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Best Attractions from Belgium

There’s so much more in Belgium to discover rather than chocolate, beer and mussels. Belgium is one of the astonishing tourist destinations in the Europe. Belgium offers aplenty of wonders to explore. Belgium is divided into two halves such as Dutch-speaking and French-speaking. Brussels is the great capital city of Belgium, which straddles between the two halves. Let’s begin to explore the wonders of Belgium.


Brussels is a capital city of Belgium. Although it is small, which offers excellent transport links to your trip. Begin to explore Belgium from here, where you can find the enormous wonders and much things to do. Grand Place is one of the most important landmarks in Brussels, which is the erected town over centuries. This is the tiny place but there you can able watch out many vibrant venues for many concerts and events throughout the year. In Brussels you can also find out the Town Hall that is located at the facade of Grand Place. The Town Hall is tremendous and charming building called as Hôtel de Ville, which is specially famous for the needle-like crooked building with 315 feet in height. Next wonder in Brussels is royal palace, a official home of the Belgian king. The royal palace still famous with the ancient and authentic aroma.


In Belgium you must explore the creative city, Antwerp. Antwerp is situated on the right bank of the river Scheldt, which is the second largest seaport in Europe. Still, Antwerp serves as a cultural capital of Flanders, where you must discover the magnificent cathedral, the town hall, many other outstanding historic buildings. Apart from outstanding historic buildings, which is famous for the incomparable collections of paintings, that are all the 15th to 17th century masterpieces. This rich cultural city now fabulous with the numerous museums, theaters, three universities and several academies and institutes. During your Antwerp trip, don’t forget to sample the city by purchasing the diamond, which is famous for the diamond trade. In Antwerp you must discover the wonders such as Antwerp Zoo, St James’ Church and International Port.


The third largest urban region in Belgium is the Ghent, one of the old city and capital of the province of Oost- Vlaanderen. Inner part of the Ghent, offers superb collection of splendid buildings along picturesque canals. The most important buildings are illuminated, is a particularly unforgettable experience. There you must also visit the Cathedral of St Bavon, which features architectural elements of Gothic and Romanesque styles. Reach the top of the Cathedral’s tower, from there you can enjoy a good view of the entire city. Apart these wonders, in Ghent you must explore a plenty of attractions, each one looks unique.

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