military Park, Memphis Rock N’ Soul Museum, McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture and Andrew Johnson National Historic Site.

Now prepare a travel plan for Tennessee and begin to explore it.


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Spend your vacation days in Houston and discover the wonders over there, because the Houston is the real tourist town attracts more locals visitors for a past decade it also attracted by the other country visitors. There are hundreds of things to do in the Houston area, so you will surely get confusion while you prepare a trip over there, so stop your confusion and enjoy the vacation in Houston by reading this review.

Museum District:

The Houston is most famous for the Museum District, where you can find the clusters of museums and arts and culture centers. The Museum District of Houston offers excellent opportunity to experience some of the world’s most unique exhibit. There your first visit is Houston Museum of Natural Science, which has the special features such as the Burke Baker Planetarium, Cockrell Butterfly Center, George Observatory, and IMAX Theater. Children’s Museum, Space Center Houston, Holocaust Museum Houston, Art Car Museum, Contemporary Arts Museum, San Jacinto Monument and Museum of History, Houston Fire Museum, The Health Museum and Museum of Fine Arts Houston these are the 10 best and must see museums in Houston’s Museum district. (image by sikeri)museum

Houston Zoo:

Houston attractions are more so don’t think only the museums are the best part of tourist, where you can also find the Houston Zoo. The Houston Zoo is one of the best attractions in Houston, which holds over 4,500 animals on more than 55 acres of land. You can visit the Houston Zoo around the clock because it only halts its wonders to show visitors on Christmas Day. There you can see the colony of chimpanzees, a cohabitation of rhinos and antelopes. Apart from the wildlife you can also find the sculpture, art and of course a restaurant and gift shop. The Zoo includes playground, small water play park, the Carruth Natural Encounters Building, Kipp Aquarium, Asian Elephant Habitat, Reptile House and more. Explore the Houston Zoo attractions. (image by BFS Man)zoo

Other attractions in Houston:

In Houston you can find many attractive sites apart from the above mentioned spots is the Galleria Houston, Which is the Texas’s largest mall with the shopping mall located just outside the Houston’s Uptown District. There you can purchase plenty of fashionable items over there. Next attraction is the family water park under the name of Splash town located in North region of the Houston, which is fun filled area for the children with a pirate ship and kid-friendly slides. Next wonder of the Houston is the Downtown Aquarium, which allows you to discover over 400 species of marine life. There you can dine alongside a 150,000 gallon two-story tank at Downtown Aquarium. If you want to enjoy the community of shops, restaurants, and museums you must visit the Old Town Spring and also visit the Kemah Boardwalk, Johnson Space Center, Bayou Place and more. If you want to explore all the above mentioned spots you must visit the Houston.(image by johnnyboy54)

So explore the wonders of the Houston and wander around the streets of the Houston and find the hidden attractions over there.

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