Attractions In Mumbai

Are you planning to visit the world-famous Indian city “Mumbai” for a unique travel experience? Do you want to explore amazing attractions that will make you fall in love with this destination? Regarded as the city of dreams that is always buzzing with activity, Mumbai is all about overcrowded railway platforms, picturesque beaches, jam-packed suburban slums, and stunning attractions.

What draws tourists to Mumbai is the destination’s exceptional cultural heritage as well as the fact that it is a financial hub and the heart of the Hindi Film Industry – Bollywood. While there is no dearth of cheap hotels in Mumbai, you should take your pick only after considering essential factors like location, amenities etc. Here, we have come up with a list of the top 5 attractions in Mumbai that you must visit to ensure a memorable trip.

Top 5 Attractions In Mumbai For Tourists

1. Gateway Of India

Built in 1924 by venerable architect, George Wittet, the Gateway of India has a long and rich history. Boasting pristine glory and matchless grandeur, the monument’s architecture dates back to the colonial era and this is what makes the attraction more appealing. Considering the gateway’s architectural beauty, it is indubitably an excellent place to start with your exploration journey. As surprising as it may sound, entry to the Gateway of India is totally free of cost, however, you would be charged for the ferry rides you take.

2.Kanheri Caves

Deemed a mysterious attraction, the Kanheri Caves are more than 2000 years old and they are located inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Apart from offering ravishing waterfall views, the Kanheri Caves can provide travelers with an insightful glimpse into rich Buddhist history. So, if you are desiring a little seclusion, these ancient caves are worth adding to your travel bucket list.

3. Juhu Beach

Attractions In Mumbai

Without a doubt, Mumbai’s coastline is pretty popular among the locals and tourists alike. In fact, at the end of an exhausting day of exploration, there is nothing better than enjoying the sea breeze and relaxing with localites on Juhu Beach. From catching the beautiful sunset to enjoying lip-smacking delicacies at food stalls, there are a variety of activities that you can do at this place. Moreover, the residences of several incredibly famous Bollywood celebrities are situated around Juhu Beach.

4. Red Carpet Wax Museum

Frequented by a large number of tourists from around the world, the Red Carpet Wax Museum is a great attraction for both children and adults. Opened for public in the year 2016, the museum showcases life-size wax models of noteworthy figures including politicians, actors and musicians. If you want to take selfies with the likes of famous personalities like Brad Pitt and Harry Potter, you cannot afford to miss out on this attraction.

5. Haji Ali

Attractions In Mumbai

Haji Ali is a renowned historic attraction having great religious importance. Made of white marble, this majestic edifice is an ideal exemplification of Indo-Islamic architecture. The place witnesses an influx of peace-seeking travel enthusiasts throughout the year. In addition to being a popular landmark of Mumbai, Haji Ali is one of those destinations that you would want to explore with your loved ones. Here, you can experience tranquility at its best while enjoying scenic views of the Arabian Sea at the same time.

Being one of the most-visited cities in India, Mumbai is indeed a favorite amongst holidaymakers owing to the attractions it offers. But when it comes to planning a holiday to Mumbai, booking air tickets beforehand is extremely important. Therefore, see to it that you buy Spicejet flight tickets for your upcoming Mumbai trip in advance to keep last-minute hassles at bay and get the best possible rates.

An international city, a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultures, Hong Kong’s cuisine is definitely top notch. Apart from the famous and traditional dim sum, Hong Kong’s street food is also one not to miss. Going stalls to stalls for different street food and sharing it with your loved ones is something the locals love to do. I’m sure if it’s good enough for the locals, it’s definitely an amazing experience for tourists! Here I have a number of street food recommendations for you to try in Hong Kong, be prepared and have things you want to try noted down. And if Hong Kong is already on your travel wish list, don’t wait! Head to Cathay Pacific’s website and check on flights to Hong Kong.

