Philippines travel guide
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The Attractions Included in the Philippines Travel Guide

There are exemplary things included in the Philippines travel guide. The Philippines is known to be the south-east Asian country with the list of attractions. It is located close to the western Pacific. It holds more than 7000 islands. Manila is the capital of Philippines and it is known for the waterfront promenade.

Philippines travel guide

It is time for you to check with the Philippines travel guide and you would love to visit the primitive Chinatown. There are more places to like and these include Binondo, Intramuros and the rest. The city has been best walled from the colonial times. The place is home to the 17th century Baroque, and here you can watch the St. Agustin Church and Fort Santiago.

  • Tubbataha Reef

As part of the Philippines travel guide, you can visit the Tubbataha Reef. The reef is based in the Sulu Sea. It is the kind of marine sanctuary, and the protected name of the same is Tubbataha Reef Marine National Park.

Philippines travel guide

In the Philippines travel guide, you will come to know about the reef in details. The reef is made up of both atolls, and these are North Atoll and South Atoll. Both the atolls are bifurcated by the deep channels of 8 kilometers of width.

  • Agustin’s Church

Enlisted in the Philippines travel guide you would wish to visit the St. Agustin’s Church. The edifice was built in the year 1589. The time-oriented destruction has not been able to ruin the beauty of the church. This now remains as the traditional stone church in the region of Philippines.

Philippines travel guide

When entering the church you can notice the exquisite carvings done on the wooden panels of the door. You can find the mention of the church in the Philippines travel guide. The church has the perfect Mexican influenced interior and it looks like a Latin cross.

  • Mayon Volcano

In the Philippines travel guide, you come to know about the Mayon Volcano. It rises more than 8000 feet and it is specifically known for the symmetrical cone structure. This is the ground for visitors’ activities like climbing, camping, bird watching, hiking, and photography. You can call this the picturesque location with the best of diversities.

As part of the Philippines travel guide, you come to read about Mayon Volcano and the nearby Cagsawa ruins. Mayon is known to be the active volcanic piece in the Philippines and it was known to erupt for more than 49 times.

  • Puerto Galera

Once you go through the literature of Philippines travel guide you would come across the name Puerto Galera. This is based on the southern part of Manila, and it is known to be the charming coastal town. The region of Puerto Galera is much favored for the line of the attractive beaches, and the area is specifically known for the several diving spots.

The Philippines travel guide is there to tell you about the Puerto Galera area. This is a wonderful locale for both shopping and dining, and you are sure to enjoy the nightlife at the place.

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