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Are you trying to woo the girl of your dreams? Don’t make 8common mistakes every guy is used to!

Is she the girl of your dreams you have thoughts for? You would do anything to bring her in your life and to make her feel wanted. Isn’t it? Don’t try to overdo things; every guy tends to make some common mistakes which we are going to put forward. Make sure you correlate and don’t make such petty mistakes which might offend your girl and turn her off. To get all set, check out these common mistakes you must never make while wooing a girl:

  1. Don’t try to show-off!

She knows that you like her and you are trying to woo her but that doesn’t mean you overdo it. Don’t show-off how much money you have or what you have achieved detailing it every time. In the beginning of your relationship or friendship when you are trying to woo her, tell her more about yourself and stay true. Don’t exhibit a pretentious vibe about your bank account, your cars or your achievements.

  1. Drinking or smoking like a stud? Scrap it!

You might try acting cool in front of her buy showing the stamina of your boozing and smoking, right? Don’t overdo it. Gulping down a peg or so is fine but if you get intoxicated it might override your senses. Do you want to portray yourself as an irresponsible guy? Certainly not!

  1. Honesty is the best policy here but pretence isn’t!

In the beginning stage of trying to get her into your life, be honest but not pretentious. Don’t try to fake that you are a social worker or something like that. She definitely wants to know more about you but tell her what is beneficial for her to lookup rather than reciting your life history to her.

  1. Don’t stress when you dress! Appearances do matter

You don’t always have to be decked up when you meet her but don’t just wear anything and go. Always remember, first impression is the last. Make sure you look decent enough to stand beside her and take care of minute things like ironed shirt, polished shoes & a good perfume.


  1. Don’t make her feel too much-too soon!

You can go on complimenting her or telling her how pretty she is but anytime and every time, do you think that can work? Complimenting her is fine but flattery is irritating at times. She doesn’t need someone to always flatter her or do the buttering. We’ll leave that for others. Make sure you express yourself slowly and steadily. Don’t rush & stay calm.

  1. Her past, forget about it as of now!

Do you want to know about the number of men who have come in her life? Don’t make a mistake of asking her this question in the initial stages of wooing her. She would feel awkward and make a clear impression in her mind to reject all your pleas and proposals. It is a personal question for her and make sure you have reached that place in her life when you can ask her about it.

  1. Late arrival on meeting her at coffee or dates!

If you arrive late when you called her on coffee or a date, it is over! Reach on time because that is what will show your want and need to be with her. If you are punctual and on time, she can trust and depend on you in the later stages of your relationship, this is what she would think!

  1. Complaint box!

Don’t complain or cram about what you don’t like about life or your friends. Rather, tell her that you are happy and you’ll be happier when she comes in your life. Sound happy not like a cry baby!

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