Fish balls

Don’t be fooled by its boring sphere outlook, fish balls are the king of street food in Hong Kong. It’s a local’s absolute favourite. Fish balls’ main ingredients are of course fish, but as everyone has their own secret recipe for tasty fish balls, it’s hard to tell exactly what kind of fish is in it. But don’t worry, fish balls aren’t fishy at all! They are usually served with different sauces – chilli, soy sauce, curry sauce. You can also find deep fried fish balls, it’s crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. You can easily find food stalls selling fish balls everywhere in Hong Kong. However for giant fish balls, you will have to head to Cheung Chau Island. You can take a ferry from the Central Pier, about an hour boat ride later, you will arrive at Cheung Chau Island. And instantly, you can see all kinds and sizes of fish balls!

Siu Mai

If fish balls are the king of Hong Kong street food, then Siu Mai is the queen of Hong Kong Street Food. Siu Mai is also made with fish, but it’s wrapped with a super thin egg yolk pancake. Like fish balls, they come in different styles – some steamed, some boiled, some deep-fried, some barbequed. Siu Mai are not fishy or eggy at all, they are soft and chewy! Siu Mai is a Hong Kong local food, you can only find it here in Hong Kong. You can also have Siu Mai in dim sum restaurants, but the ones on the street are slightly different. Siu Mai in dim sum usually have pork or roe mixed in, while those on the street are often made with fish. It’s honestly a treat you cannot miss out!

Egg Waffles

In recent years, egg waffles are gaining international recognition. Even in London, there are egg waffle shops, those usually come with ice cream. However if you don’t know, egg waffles are also a local invention. Here in Hong Kong, they are freshly made, so it’s hot, crispy and soft at the same time, and they don’t come with ice cream, because the flavouring on it’s own is nice enough. Some food stalls in Hong Kong take a spin in egg waffles by adding other flavours in the batter, like salted egg yolk, chocolate or sesame. Egg waffles are a local’s favourite, kids in Hong Kong often get it as a treat, but adults and grannies love them too! It’s like an honorary national “dish”.

Cheng Fun – Steamed Rice Rolls

Rice is a main dish in Chinese cuisine, it’s an essential element of a meal. But there is actually a lot of other amazing food made with rice, the most famous one is Cheng Fun, which means steamed rice rolls. Like how the French have their amazing crepe, Cheng Fun is kind of the Chinese style of crepes. The mega thin “crepe” part is made with rice flour, it is then wrapped with delicious ingredients like spring onions, prawns, chop suey or beef then steam till its ready. That’s the dim sum version of Cheng Fun. For street food, it’s usually plain steamed Cheng Fun topped with fish balls or Siu Mai, soy sauce, sweet sauce or chilli sauce and sesame. The texture of very smooth and it’s a super healthy snack you can indulge on.

Stinky Tofu

Not only is stinky tofu famous in Taiwan, it is also a famous dish here in Hong Kong. Some find the smell unbearable, but trust me, once you get through the smell, it is actually very tasty. Stinky tofu is often deep fried, so you get both of the best textures, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Stinky Tofu in Hong Kong is often served with sweet sauce in Hong Kong, the sauce covers up the smell a bit. Don’t judge too soon, if you are in Hong Kong, at least give it a try!

Yin Yang – Half Coffee Half Milk Tea

You can only find Yin Yang in Hong Kong. It is a mixture of coffee and Hong Kong milk tea, though it sounds kind of weird, both beverage actually mix together well and gives a unique taste. Though you can’t find Yin Yang on street food stalls, there are a lot of Cha Chan Ting (ie local styled restaurants) everywhere, and nearly all of them sell Yin Yang. Yin Yang tastes better hot as the flavours are more prominent. There is no other place in the world that sells Yin Yang, so make sure you grab one while in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Milk Tea

Hong Kong styled milk tea is the most iconic beverage of Hong Kong. As you may know, tea culture is huge in Britain. Once colonised by the country, local chefs during the time took their own spin on the famous British Breakfast tea and created Hong Kong styled milk tea. It’s stronger and much smoother! Hong Kong styled milk tea is meticulously made. The secret to its smoothness is, guess what, stockings! When making Hong Kong styled milk tea, the chef will filter the tea with stockings and constantly poured with a height. The height allows more air to get into the tea and the stockings filter all kinds of impurities away, making the tea base silky smooth and nice. You can get Hong Kong styled milk tea in all Cha Chan Tin (local style restaurants). They are to die for! And trust me, once you tried it, you can’t go back.

