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Create a Better Outlook for your Nails-Nail Arts

Interested to do anything creatively on your own? Prefer nail arts. Nail arts are nothing but a creative drawing of designs and pictures which can be done on your finger nails and the toe nails. Nail art is one of the emerging trends at present. Are you ready to enhance your Nail’s beauty? Now take a look on the below content to know more about the Nail Arts.

Methods and techniques :

There are 3 methods for designing available for nail art. One is free flow drawing with nail polish, air brushing using stencil, air brush and nail stickers. Some people prefer to decorate the nails with small jewel stickers and some others deigns such as images and floral patterns.

People can decorate their nails with designs that are related to the occasion and all you need are the various and different colours of nail polishes. If you are trying to have a wonderful nails, your nails should be clean and shaped well. Start your nail art by applying a base coat – a neutral colour, then draw your designs by using nail polish. If you like to get a shiny designs then add some glitters to your nail polish. After completing your design, apply a clear coat nail polish to protect your nails which is more important for its durability. More stickers with tiny designs for the nails are available on the shops, you can buy and stick it on as well.toe-nail-designs-with-lines-znummxhe

Aquarium Nail Art Design :

Aquarium nail art is applicable for both short and long nails. The most important thing about this type of nail art is, the image is not on the top of the nail polish, it lies within the gel layer. This gel looks very clear so that it gives an impression of an aquarium. To touch it is very smooth and the picture is three dimensional. To look original , try aquarium nail art design. If you choose this design, you will surely stands out from the crowd.image (5)

Water Marble Nail Art:

Water marble art gives fabulous look for the nail but it is quite tricky method and a time consuming. For this type you don’t need any brushes, dotting tools, rhinestone or anything. All you need is a bowl with water and some vaseline or tape. You can either rub vaseline onto the skin or tape it around your nail bed , so when you dip your finger into the water you can remove the polish from your skin.img_1915

Try an amazing arts on your nails and enjoy!!!


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