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Amazing Wonders from Kent

Are you looking for a exotic tourist spot for your vacation? If you are looking so you must visit Kent, which is a great site with the attractive tourist spots. The Kent gets its tourist fame by the ancient historic sites, magnificent castles, many greenery surroundings and much more. If you want to explore the Kent in the perfect way you have to read the below review. Kent significantly famous for its artful castles, rock formations and so on.

Leeds Castle:

In Kent you must visit the Leeds Castle is the important masterstroke with the great attractions, which offers plenty of eye catchy views to you. This Leeds castle located like an island with the water surroundings, where you can find the knights Realm playground and Squires’ Courtyard playground for the kids. The Leeds Castle allows you to immerse yourself over the awesome environment. There you can enjoy the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure and attractive activities such as the rope bridges, swing, escorted Segway and much more. Don’t miss to feed the ducks in the cedar pond and wander around the castle gardens and grounds and explore the real experience of the Leeds Castle.(image by Annie381)6181623394_d2c8c2b918_z

White cliffs of Dover:

Another important and adorning spot in Kent is white cliffs of Dover, a perfect place for the natural oriented scenery. In white cliffs of Dover you can find the attractive grassy environment perched over the top of the mountain from there you can enjoy the view of awesome coastal line with the crystal clear water, which will reveal your urban life stress over there. If you watch the white cliffs of Dover façade from the sea side you will immerse in to the awesome natural scenery because it looks like a white washed mountain with the greenery grasses on the top. This will be the incredible spot in the Kent and must visit also.(image by HBarrison)4930390553_436a346bbb_z

Wildlife parks:

We know that the Kent is a complex of many attractive sites, which is especially famous for wildlife parks. Howletts Wild Animal wild life park is the well known wild life park in Kent, which arrest you all by its enriched greenery surroundings and many unique animals. The Howletts Wild Animal Park always welcomes you by offering wonderful attractions to all throughout the year, where you can find the Primate monkey, large number of Rhinos, herd of Elephants, different kinds of big cats and much more.
Don’t miss to enjoy the Howletts Wild Animal wild life park by many activities such as watching animals, safari, trekking, walking and so on. The Port Lympne Mansion and Gardens is the next important site in Kent. The Port Lympne Mansion and Gardens offers the wonderful natural sceneries along with the animals, where you have to get the admission ticket to enjoy the views of terrific animals. The next wildlife park in Kent is Wingham Wildlife Park, which is also never forget to offer astonishing views as other Wildlife parks. These are the important wildlife parks in Kent.

So the above mentioned tourist spots will allow you to explore the Kent in right way and it will mesmerize you by the awesome natural oriented environment.

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