Where to go?

Three places come in mind for an amazing street food journey.

Mong Kok – The busiest and most vibrant town in Hong Kong
Kwai Fong Plaza – A mall with loads of food stall
Cheung Chau – A remote traditional fisherman’s’ island with amazing food

Vacations give us an opportunity to break the monotony of our normal lifestyle, create unforgettable memories and deepen our family bonds. However, finding a perfect destination for your vacation can be a challenge.

This is the reason why we have selected the best holiday destinations for you. Our picks have plenty of beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches, picturesque trails, modern and ancient marvels, and friendly local folks. They are ideal for adventurists, gastronomes, photographers, and culture fanatics. Read through to pick a destination that suits your unique vacation preferences.

1. Explore Goa

If you love beach holidays, then the 63-mile Goa coastline would be your ideal destination for the next holiday. Goa harbours 54 pristine beaches where you can enjoy water sports as you feel the sea breeze blowing into your face.

Besides the beach fun, Goa hosts plenty of first-class hotels where you can enjoy local cuisines, remnants of historical forts which portray the Portuguese ancestry, fragrant cycling fields for your outdoor activities, and wildlife sanctuaries.

2. Go Island Hopping around the Philippines

The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 different islands that give you a rare opportunity to enjoy the view of white sandy beaches, towering marble cliffs, and mangrove forests. It is a perfect destination for visitors who love island hopping, beach fun, photography, and water sports.

Besides island hopping, you can take a tour to Manila, a haven of business, fun nightlife, and delicious local cuisines like Kare Kare, chicken adobo, tapsilog and halo-halo. Don’t forget to tour the terraces of Banaue, the off-the-record eighth marvel of the Earth.

3. Explore Italy

Italy has much to offer to its visitors. The place boasts of spectacular cities where you can shop, eat, relax, or enjoy a glamorous nightlife. If you are a cultural enthusiast, schedule a visit to the Greek ruins in Sicily, Venice, Florence’s historic centre, Rome and the Vatican Museums.

If you are not a fan of city life and culture, take a drive along the Amalfi Coast to enjoy views of the famous Italian coastline. You can also take a tour to Italy’s natural scenes like the Dolomites, Lake Garda, the thermal springs of Saturnia, Stair of the Turks and Stagnone Lagoon.

4. Go on a Safari Holiday in South Africa

Professional tour guides describe South Africa as the world’s adventure capital. It is home to ancient caves, magnificent views of the verdant countryside, unique cultural history, and plenty of national parks.

Into the bargain, South Africa harbours the world’s most beautiful natural sceneries where you can enjoy hiking, cycling, surfing, swimming, photography, and many more outdoor activities. If you fancy immersing yourself in the animal kingdom, why not book a safari holiday this year.

5. Get a Blend of Modern Day and Ancient Marvels in Japan

Japan has a fantastic mix of steeped culture as well as modern-day marvels. It is an all rounded destination for all types of visitors. If it is your first time to visit, Hiroshima would be your first destination. The historical site reflects 1945’s horrendous atomic bomb attack which cleared the entire city.

Besides Hiroshima, you would love to tour ancient Buddhist temples, Mount Fuji, Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, Tsumago, Miyajima Island, The Blue Pond near Hokkaido and Arashiyama bamboo grove.

Your tour wouldn’t be complete without a ride on Japan’s bullet train, an excursion to Japan’s tallest skyscrapers or a visit to Japan’s wash lets, a modern toilet with the most advanced features.

Finding a divine destination where you can spend your next holiday is an uphill task for most holidaymakers. If this has been a challenge, we have examined the top five tourist destinations that you should include on your list.