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These native South-Americans can safely compete for the title of the cutest pets around the world. While the chances are you might not be able to see them in their natural habitat unless you travel to northern Chile, in the Andes Mountains, that should not stop you from learning more about these fantastic animals.
You may know well that chinchillas are often grown for their fur, but you may not be that well aware that they make quite excellent pets. Here are some interesting things about them.

Chinchillas can chew through almost anything

It is imperative to provide for your chinchilla if you don’t want everything you have around the house to end up chewed and destroyed. Because their teeth grow all the time – around 12 inches each year of their lives – they need to adjust the size of their dentition by chewing on things. The type of food you should give your chinchilla should stave this chewing craving, too.

Their fur is so soft because of the numerous hairs growing on each follicle

Even the locals living in the Andes Mountains used to hunt chinchillas for their furs, their soft coat being famous for a long time. One reason why people love to pet chinchillas is due to their fantastic soft fur. To give you an idea why their coat is so fabulous, let’s see some numbers.

From one follicle, a chinchilla will grow around 70-80 hairs. In comparison, human hairs grow only two or three from the same follicle.

Grooming consists of dust baths

A chinchilla will never be too fond of water, because of the long time it would need to have all that long and fluffy hair dry out. However, they are fantastic self-groomers, and they do not like their soft hair to remain unkempt and ugly. To get rid of all the dirt and extra oil from their fur, chinchillas take dust baths.

Chinchillas don’t see well

If you take a good look at your chinchilla, you will notice those big cute eyes. However, you should know that these animals don’t have excellent eyesight. Instead of using their eyes, on which they cannot count too well, they ‘see’ with their whiskers, which are almost as long as half their bodies.

Climbers and jumpers

You might not suspect this just by looking at a pack of chinchillas, but these animals are amazing climbers and jumpers. Don’t forget where they come from. In their natural habitat, which is the Andes Mountains, they climb with ease on rocky formations, and they can jump from heights as high as 6 feet.

They are extremely lovable creatures

We’re not talking here only about how cute they are, or how soft their fur is. Between them, chinchillas are very affectionate. In other rodent species, you may encounter cases in which males kill babies, but, male chinchillas can even stay and babysit their young when the mother is away. Also, lactating chinchillas will adopt the babies of other females, if the mothers of those young ones do not have enough milk of their own.

The world is a big place for holiday goers, with amazing beaches, islands, mountains, forests and deserts making for natural wonders that will leave you dumbstruck. While urban holidays have become a thing for a lot of people (most travellers baptise in Eurotrips and Dubai sojourns), camping out in the lap of nature is still popular with families and solo travellers looking for rest and rejuvenation. Here is a list of some of the most exotic places to holiday in the world:

1. Uganda Safari

Uganda is not a very popular tourist destination, but being home to the famous mountain gorillas, the country offers a unique experience for the international travellers. The country is your quintessential African province, with naturally rolling hills broken by huge lakes, and tropical forest cover hiding some of the most loved animals in the world. Wildlife tours in Uganda are especially popular with tourists who make it to the country, with bird watchers also in for a treat. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is by far the most important of all wildlife tours, and watching these primates in their natural habitat is once-in-a-lifetime experience. And the habitat itself is scenic by any standards, with amazing waterfalls and mountains adding value to the tours.

2. Fuerteventura

Perhaps the most amazing of the Canary Islands, this island has been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The place has loads to offer to tourists. There are plenty of long, sandy beaches here that are known for being deserted for most part of the year. You are in for quite a shock if you see a vulture here because the island is one of the two last surviving places where the Canarian vulture is found. The trade winds and the storied Atlantic winter swell makes the island’s many beaches great for surfers. The island became deserted in the 60s, but since the rise of tourism, it has started growing again. The 819 metres Cardon and the attractive coast line are not something you will forget if you visit the island

3. French Polynesia

The Pacific islands are located in the middle of nowhere between the American state of California and Australia. You will find the most exotic beaches and bays in the islands of this archipelago, that range from volcanic islands with rugged peaks to low lying islands. The most famous islands are the Bora Bora that are part of the Society Islands. The main island is completely surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef, giving the island an otherworldly look. The abundance of coconut trees almost plays into the familiar stereotype for these islands, but the abundance of aqua resorts that exude luxury will quickly establish the islands as being extraordinarily tourist friendly. The extinct volcanoes at the center of the island are also a great attraction.

Whether it is the islands of Pacific/Atlantic, the northernmost cities of the Arctic or the Uganda adventures of Africa, one has to make sure to visit at least some of the places on this list in their lives for stories to tell their children. So pack your bags and leave now on your sojourn.

When visiting the south coast of Australia, you can surely have a tour of Tasmania. The place is known for the vast and the rugged wilderness. The place holds some of the best parks and reserves, and for the reason, it is time now to book for Tasmania holidays. At Tasmania peninsula, you can find the 19th century Port Arthur Penal settlements. This has now become an open museum for all.