United Arab Emirates wasn’t much popular until the economic boom in the Middle Eastern countries which skyrocketed the popularity of Dubai at an advancing pace. Dubai is one of the posh metropolises that have an amalgamation of colorful souks along with ancient culture. The city has been adorned with skyscrapers of unimaginable heights. The city is surrounded with expanses of deserts; however it has no detrimental affects to the bustling city life which is equipped with the latest technologies. Dubai has witnessed a whirlwind of progress in every possible sphere –ranging from the spice markets to the handicrafts and arts and even to the tech markets that possess the latest electronic gadgets. Owing to its mesmerizing and spectacular view, Dubai has been the playground of tourists, which adds to the gain of foreign currencies as well. Despite the fact of having a posh lifestyle, Dubai has been able to construct budgeted hotels to suit the needs to the travelers around the globe while providing the luxurious comforts to their lodgers.

Hotels to check-in at Dubai:

Often tourists are in the quest to rent budget hotels Dubai that will also ensure modern facilities. Constructed to delight the travelers, several economical hotels are available near the airport terminals such as Madinat Jumeirah Mina A’Salam, Bur Dubai, Dubai Marina etc. Most of these hotels are inexpensive compared to the aristocratic living standard of Dubai, yet they provide the basic amenities which include gym equipped with all possible instruments, hygienic swimming pools, spas that offer aromatherapy as well as other therapies as well. Such spacious living provides the tourists some amiable ambience that maximizes their enjoyment during their stay at Dubai.

Places of interest around the city:

Although the city has blossomed into an urban metropolis in the recent past, yet Dubai has sheen 4000 year old culture which is a gateway to ancient Islamic religion that was prevalent in Middle Eastern countries. Adorned with millennium years of historical remnants, there are several archeological sites that quarry out the some ancient ruins, thus restoring the long lost Islamic religion. It has gained worldwide reputation, and often tourists are drawn towards such sites to visualize the excavation process.

Another renowned place to visit that’s worth mentioning is Burj Dubai. It is the tallest edifice that has been constructed on the earth, which stands out prominently to a height of 830m. It was inaugurated in September 2010, and has been the serving for the purpose of business trade. Several floors are allocated for shopping malls, while other floors serve the purpose of corporate offices. The construction of this skyscraper is a marvel art which is worthy to visit.

City life of Dubai:

While Dubai has an exciting day life, the nightlife can be extremely vibrant, with opulence and grandeur being prowess in the clubs and bars especially on special events, when these entertainment parlors throws lavish parties. Despite of the strict Islamic norms on the women, there are cheat days – especially Tuesday and Sunday when the women are allowed to submerge completely into the night culture of Dubai. Tourists would find such clubs rather exciting, as it broadcasts the actual aristocracy of cosmopolitans of Dubai.

The city renders several tourist spots as well as religious heritages which would keep the tourists busy, and after a hard day of sightseeing they would surely enjoy the tranquil ambience offered by the cheap, yet luxurious hotels of Dubai.

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Trip to Angola

BY 5 February 2015 Travel Africa

People usually prefer nature surrounded place to explore on summer vacation. To include some more coast sceneries, highlands and wilderness in to that, offer a stunning trip. To attain all these under a single roof you must prefer Angola, which offers uncovering hidden wonders of the coasts. Angola is the perfect place located at the south central part of the Africa, which is the apt place for the nature trip seekers. In Angola you can find the dramatic water sources, more national parks, best greenery locations and more. Now see how to discover the best of Angola.

Clamoring Waterfalls:

In you can find the excellent and more adorning waterfalls in Angola. The Kalandula Falls is the must see waterfalls in the Angola, which is located near to the Malanje City. The height of the waterfalls is the 104 meters and nested in the loop of the best natural sceneries. In Angola you can find more waterfalls but the Kalandula Falls is the best and attractive. The Kalandula Falls is the 4th largest waterfalls in the world and offers the best natural spot to all. The next important waterfall is the Tazua Falls, which is located in Rio Cuango. In Tazua Falls you can find the wonderful jagged rocky location. The clamoring Tazua Falls has the excellent façade with the rocky scenery. So these are the must see waterfalls in Angola.

National parks:

In Angola you can find the plenty of national parks with the great vegetation surrounding. The kissama national park is the first and best national park in Angola, which is located in the North West region of the Angola. The kissama national park has the lush of greenery plants along with the great coastal line and dense forest on the other side. There you can find the elephant, rhino, buffalo and more beasts in it. In Angola you can also find many national parks such as the Mupa National Park, Comela National Park, Cangandala National Park, Luanda National Park and much more. Whether you want the best relaxing spot or thrilling spot you must visit the national parks in Angola. So don’t miss to visit the above mentioned national parks over there.


The beaches are the really a best part of the all kind of the trip, where you can find the plenty of adventure activities and pleasant environment too. In Angola you can find the three beach cities. In Luanda city you can find the Corimba Beach, Ilha do Cabo Beach, Mussulo Beach, Palmeirinhas Beach and Santiago Beach. In Benguela you can find the Baia Azul Beach, Baia Farta Beach, Caota Beach, Caotina Beach, Morena Beach and Restinga Beach. Don’t miss to visit the Azul Beach and Das Miragens Beach in Namibe City too. There you can enjoy yourself more by doing the swimming, diving and more. So visit all the beaches as listed as above and experience the unique of each beaches.5831360178_87ae53eb9c_z

The best way to explore the Angola by planning perfectly along with the above mentioned sites. So your itinerary must have the above mentioned sites with the higher priority too. So explore the Angola and attain the great enjoyments.

Image Tony Borrach under CC licence