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Best Place to Visit in the Month of May-Ooty

In Tamil Nadu you could find many astonishing tourist attractions, gorgeous temples, stunning historical places and more. All these attractions are always waiting to offer best for you around the clock. But, Ooty is the place to visit especially in the month of May. Ooty is refereed as Queen of Hills, which is situated at an altitude of 2,240 meters above mean sea level. It serves as a picturesque picnic spot with aplenty of interesting tourist spots like Botanical Gardens, Lakes, Boat houses, water falls, shooting spots, Wildlife Sanctuary, Tea estates and many more. Let’s see the wonders of Ooty,

Botanical Garden is one of the best tourist attraction places in Ooty, which spreads over 22 hectares on the hill at an altitude of 2,400 meters above the sea level. People from across the world love to gather here, especially for an explicit collection of flowering tress, rare colored lilies and more. This Botanical Garden is maintained by the Horticulture Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Here you could have a chance to watch a immense variety of flowering bushes, different types of roses, orchids and more. If you would like to enjoy the flower show along with an exhibition of rare plant species, you must visit this place during the month of May. Botanical Garden is the best attraction in your Ooty trip.(image by Prometheus-BD)14472390555_321bda5048_z

Another wonderful attraction in Ooty is the Ooty Lake and Boat house. This famous Ooty Lake stretches, in an irregular ‘L’ shape, for about 2.75 kms in length and varying distances in width(100m – 140m). This Lake was formed artificially by John Sullivan. To enjoy the wonderful vista of the Lake by take a ferry ride. Boat house is another major reason for people who visiting this lake, frequently. You could hire all kinds of boats from eight in the morning to six in the evening. During your boat house trip enjoy the scenic delight to ones from the concrete jungles. At the end of the boat house, you could find a children’s park with a toy train and a deer part in the adjacent area.(image by © Steven House)4318505067_7645d1fa33_z

Peaks are the alluring places of the mountain, from there your eyeballs could enjoy the scenic view of the bright sun and the entire city too. The Doddabetta Peak is the Ooty’s highest point stands at an altitude of 2,623 meters. Located merely 10kms from Ooty so you can simply grab your camera and head straight to the peak, and capture the amazing pictures of the valley below. This is one of the highest peak in south India and famous tourist spot in India. If you are looking for a adventure trip, you could involve yourself in to the Trekking. Trekking to the top peak as it is not very challenging, and at the same time provides worth trip to you.

Don’t miss to explore it on May.

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