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These native South-Americans can safely compete for the title of the cutest pets around the world. While the chances are you might not be able to see them in their natural habitat unless you travel to northern Chile, in the Andes Mountains, that should not stop you from learning more about these fantastic animals.
You may know well that chinchillas are often grown for their fur, but you may not be that well aware that they make quite excellent pets. Here are some interesting things about them.

Chinchillas can chew through almost anything

It is imperative to provide for your chinchilla if you don’t want everything you have around the house to end up chewed and destroyed. Because their teeth grow all the time – around 12 inches each year of their lives – they need to adjust the size of their dentition by chewing on things. The type of food you should give your chinchilla should stave this chewing craving, too.

Their fur is so soft because of the numerous hairs growing on each follicle

Even the locals living in the Andes Mountains used to hunt chinchillas for their furs, their soft coat being famous for a long time. One reason why people love to pet chinchillas is due to their fantastic soft fur. To give you an idea why their coat is so fabulous, let’s see some numbers.

From one follicle, a chinchilla will grow around 70-80 hairs. In comparison, human hairs grow only two or three from the same follicle.

Grooming consists of dust baths

A chinchilla will never be too fond of water, because of the long time it would need to have all that long and fluffy hair dry out. However, they are fantastic self-groomers, and they do not like their soft hair to remain unkempt and ugly. To get rid of all the dirt and extra oil from their fur, chinchillas take dust baths.

Chinchillas don’t see well

If you take a good look at your chinchilla, you will notice those big cute eyes. However, you should know that these animals don’t have excellent eyesight. Instead of using their eyes, on which they cannot count too well, they ‘see’ with their whiskers, which are almost as long as half their bodies.

Climbers and jumpers

You might not suspect this just by looking at a pack of chinchillas, but these animals are amazing climbers and jumpers. Don’t forget where they come from. In their natural habitat, which is the Andes Mountains, they climb with ease on rocky formations, and they can jump from heights as high as 6 feet.

They are extremely lovable creatures

We’re not talking here only about how cute they are, or how soft their fur is. Between them, chinchillas are very affectionate. In other rodent species, you may encounter cases in which males kill babies, but, male chinchillas can even stay and babysit their young when the mother is away. Also, lactating chinchillas will adopt the babies of other females, if the mothers of those young ones do not have enough milk of their own.

Russia’s gateway to the West and the former imperial capital, St. Petersburg proudly displays its history. Peter the Great’s vision of opening his empire to the world transformed this marshland at the mouth of the Neva River into a sprawling metropolis and a celebrated center of arts and culture. The massive Hermitage is a must-see when you visit the “Paris of the North,” but these five museums also deserve a place on your St. Petersburg itinerary.

1. Peterhof State Museum Preserve

There are few places in the world where you can get closer to full royal splendor than at the Peterhof State Museum Preserve. This vast museum complex is composed of royal palaces, parks, and gardens, originally built by Peter the Great and then expanded by every subsequent emperor and empress. Use a trip planner to plan your visit. Here you’ll not only be able to admire the dazzling architecture and ornamentation, but you can also take a peek behind the scenes and see what the everyday life of the royals was like. Whether you’re an avid tsarist or just a hobbyist, the museum is a one-of-a-kind attraction that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

2. Faberge Museum

A Journey Through Old Russia1

See an amazing collection of decorative items fit for kings and emperors at the Faberge Museum. Located inside the luxurious Shuvalov Palace in the city center, the museum displays the works of Peter Carl Faberge and other masters, which once decorated the wealthiest homes in Russia and Europe. The undisputed highlights of the collection are the world-famous Imperial Easter Eggs, items of unimaginable splendor. You can also admire the paintings, lavish furniture, jewelry, porcelain, and everyday items made of precious materials and adorned with colorful gemstones. If you don’t speak Russian, you can book a tour in English.

3. Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment

Imperial St. Petersburg was a renowned center of culture and the Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment celebrates this side of the city’s history. The museum is dedicated not only to the nation’s most beloved poet, but also an entire generation of artists behind the golden age of Russian literature. Spread over several locations throughout the city, the museum allows you to take a tour of the historical edifices and admire a great collection of artworks. A special treat is a visit to Pushkin’s own apartment, the place where he lived and died, and where you can see a selection of the poet’s personal items.

4. Peter and Paul Fortress (Petropavlovskaya Krepost)

A Journey Through Old Russia2

While on a sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg make sure to stop by Peter and Paul Fortress (Petropavlovskaya Krepost), the city’s oldest structure. The imperial capital rose around the fortification, built by Peter the Great at the beginning of the 18th century. Use a vacation trip planner to plan a visit here which gives you the chance to explore various sides of the city’s and the nation’s past, from the cells that once held political prisoners, to the grand cathedral that houses the remains of the Russian monarchs. Just outside the fortress is one of the city’s most popular sandy beaches, a great hangout spot during a summer vacation.

5. Cruiser Aurora

A Journey Through Old Russia3

A ship of outstanding historical importance, the Cruiser Aurora symbolizes the end of one era and the beginning of the next. Now permanently docked, in October 1917 the ship fired the first shot of the October Revolution – a turning point in the history of the entire 20th century that changed Russia forever. Climb aboard and learn the cruiser’s history, get to know about the battles it was involved in, and see what a sailor’s day-to-day routine looked like. As a symbol of the revolution, the oldest commissioned Russian ship, and a survivor of the famous Battle of Tsushima, the vessel is one of St. Petersburg’s most famous attractions and a must-see for any history enthusiast.

The jewel in the imperial crown

Even though St. Petersburg’s history might not be very long when compared to some other European cities, it’s a place of immense importance, grandeur, and cultural heritage. Touring St. Petersburg museums and immersing yourself in the spirit of bygone times will give you new insight into this regal metropolis.

By Nikola Mihaelj

The travelers who were planning for their trips to the Asian countries can definitely prefer the country like Malaysia due to its worthy sights and features. Malaysia is a warm country and it always welcomes its tourists all over the world to spend their holidays luxuriously. This particular country has a multicultural heritage and it always offers the tourists with comfortable stays along with its amazing landscapes. The Malaysian country has its own diversity to attract the various tourists with different interests and the people who have visited this particular country previously will definitely witnessed this feature.

Unique Places to visit

Langakawi boast

Langkawi boast is one of the important and the fascinating beaches in the Malaysian country. The beach is located 30 kilo meters away from the coastlines of the northern regions of Malaysia. This place is the ultimate destination for having a great fun because the waters of this beach always remain crystal clear with the unimaginable sceneries and hence one can find this place as the providers of better relaxation. Therefore this place is the paradise for who wants to experience the good sights of the nature and undoubtedly this place is a treasure for the country.

Hidden Treasures of Malaysia

During one’s travel to the country, persons should ensure that they visit the important destinations of the country like the Maliau Basin and must definitely experience the cultural lives at Sarawak. The former is located in the Sabah which is one of the finest remaining of the wild areas and the reasons for the specialties of this place is the possession of its virtual ecosystem and along with the thick and the pristine forests. The latter located in the Borneo regions of Malaysia showcases its variety of cultural heritage to the visitors of this place. Here one can be able to see the houses in the locations like the Skrang and Lemank River. Most of the tourists are attracted only towards the top beaches and the various other cuisines and so on but the visits to these kinds of places at Malaysia will enable those tourists to enjoy good feels. Therefore one should not miss to visit these locations at any costs during their travels.

Safety tips for travelling

The Malaysian country is generally a safe place for all the tourists but most of the foreigners usually became the victims of some criminal activities such as the various activities of thefts which usually involve the pick-pocketing and the purse snatches. Hence having the emergency number of the nation will definitely render a good purpose to the tourists. Also, the tourists must also be very cautious so that one must be intended not to leave their important documents and other valuable products in their places of accommodation. One should also be careful while booking the taxis for their travel because most of the cabs in the times square of Berjaya are not equipped with the meters and hence it will be desirable to avoid the hustlers and makes use of the drivers who forces to use their rip-off fares.

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