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Best Place to Wander on Earth-South Korea

South Korea is the right place to explore the world’s few wonderful attractions. People love to call this place as a great heaven on earth. Here you can discover the exotic natural wonders, place with the combination of attractive landscapes, unspoiled and secluded greenery environment. Apart from natural wonders in South Korea, you can finds real Eden of garden in the world via islands. The islands are immerse you in to the eye-catching views of the wonderful environment. These islands are really wonder with awesome and spectacular natural oriented panoramas. So explore the great South Korea with the below mentioned spots.

Islands in South Korea:

Jeju Island is called as a islands of the God located at the south west part of the South Jeolla region. The rocky environment with the attractive lust plants and flowers and awesome weather are the best reasons that grabs the immediate attention of many international visitors as well as the honeymoon couples. In Jeju explore the Teddy Bear Museum, Folklore and Natural History Museum, Jeju Independence Museum and more. Here you can enjoy the activities such as the horse riding, hiking on the highest pinnacle called Halla-san, sunset and sun rising and more. Next must visit Island is the Namisum Island. The Namisum Island is the prefect romantic Island with romantic landscapes, attractive trees and charming nature. Best time to visit this Island is spring season, during this season you can find the attractive Metasequoiq Road covered with the colorful leaves and flower as the carpet. Obviously the Namisum Island is the best choice for all.(image by MIN_Photo)6815792156_555d061a26_b

If you are a photographers, you must visit the Anmyeondo Island famous for the gorgeous spring flower festival. Apart this explore gorgeous beaches such as the Kkotji Beach, Sambong Beach and much more. This is the time to wander around the attractions.

Natural and Man-made attractions:

In South Korea you must explore the best natural surrounding spot, the Terraced Fields. The alluring Terraced Fields are the best natural site with the awesome and attractive green plants located in the Hamyang. This is the right place to enjoy the amiable weather and bizarre fields more. Capture the Terraced Fields and it looks like and staircase to the heaven. Next visit the attractive and iconic landmark, the great Namsan Tower located in the great capital of the South Korea. The Namsan Tower has the 238 meters of height with the observation tower. Don’t miss the chance to watch the spectacular panorama from the Cable car. In South Korea you can find the attractive palaces such as gorgeous Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, Deoksugung Palace and more.(image by Frank Dang)6135547959_cf4d292ec7_z

These are the wonderful attractions in South Korea.

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