You know the idiom: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. As explorers, we know this is valid in any city we visit, including the Windy City. However, notwithstanding when we attempt to know and all around educated, we frequently wind up breaking implicit principles or notwithstanding getting reserved into exercises local people will effectively stay away from—and that is generally as valid in Chicago as anyplace else, as prove by these 10 basic traveler botches. Dodge these tactless act on your next excursion to the Windy City on the off chance that you need to mix right in.

Put Ketchup on Your Hot Dog

Numerous, numerous individuals put ketchup on their mutts, however in Chicago, this is viewed as a tremendous violation of social norms. It’s so chafing to local people that a few spots, similar to Gene and Jude’s sausage stand, won’t stock ketchup. The nearby McDonald’s will in any case offer you a parcel or 2, yet why not take a stab at something new? Attempt the city’s namesake wiener. When you’re in Chicago, do as Chicagoan’s do – trim your dinner with a lance of dill pickle, tomato, mustard, and savor and hacked white onion and skirt the ketchup. Regardless of the possibility that a few people think about ketchup as a serving of veggies, you’re most likely better off snatching the new tomatoes in any case—and local people will welcome your endeavors to regard their culinary customs, regardless of the possibility that you do believe they’re somewhat odd.

Make This a Winter Getaway

Chicago is known as the Windy City, but on the other hand it’s a city that gets winter. Situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, the breezes come in with a lot of tempests, which implies that Chicago frequently gets dumped on by snow. Midwestern stops are additionally ordinary in the winter and the mercury will plunge hazardously low. You won’t have any desire to get outside and really appreciate all the city brings to the table when essentially strolling between venues may mean solidifying. Rather, visit the city at whatever time amongst May and September, when it wakes up with outside porches, sustenance celebrations and shows. You can appreciate shorelines, biking along waterfront trails, watercraft rides on the lake and walks around excellent parks. While eateries, social occasions, bars and shopping are year-round attractions, you’ll appreciate them additionally amid the late spring months.


Go to Navy Pier

Despite the fact that Navy Pier has a notoriety for being an “unquestionable requirement see” fascination for sightseers, most local people will instruct you to just stay away from this spot. Charged as something prefer New York’s Times Square, Navy Pier is occupied and touristy, which means it’s overflowing with individuals and overrated sustenance. While a few people will propose it’s an awesome spot to take the family for an evening trip, there’s eventually very little to do here—which may mean managing exhausted children. With stopping estimated around $25 and a jug of water running you $3.50 a pop, you’ll likely end up forking out more cash than this supposed fascination is worth. Unless you’re withdrawing on a pontoon journey, keep away from this one. There are a lot of different approaches to make the most of Chicago’s waterfront, including awesome shorelines and lakeside parks.


A Fine Dining Experience in Lisbon: Places to Visit


Do you want a fine dining experience whilst in Lisbon? Well, you will have to visit some of the most alluring restaurants in the city. Cuisines range from contemporary international to traditional Portuguese, with so much fusion. Seafood is a specialty in Lisbon, and some restaurants’ range is varied so as to offersome of the most delectable caviar.  You also have the option of dining further out into the surrounding countryside if you have the time. Meanwhile, there are several restaurants in Chiado and Santa Apolina with fabulous views of the city and the river. In Chiado, there’s a fine restaurant set up in a former convent that goes by the name of Largo and that you should make a point to visit. Below are some others you should try to check out.

  1. TabernaMordena

TabernaMordena is a delightfully off beat restaurant with a serving bar that has over eighty varieties of gin; these come handy should you have to wait for a table as it is quite a popular venue visited by both locals and tourists for the sumptuous meals and more so, the gin. The menu here is tapas oriented with a specialty in Spanish finger food. However, they also offer Portuguese Mediterranean fusions with all that you can expect from an eatery of the sort.

  1. Tagide


Tagide is set within an 18th Century townhouse in Chiado. It commands magnificent views of the town’s downtown; if you’re seated on the terrace, you will enjoy the alluring view a tad bit more. The menu at Tagide is more inclined towards traditional Portuguese cuisines with a little French twist to impart a Mediterranean touch. Some menus here are seasonal, so you need to visit over several months to savor the gastronomy if you’re lucky. The wine list here is extensive and also complements the food flawlessly.

