In recent years traditional African accessories and clothing have become more and more popular worldwide. Today, many well-known celebrities have been spotted sporting fabulous African designs augmenting further the popularity of these colourful accessories and garments, often made from authentic African fabrics. If you are currently looking to purchase something special, it must be noted that a lot of authentic African accessories and clothing cannot be found in Western markets. However, there is no need to travel all the way to Africa, as you could always take a look at local classified websites such as Adepafie, where you will be able to find a high quantity of celebrated African accessories and textiles such as Kente clothing at reasonable prices.

The African country of Ghana is considered to be the continent’s top fashion market, which is characterised by individual garments and accessories made from colourful fabrics and embellished with intricate beading and embroidery. African clothing tends to be hand-sewn and hand-dyed meaning that each piece is unique. For this reason, a number of online African fashion boutiques have been popping up all over the internet, attracting a great deal of interest from shoppers worldwide. In fact, African clothing was heavily featured during this year’s Global Fashion Week with Ghanaian designers such as Ozwald Boateng and Gloria Adablah stealing a lot of the headlines.


Ankara is one of Africa’s most popular clothing styles and with its bold and bright prints it is almost certainly not for the faint hearted. Celebrities such as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have recently been photographed wearing beautiful Ankara clothing and jewellery to various different events, as this is a style that can easily be dressed up or down in order to really stand out from the crowd. Ankara clothing and accessories look stunning on the beach or at a music festival and can quickly and easily add a splash of colour even on the dreariest of days. As African fashion continues to develop and make its way into mainstream collections, we will surely see its domination within this lucrative sector in the years to come.

About the Project

Every individual wants Stress free, simple process to buy a house from beginning to end. No one wants time consuming and burdensome process in buying house. Akshar El Castillo is the spot where you’re living will move to new height of luxury. The project is located in a quite area, surrounded by several beautiful structures. Settling at this location is the perfect choice where you can get numerous facilities and luxuries. Go to a home out of reach from the thunder of a city life and provides you the sincerity and peace with advanced lodging facility. Welcome to perfect prosperity by isolating yourself from the pollution of urban movement and find the bona fide planning to rich living in the lap of lavishness. With completed greenery fenced areas, ample rooms, parking spaces for sprawling auto, and number of other world class facilities. Akshar El Castillo is the excellent choice you will ever make in selecting a home for a lifetime. The size of the project is one building and twenty two units. It is a four bedroom apartment.

Location of the Project

The project is situated at Nerul, which is a standout amongst the most created zones of the organized and clean Navi Mumbai. The two major roads of this location are Thane Belapur Road and Sion Panvel Expressway. Further, Sion – Panvel Expressway join with Mumbai-Pune Highway in this manner empowering simple drive to the two prime urban areas. Other roads that connect nerul to neighboring areas are Jagatguru Aadi Shankracharya Marg, Rajiv Gandhi Bridge and Palm Beach Road. Presence of numerous good schools like SIES Graduate School of Technology, SIES College of Management Studies, Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College and College of Architecture, Podar International School, Ryan International School, Delhi Public School etc makes it a perfect place to live. It is also famous for its sports complexes like a plush cricket ground and DY Patil Stadium. So the facilities and the proximity of Akshar El Castillo to several places make it a perfect residential place.

Project Amenities

Numbers of world class amenities are provided to you so that you could live freely and peacefully without any headache like.

  • Multipurpose Hall: the apartment is provided with a multipurpose hall so that you could celebrate different occasions with your family and friends
  • Lift: lift facilities are available so that anyone could reach at different floors without and difficulty.
  • Power backups: The building is provided with 24 hours power backups to provide you continuous electricity.
  • Gymnasium: Facilies like gymnasium is also available in the building to keep you fit
  • Landscaped Garden: Presence of landscape garden will give you the unique look of the nature
  • Library: Library where you can find books of different categories.
  • Gas Lines
  • Intercom Facility

 About the Company

Geomatrix Developers LLP was established in the midst of a 20 year old. The organization developed inside of a stipulated duration of time under the dynamic authority of Mr. Ketan Patel who is also the director of this company. The organization is identified for its qualified professionalism, dynamism and dedication. Geomatrix Developers LLP is working on several projects like, Altorios, Silver Crest, Valencia, and Akshar Elementa in areas like, Khandeshwar, Tathawade Kalamboli and Magarpatta. Hence Akshar El Castillo is a unique residential project launched by Geomatrix Developers LLP with world class amenities. The project is close to the many places like good educational institutions, hospitals etc. that are very important in daily life.


Are you looking for the complete mysterious vacation trip spot? If you so, your first preference must be Eastern California’s Death Valley, which is the most mysterious and dangerous tourists’ destinations due to many reasons. Many hidden reasons makes this spot as the best getaway spot though many visitors like to visit it because of its wonder, if you like to know this wonders you must read the below content. Never try to visit the Death Valley in summer times because the temperature during this period is high. The Death Valley offers much wildlife, botanical gardens and more such as,

Artist’s Palette:

In Death Valley you can begin your trip by embarking from the colorful spot under the name of the Artist’s Palette, How the color Palette is fully comprised with the plenty of colors like that the Death Valley’s few rocks exposed with the colors such as the unusual mosaic of red, yellow, orange, green, violet, brown and black. This rainbow color of the rocks makes your eye so cool and nice in late afternoon light. So plan accordingly.

Devil’s golf course:

In Death Valley floor you can find the large salt pan under the name of the Devil’s golf course located in the Mojave Desert within Death Valley National Park, Which is the largest salt pan in North America. Before embark the Devil’s golf course trip you must take enough water you need and take other food items you need, this trip can be complete within 30 minutes. There you can really find the purest form of table salt.(image by M. Kamran Meyer)13048705564_b6efdf41a6_z

Bad water:

If you want to visit the Dead Sea in California you must visit this Bad water, because it is located 282 feet below sea level. This bad water region offers 10 minutes trip, where you can watch the salt settled grounds and some plants. There you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset; while sun rises you can enjoy the rays of the sun along with the white salty surrounding.

Zabriskie Point:

Next strangest attraction in the Death Valley region is the Zabriskie Point, which is a located in the Armargosa Range. The Zabriskie Point offers stunning panorama of the undulated landscapes and you can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset views. During the several million years back the mountain down is surrounded by the lake, which collects more sediment at the bottom in the form of saline muds, so the Zabriskie Point looks like in undulated form. In twixt of the Zabriskie Point you can find many wildlife and this is the best spot for the hike.(image by Byron O’Neal)5553954310_172b52248c_z

Sailing Stones:

The Death Valley’s must see wonder is the Sailing stone, which is the most mysterious part of the world because of the migration of the stones over the mud land. Each of the stone can move 700 feet from the origin. Still, scientist also doing many researches about the sailing stone and many reasons swirls around the Valley but the scenic view of the trail over the cracked mud will impress you more. Capture all the trails of the sailing stones with the frame of the scenic mountains at the rim.

These are the list of Death Valley wonders where you must visit.

featured image courtesy by robbar74