Searching for a prefect hangout spot? If you are looking so what kind of landscape will be your hangout spot? Whether you are looking for the perfect adventure and fun combo spots or natural oriented spot, whatever it will be the hangout spot will be your best recreation spot under these categories you can see the Costa Rica is the best Hangout spot, where you can find the excellent climate with the amiable coastal surrounding. Now know the right way to explore the Costa Rica.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve:

Ready to walk through the best Biological reserve along with the misty atmosphere in Costa Rica in the name of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The Great Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is located at an altitude of the thousand feet above the sea level, where you can find the excellent ecosystem with the plenty of incredible wildlife and distinctive plant life. There you can discover the toucanets, pumas, jaguars, red-eyed tree frogs and more. You can explore the real adventures of this reserve by following the trails or you can too discover the wonders of the reserve by the excellent canopy tour or Zip-line tour. So this will be the apt place for your recreation.

Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenal Volcano National Park:

Visit the best active volcano in Costa Rica in the Name of the Arenal Volcano National Park, which is the exotic site with the combo of greenery surrounding and regular flow of lava from its mouth. The Arenal Volcano National Park offers the perfect scenery such as the tumbling clouds over the cone shaped volcano, stunning greenery outskirt and colossal mountain and more. The Arenal Volcano National Park is not only the home of the one volcano but it comprises two volcanoes in to it. Another one volcano is the Chato Volcano, where you can find the awesome Arenal Lake. If you want include Arenal Lake in your itinerary you must follow the trails old lava. So this mammoth Arenal Volcano trip will be the best leisure spot in Costa Rica. (Image by smilla4)

Drake Bay

Drake Bay:

Next best natural spot is the Drake Bay, which is located at the northern side of the Costa Rica. The vast sea region is the best tourist spot because of the wonderful calm atmosphere with the waves and vegetation. There you can reveal the leisure with the great adventure such as the bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, sports fishing, kayaking, swimming, scuba diving and more. Vicinity of Drake Bay you can find the must see spot in the name of the Corcovado National Park, never miss to visit this spot, because there you can find the excellent 13 major ecosystems. There you can spot many endangered species. The best activities offered by the Corcovado National Park are the bird watching, wildlife observation and more. If you want to enjoy the wonders of the nature you must visit the Drake Bay. (Image by trishhartmann)

The above mentioned spots will be the best way to explore the major attractions of your perfect hangout spot. The Costa Rica is the best hangout spot and it will make your mind refresh and never show the same wonders to you all time. Really the Costa Rica is the unique site always shows the unique to you.

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Follow the trails of the excellent and great travelers in the Canada, many of the travelers found more natural oriented attractions over there, are you thinking that Canada is only bestowing the natural spots as the tourist attraction not Canada is too offering many man-made attractions. Now find out how to explore the great and must see sights in Canada by read the below review.

Whistler Blackcomb mountain 01

Whistler Blackcomb mountain:

Whether you want enjoy the extreme level of terrific natural spot or awesome climate with the tranquil atmosphere you must visit the Whistler Blackcomb Mountain, which takes 2 hour to reach from the Vancouver and arouse your curiosity more by showing more sceneries while you are in travel towards the Whistler Blackcomb Mountain. The great Whistler Blackcomb Mountain is the exotic site and best tourist destination for the skiing, which is ready to offer a wonderful and terrific adventures to you. If you are planning for the Whistler Blackcomb Mountain trip you must prefer to go in the month of November to April. There you don’t worry about the accommodations because you can get it very easily. So enjoy the thrilling atmosphere in the Whistler Blackcomb Mountain and explore the wonders over the jagged snow covered areas. (Image by Jefferson_)

Banff National Park:

The word National Park always implies the unique natural ecosystem with the combination of the wonderful rivers, lush greenery plants, awesome water sources and more but the Banff National Park changes the usual thoughts about the National park because there you can find plenty of hot springs. Not only hot springs and also offers the massive mountains, wonderful wildlife and spectacular surroundings. The Banff National Park offers the exotic ecological system with the dark forest regions, glaciers, hot springs, lakes and rare beast such as the bighorn sheep, elk, coyotes and more. The Banff National Park is the best spot and always offers its wonders to the visitors throughout the year, while in summer you can enjoy the biking, camping, hiking, and climbing and in winter you can too enjoy the Nordic skiing, tracking, and skating. There you must prefer your itinerary with the must see spots such as the Lake Louise, Upper Hot Springs, Banff Park Museum, Banff Gondola and much more. Don’t search for the best accommodation because camping is the best way to find the wonders in Banff National Park, which offers the 13 camping grounds to you. So explore the great attractions in the Banff National Park.

