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BY 5 February 2015 Travel Africa

People usually prefer nature surrounded place to explore on summer vacation. To include some more coast sceneries, highlands and wilderness in to that, offer a stunning trip. To attain all these under a single roof you must prefer Angola, which offers uncovering hidden wonders of the coasts. Angola is the perfect place located at the south central part of the Africa, which is the apt place for the nature trip seekers. In Angola you can find the dramatic water sources, more national parks, best greenery locations and more. Now see how to discover the best of Angola.

Clamoring Waterfalls:

In you can find the excellent and more adorning waterfalls in Angola. The Kalandula Falls is the must see waterfalls in the Angola, which is located near to the Malanje City. The height of the waterfalls is the 104 meters and nested in the loop of the best natural sceneries. In Angola you can find more waterfalls but the Kalandula Falls is the best and attractive. The Kalandula Falls is the 4th largest waterfalls in the world and offers the best natural spot to all. The next important waterfall is the Tazua Falls, which is located in Rio Cuango. In Tazua Falls you can find the wonderful jagged rocky location. The clamoring Tazua Falls has the excellent façade with the rocky scenery. So these are the must see waterfalls in Angola.

National parks:

In Angola you can find the plenty of national parks with the great vegetation surrounding. The kissama national park is the first and best national park in Angola, which is located in the North West region of the Angola. The kissama national park has the lush of greenery plants along with the great coastal line and dense forest on the other side. There you can find the elephant, rhino, buffalo and more beasts in it. In Angola you can also find many national parks such as the Mupa National Park, Comela National Park, Cangandala National Park, Luanda National Park and much more. Whether you want the best relaxing spot or thrilling spot you must visit the national parks in Angola. So don’t miss to visit the above mentioned national parks over there.


The beaches are the really a best part of the all kind of the trip, where you can find the plenty of adventure activities and pleasant environment too. In Angola you can find the three beach cities. In Luanda city you can find the Corimba Beach, Ilha do Cabo Beach, Mussulo Beach, Palmeirinhas Beach and Santiago Beach. In Benguela you can find the Baia Azul Beach, Baia Farta Beach, Caota Beach, Caotina Beach, Morena Beach and Restinga Beach. Don’t miss to visit the Azul Beach and Das Miragens Beach in Namibe City too. There you can enjoy yourself more by doing the swimming, diving and more. So visit all the beaches as listed as above and experience the unique of each beaches.5831360178_87ae53eb9c_z

The best way to explore the Angola by planning perfectly along with the above mentioned sites. So your itinerary must have the above mentioned sites with the higher priority too. So explore the Angola and attain the great enjoyments.

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Cape Verde is a glistering Island, nested in the loop of the 10 volcanic gems, located 400 miles off the coast of Senegal, which is a home of best beaches. The Cape Verde is a wonderful spot offers best weather, wonderful amiable atmosphere, vast region with the greenery atmosphere. So read the review to explore the Cape Verde attractions in a right way.

If you want to enjoy the stunning beaches and white sandy sea shore in Cape Verde, your right choice is the Sal and Boa vista Islands. This couple of Islands is the real crown of the Cape Verde Island, which draws more visitors by its appalling natural beauty. The Sal Island is the important tourist spot in the Cape Verde because of the fabulous beach spots and nightlife enjoyments over there, where you must enter in to the great Santa Maria city to experience the real wonders.(image by Knut-Arve Simonsen)13798027804_71ac9df609_z (1)

The beaches in the Santa Maria are the best tourist attractions, especially attractive water sports such as the fishing, diving, swimming and more. Salt mines are the magnificent chambers chiseled out in rock salt, such an amazing underground saline lakes, majestic timber constructions and unique statues sculpted are the key reasons behind the must visit of Pedra De Lume, which is the best spot to see the salt mines. Don’t miss to enjoy the Sal Island’s best nightlife and shopping experience and enjoy the diving in Buracona.

Next is the Boa Vista Island, which looks same as Sal Island, but the unique attraction you can find only in Boa Vista but cant in Sal. The Boa Vista Island is famous for the breeding point of the large number of whales, where you can also watch the rare birds such as the Albatross and the Rabil. In Boa Vista Island you can enjoy the boat trip and many attractive types of scenery too, where you can find the vast region with the glittering golden sands with the outskirt of the sea and visit old fort of Dugue de Braganca, which is the main attraction in the Boa Vista Island.(image by by Knut-Arve Simonsen)14152356484_570ec05319_z

Apart from these two Island attractions in Cape Verde you can enjoy the Carnivals, music festivals, if you want to enjoy Carnivals and music festivals you must visit this spot during the month of the February, immerse yourself in to the Baia das Gatas music festival, which is the famous as well as fabulous festival among all. In Cape Verde you can also find the volcanic Island Fogo, which is the right choice for those who looking climbing and trekking experience.

If you are ready to explore the valley of wonder you must visit the Santo Antao, which is the best leisure time trip and also best spot for the photographic personnel. The Cape Verde trip will surely ensures the best nightlife experience, where you can also find the game fishing, Scuba diving spots, wind surfing and so on. So discover the unique attractions over there.

The above mentioned spots are the best and highly recommended spots to visit in the Cape Verde Islands. So make your trip valuable by including the same as above mentioned spots in your Cape Verde itinerary.

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Have you ever visited the mount Kilimanjaro? If you are not visited this spot. You must invade the Tanzania, to explore the gorgeous Kilimanjaro. Tanzania serves as a home of Africa’s most famous national parks. Tanzania is especially famous for the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, that is raised above the Serengeti. It is the best place to explore unique wild life as well as wildlife viewing adventures. You can also indulge yourself in to adventure activity, diving in to the beautiful beaches. Apart from these things there people those who are looking apt place for scuba diving and snorkelling. Tanzania is the right partner to enjoy all the wonders. you can enjoy the wonderful trip in Tanzania.(image by Tobi Roaming Africa)8758642713_93d64baa46_b

One of the most frequently visitors, visiting wonder in Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro and also an astonishing tourist destination for adventure seeker. You might heard this name Kilimanjaro often, because people love to compare this with the artful natural wonder. There you can enjoy plenty of adventure activities such as hiking, mountain climbing and more. The great Mount Kilimanjaro comes under a list of World Heritage Site, which also includes the highest peak in Africa region. There an awesome Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, where you are not allow to explore, but you can enjoy the view of the charming snow-capped mountain. If you are looking Kilimanjaro for hiking you must visit it during late June to October, that’s the dry season.(image by Modest Janicki (Modest and Jill))OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In Tanzania you are not only allow to explore the mount Kilimanjaro, there wonders list is endless. Next you must discover the great Serengeti National Park. Vast region with thousands of wildlife without any dark greenery forest. The Serengeti National Park enhance much wildlife with the fresh grasslands. Here more than thousands of tourists people visiting each year. Best time to discover better wildlife viewing are between December and June. If you want to watch out the migration scene of millions of zebra and wildebeest you must visit this spot during May or early June. This migration is one of the most impressive natural events and major reason for tourists.

There you can watch and the herds of antelope as well as lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, bat eared fox, hunting dog, jackal,500 species of bird are also found in Serengeti National Park. Apart all these attractions in Tanzania, you must visit a major holiday destination called Zanzibar archipelago. Zanzibar archipelago is the complex of islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. Zanzibar archipelago offers soft white sand and clear shallow water, traditional boat rides, beautiful beaches, wonderful surfing experience and more. Begin to wander around the Zanzibar trip, prefer a better accommodation to stun your trip.

Indulge yourself in to the wonders of the Tanzania!

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