Photo: Creative Commons

  1. FazFigura

Fashionable, smart, and stylish, this is another restaurant that offers a lush fine dining experience in Lisbon. The restaurant offers guests fabulous views, and the set up is perfect. The Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisines have specialties like sour sauce, duck breast, leek puree and tiger prawns. The desserts served at FazFigura will leave you wanting more. The wine collection here is also impeccable with labels from the different wine regions in Portugal.


Photo: Creative commons

  1. U Chiado

This restaurant is named after the city’s most elegant and fashionable district. It is a comfortable and stylish eatery that combines nouveau Portuguese cuisine with traditional kitchen. The intriguing codfish with rapini, potato, and roasted bread is a must try.  The restaurant has a magnificent terrace that complements the chic ambiance of the interior.

The next time you are in Portugal and looking for some fine dining in Lisbon, you should consider visiting the restaurants mentioned above.



Go to the Theater District

You’re not on Broadway, but rather tickets in Chicago’s Theater District are evaluated like you may be. Lately, Chicago has turned into a kind of pre-Broadway testing ground for huge spending plan preparations, yet you ought to see these shows on Broadway, not in Chicago before they’ve worked out every one of their wrinkles. Furthermore, despite the fact that Broadway generation organizations will visit their appears and stop in Chicago, you ought to avoid the Broadway-esque appears and spring for something with a more nearby flavor. Chicago has a lot of theaters showcasing neighborhood ability and more strange appears. In case you’re up for a few chuckles, get tickets to the city’s unbelievable Second City, a drama club that has delivered a portion of the best improv stars of the most recent 3 decades. Other improv venues proliferate, so you don’t have to pay an exorbitant price to be entertained in the Windy City.

Shop Michigan Avenue

In the same way as other different urban communities, Chicago has a territory that is come to be the assigned “shopping region.” Michigan Avenue, now and again alluded to as the “Sublime Mile,” has lost some of its superbness as of late. Nowadays, the mile is covered with shopping center staples like H&M and Nordstrom—stuff a large portion of us can discover close to home at any rate. To truly shop Chicago, you’ll have to stretch out. Wicker Park and Bucktown offer a diverse blend of outside the box shops, fashioner boutiques and vintage stores. In case you’re a bibliophile, you’ll need to make a beeline for Andersonville, while families will discover kids’ boutiques and home stylistic layout in Roscoe Village. For those hoping to go overboard, make a beeline for Oak Street, where some top of the line fashioners have settled, far from the Magnificent Mile. Boystown presents extraordinary vintage looks for those searching for something more retro.


Go to Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo all by itself isn’t as a matter of course awful; it’s the biggest zoo in Chicago, so it just bodes well that individuals rush there. Sadly, the zoo is situated in suburbia, as opposed to in the city itself. While that may just appear to be intelligent, as a zoo needs a great deal of space, the truth is that the zoo is off the beaten path enough that it turns into a day trip. Whether you drive yourself or take travel, the outbound excursion and the arrival will gobble up a decent partition of your day. In the wake of making the trek, you’ll likely need to get your cash’s worth. In case you’re in a hurry, look at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Albeit much littler than Brookfield, this zoo is situated along the waterfront, making it both advantageous to get to and in close closeness to some of Chicago’s shorelines.

Limit Yourself to Downtown

This is a mix-up that numerous explorers make in numerous urban areas, and guests to Chicago are no special cases. While the downtown center may appear to be the spot to be, stuffed with history and various social attractions, there are a lot of dynamic groups outside of the center, simply holding up to be investigated. Wander outside the Loop and River North. Head over toward the South Side to visit Hyde Park, Little Italy and Chinatown. Jump crosswise over town and visit Wicker Park, Bucktown, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square or Andersonville on the North Side. You may even investigate the group of Pilsen or Logan Square. In case you’re willing to make the outing outside the city and see Brookfield Zoo, then make sure to look at other encompassing zones, as Evanston and the Chicago Botanic Gardens.