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Awe-inspiring Attractions from Wayanad

Wayanad, India’s one of the most fascinating spot,carved with the greenery atmosphere, each and every places, in and around it will immerse, all kind of people across the world and immediately draws attention of all. Infinite number of unique attractions of Wayanad, still escalates its flagship among other tourist attractions in India. Usually Wayanad offers its natural gifts to the people during the month of December to February that’s winter season of Kerala province. As a traveler, i too prefer a travel, towards this green backdrop place during winter rather than the summer or monsoon, so this period is ideal for visiting Wayanad tourism places and indulging in other tourist activities.

In Wayanad, obviously the first sightseeing would be chembra peak, which is the highest peak in Wayanad, at 2,100 metres above sea level and it is the apt place for trekking. To enjoy the trekking without any interruption you need a permission from Forest Range Office at Meppadi, from there you can find a short drive to the foothill of the peak, where you can enjoy the cool wind and the lush greenery of tea estates on both sides of the road it would be a better and most memorable part of your trekking and it will rejuvenate your spirits.

You can see a three-storied forest watch tower on the foothill of the peak and a three kilometre trek from the foothill is at the same time tiring and exciting. On the top of this chembra peak you can find the heart-shaped crystal perennial lake fed by natural springs, really this is the right place for wonderful trekking experience as well as camping too.

Next awe inspiring spot is the Kuruva Island, spreads over 950 acres of ever green forest on the tributaries of Kabani river, which is an ideal picnic spot and best recreation spot located far away from the disturbances of city life. Throughout the island you can find the rare species of birds, orchids and herbs, these are the real sovereigns of this, kingdom.(image by -Reji)8394099388_a086042196_z

An auspicious and primordial spot is the Edakkal caves, discovered by the British police officer, located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, which stands like a massive crevice with gigantic rocks. This prehistoric spot is one of the great thing bestowed by god, especially for ancient history seekers, where you can find the stone carvings belonging to the Neolithic era, this obviously tempt the archaeologist and historians attention worldwide.(image by remo@b’lore)6153349211_af51cb7f1a_z

From this prehistoric spot take a couple of hours drive and find out the spot for nature lover’s paradise, by the name of Banasura Hill. Banasura Hill sprawling over 35 acre farm in the amidst of a lush tropical forest, with an eye catchy environment, which is located at an altitude of 3200 feet of Wayanad. There you can camera’s panoramic view will not enough to capture the gushing mountain streams and magnificent waterfalls.

Apart from these wonders Wayanad also offers Kanthanpara waterfalls, Sentinal Rock Waterfalls,Meenmutty falls, Neelimala View Point and so on.

Wayanad is the right spot to explore during the month of December to February.

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