CN Tower

CN Tower:

In Canada you can also find the tremendous man-made attractions in that list you must see the great and tallest CN Tower, which is the excellent and iconic landmark in the Canada. If you missed to see this your Canada trip will be incomplete. There you can find the highest observation deck, where you can find the excellent and panoramic view of the entire city along the awesome blue shaded sea water. At the CN tower you can find the hotels and more shopping too. There you can find the excellent market place and which is the best site for the fast-food and snacks. Don’t miss to visit the CN Tower restaurant 360, which offers the delicious food along with the astonishing view of the entire city. So the CN tower is the best spot in Canada. (Image by I_am_Allan)

If you want to explore the Canada in unique way to must place the above mentioned sites with the higher priority and discover the wonders over there.

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Make your trip indispensable by the unrivaled tourist destination with the name of the Bolivia. The Bolivia is the favorite spot with the distinctive landscapes, magnificent greenery surrounding, great culture, and awesome atmosphere. Now you may have the bunch of question about the trip of Bolivia such as how to explore, which are the best and must see sites in Bolivia and more. Now read the review and find the answers for your questions.

Salar de Uyuni 01

Salar de Uyuni:

In Bolivia you can find the unique landscape with the best attractions called Salar de Uyuni, which is located in the Andes Mountains and this is the largest salt flat in the whole world. The Salar de Uyuni spreads over the 10,000 square kilometers, which is the reserve place of the 10 billion tons of salt. If you are a nature seeker the Salar de Uyuni offers the unique landscape to you. If you are the photographer this is the wonderful place for the awesome pictures especially the blue shades of the sky appears over the lake is the perfect scenery. So visit the Salar de Uyuni in the month of rainy season because in summer in some part of the lake will dry. This is the wonderful and spectacular site in the Bolivia. (Image by Sagsag)

Yungas Road:

Are you ready climb over the world’s most dangerous road? If you ready for that you must visit the Yungas Road, which runs toward the north region of the country with the name of the Amazon rainforest from La Paz. From La Paz you can you have to climb up to 4000 feet by the Yungas Road to reach the Coroico. This site always welcomes incredible number of the cyclist across the country. The Yungas Road is highly dangerous road for the vehicles but all travelers prefer to climb over, to watch the astonishing greenery view from there. While in Yungas Road trip you must visit the Cotapata National Park and more. So include the Yungas Road in your Bolivia’s trip.



Whether you want to wander around the snow capped rugged series of rocky mountain or awesome dark greenery rain forest to must visit the Bolivia. The great Sorata is the wonderful site with the snow capped region, which is the best spot for the camping and trekking. The Sorata is the best tiny town located at an altitude of the 2700 meters above the sea level so it offers the amiable weather and awesome atmosphere to you. In en kilometers to Gruta de San Pedre you can find the terrific caves and awesome underground lakes. Vicinity of the Sorata you must see the wonderful sites such as the Cochabamba, Isla Del Sol, Chulumani, Huatajata, Capinota, Cliza and much more. These are the best spots in Sorata and must see sites too. All these tourist attractions offers the different landscapes such as the slopes of the rocky mountains, lush greenery environment, colorful flowers, dramatic water sources and more. So explore the unique attractions in Sorata. The Sorata is the best choice in your Bolivia trip. (Image by amy.herbs)

These are the must visit spots in Bolivia, so make a excellent plan to discover the uniqueness of the Bolivia by including all these sites as the must see sites and begin to explore it.

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