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Discover the Hidden Wonders of Romania

Medieval attractions, mysterious wonders, ancient castles and stunning and colossal palaces are the gift of Romania, while we travel, we like to explore that particular region completely, but this is usually not possible. Always prefer attractions based on the major attractions in that area and also based on the traveler’s interest. Romania is the best place to visit you would really love it for its pleasant natural environment. So read the review and get an idea or concept, how to discover the hidden wonders in the Romania.

Peles Castle:

Changes may happen everywhere but still the Romania looks gorgeous with its old rules and ancient beliefs. In Romania you can find this best iconic landmark Peles Castle located in the Prahova County, where you can enjoy the wonders of the medieval architectural quality, which adorns the Romania more. The Peles Castle is a platform where Moorish to German Neo-Renaissance style handshakes, where interior style of the Peles Castle really gift to your eyes. Apart from interior you can also view the great arts, paintings, weapons, painting over the walls and ceilings, sculptures and more. The castles are the best paradise for the history seekers. The Peles Castle is the best tourist spot in Romania so include this in your bucket list.(image by codrinb2001)Peles Castle, Romania 2008

Carpathian Mountains:

Although the Romania is fame for ancient wonders, where you can also find prefect natural site along with an awesome mountain cliffs, Rocky Mountain series with the greenery atmosphere, so you must visit the Carpathian Mountains. One of the best of Romania is Carpathian Mountains, where you would see many numbers of bears, panoramic views of nature and so on. Hiking is one of the major activities in Carpathian Mountains, where you can explore many caves, parks and much more. Over there you can find different types of ski resorts to acquire the best skiing experience, along with this enjoy the camping experience too in Brasov. Enjoy the Romania via Carpathian Mountains.(image by CameliaTWU)14123129761_00cf405692_z

Danube River attractions:

Danube River is a perfect leisure time spot flows 1,788 miles from black forest to the black sea, which enrich unique flora and fauna before it reaches the sea. The Danube Delta is encompassed with the rivers, lakes, reer islands and more, which is the wonderful and perfect site for the bird watcher. It serves as a home for more than 300 bird species, 160 fish kind and more. Vicinity of Danube River you can find the other attraction such as the ruins of the Roman Bridge at Drobeta, Iron Gates Dam, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Orsova, Giurgiu and more.

These are the prominent attractions in Romania; discover the Romania along with the wonderful itinerary.

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