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Best Places to Explore in Serbia

Serbia, a country rich in culture and history has it all. The finest wine and the finest sights. It is filled with mountains, valleys, plateaus, and ski resorts. It also boasts of UNESCO protected heritage sights. It is a wonder to behold and the perfect place to let loose and relax. It is also one of the best holiday destinations.


Some of the best Serbia tours are illustrated below:

  • Devil’s Town

One of the most pleasant sights in nature, it was in the race for a spot in the new seven wonders of nature campaign. It looks ominous and magical in the mornings and mystical and enchanting at night. It brags of majestic rock formations and stone capped soil pyramids. Its existence is contributed to erosion by the highly-acidic mineral-rich waters, nearby. That is the scientific explanation and there are many old wives’ tales about their existence.


As legend has it, these 202 people were invited to a wedding and the Devil wanted them to marry their own brothers or sisters. These petrified guests agreed and God was so enraged that he turned them into stone. According to another popular legend, there was an old witch that did whatever you asked for, as long as you did some favor for her. There were some people who tried to trick the witch and not keep up their end of the bargain. The witch decided to avenge herself by freezing them to stone. Scientific explanation or mythical reasoning, do not forget to visit this eye-catching mesmerizing beauty. Also, do visit some the famous spa’s nearby and pamper yourself. Don’t miss this resplendent Serbia tour.

  • Kopanik National Park

This scenic beauty is a place to literally chill. It is the highest mountain in Serbia and a recognized national park. It not only has an astounding variety of flora and fauna but also that of minerals. It is loaded with hot springs, waterfalls, and geysers.


It is known as the mountain of the sun as it has almost 200 days of sun and boasts of subalpine climate. It is also the largest and best-known ski resort. It boasts of various activities such as mountain biking, tennis and much more. It also houses many spas to relax in and indulge in. This is living the ideal Serbia tour

  • Studenica Monastry

A place that emanates sanctity and beauty, it has held up and still boasts of medieval architecture even though it was destroyed a couple of times earlier. Its fresco is considered to be one of the finest and the Byzantine blue used to paint it was considered one of the most expensive luxuries, costing more than many special metals.


People from all over the world flock this beauty to view its crucifixion. It is one of the most beautiful Serbian monasteries, in Serbia’s tours.

  • Novi Sad

A young quaint little city that is house to one of the best rivers, river Danube. It has an aura of being laid-back and is the best spot to relax.


It is the best place to tour in Serbia. It has pretty little cafes and parks. It is the second largest city and host to the biggest music festival. While you are there, make sure to visit the galleries, monasteries, and fortresses.

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