Looking for crabs in rock-pools, devouring ice creams from the ice-cream van, and getting on with it come rain or shine- it is hard not to get nostalgic for the British beach holidays of our youths. And a recent survey shows that these beach holiday destinationsmare becoming as popular as ever.

Travel Supermarket, the price comparison website found that adults are more likely to return to holiday destinations that they went to as a child. But why? The research suggested that it is due to a mix of nostalgia and economics. 47% of those who took part in the survey said they return to places they went as a child as they know they’ll enjoy themselves there. 39% of those questioned said they return to the same places because they want their children to have the same experiences as they did.

It can also be down to cost; If you know you are going to enjoy yourself somewhere, you have confidence that your money is not going to go to waste. This is largely due to the current economic climate which is putting pressure on families to get the best value.

So what are the type childhood destinations that many people are returning to?


Childhood Holiday Destinations You Should Return To 1There are not many people who didn’t go on holiday to Blackpool as a child. Not only is it full of fun rides and slot machines, it also has lots of shops and even a zoo nearby! They also have illuminations that are lit throughout the winter months. There is so much to do there it is probably worth finding somewhere to stay. You can find great deals online via websites such as Ukbreakaways.


Home to the UK’s only coastal national park, Pembrokeshire is the perfect place for an active family break. It has fantastic beaches, National Trust properties and a variety of things to do no matter the weather such as dinosaur parks.


Childhood Holiday Destinations You Should Return To 2There aren’t many people who don’t fall in love with Cornwall when they visit. From the breath-taking coastline to the family-friendly beaches, and range of attractions such as the Eden Project, Lands’ End and even surfing lessons. there is something to do for everyone. Also for those who have good appetites, it’s a foodies paradise, with delicious cream teas, pasties and ice cream shops on practically every corner.

Lake District

The Lake District is the perfect destination to spend quality time with loved ones in the great outdoors. There are endless outdoor activities to do such as mountain biking, walking and a range of water sports to enjoy, too. Pop in to one of the many visitor centres and grab a map of the trails you can follow, no matter if it is by bike or foot. Probably the most popular attractions of the lot in the Lake District include the Grizedale sculpture trail, a steamer cruise along Ullswater, and a visit to Beatrix Potter’s home in Ambleside.

Many people don’t instantly see Moscow as a romantic town. However, Moscow is that the center of thousand Cold War spy romances. It’s a town whose character defined mystery, intrigue, worry and wonder for a generation. A visit to Moscow ought to assist you absorb the character of the town. Here are top stuff you can do in Moscow to make this happen.

A private walking tour of Moscow

walking tourMoscow could be a lovely, complex city with a deep history. A walking tour with a sophisticated guide are often the right way to begin to know some of the city’s depth. While the city has many walking tours, a private one with one of various operators can be the best way to go. It only costs around $150.

Absorb the atmosphere of communist Russia

If you’ve ever caught a few pictures of the communist-era Moscow – the solid, drab, Eastern European architecture, the strange, unemotional beauty of the ornate sculptures, the bare, cold trees and the relentless grandeur in every structure – you should take a ride to the Patriarshy Prudiy pond near the Pushkinskaya Ploshchad Metro station. You’ll find yourself surreally transported to communist USSR of the 50s, as if you just stepped into a Cold War spy thriller. It can be an interesting experience.

Go to Gorky Park

Gorky ParkThe 1981 Martin Cruz Smith novel Gorky Park was supported this park. It are often a special feeling walking around this historic neighborhood. You just have to be compelled to take the Metro to the Gorky Park station. Don’t forget to require your camera; you may notice several spectacular things to take pictures of.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

Lenin’s place in the middle of Red Square holds the embalmed body of the revolutionary founder of the USSR. Lenin’s body has been on show at this terribly spot since his death in 1924. While you will not be significantly fascinated by communism, a visit here is an important part of gaining a sense of the city and the country.

The Bolshoi Theater

Bolshoi TheaterSpending an evening at the aristocratic Bolshoi auditorium can be a powerful feeling. The glittering venue has hosted the Bolshoi Ballet for more than two centuries. Over an evening with the arts here, you’ll get to experience exactly what Russia’s aristocracy experienced all those years ago.

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