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Ancient Egyptian Art

The ancient Egyptian Art is the highly recognizable and enriched with symbolism, which comprised of painting, sculpture, decorative objects, and architecture. Ancient Egyptian Art refers to the time between 5000 B. C. and 300 A.D. This period is the extensive period of art and it covers many styles. Third century is the best time known for ancient Egyptian art. Usually art of the major part influences the nature and geometric depictions characterize of that particular region. Similarly the art of ancient Egypt was largely composed with minor outside influence such as nature and geometric characterize.

Ancient Egyptian art is subdivided in to the following periods:

Old Kingdom
Middle Kingdom
New Kingdom
Late Period

Artistic symbolism was a common thread running throughout the various periods. Art of Egyptian people always regards the regional animals, gods and goddesses, and the pharaohs. Even foreigners were represented symbolically to demonstrate their place of origin. They love to show their uniqueness to the entire world via the way of their life.21006_Ancient-Egypt-Art-Wallpapers-Paintings_1920x1200

Variety of mediums used by the Ancient Egyptian artists for art such as paper and pottery. The most famous work from the ancient period is known as the Book of the Dead which was written on papyrus. Ancient Egyptian pottery was also decorated with Egyptian symbols. Some Artisans also used steatite to create vases, small statuary, and amulets. Additionally, Egyptians frequently covered their pottery with enamel. Painting was an important part of funerary art and is often found on the walls of ancient people’s tombs. Artists most often painted with a palette consisting of black, red, green, gold, and blue. Ancient Egyptian artists also designed furniture, jewelry, ceramics, glass, and metalwork.


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