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Enjoy the Fascinating Iceberg in Antarctica

Are you looking for a place which is unusual to many people? Antarctica is the uncommon place for many tourists. Antarctica is located in Antarctic region and it is the southernmost continent. Antarctica is not a suitable place for human living but nowadays people allowed to visit Antarctica for tourist purpose. You can enjoy the icebergs, different kinds of plants and animals which can adapt themselves to the cold atmosphere. You can Explorer amazing places in Antarctica with the help of number of comfortable ships and Yachts. Mostly Antarctica visit comprises South Georgia, the Falkland Islands and Antarctica peninsula region between the months November to March. In Antarctica you can find other places also for tourist like Ross Sea and Weddell Sea. You can enjoy activities like sightseeing, mountaineering, camping and scuba-diving.14098007039_ab2948b6c0_z

Antarctic Peninsula:

Paradise Bay is located in Antarctic Peninsula along with northwestern edge Antarctica. Paradise bay is also known as paradise harbor where the shipping vessels halt. There you can find research station which belongs to Argentina. You can enjoy the awesome sceneries of penguin on the iceberg. This peninsula is the home for terns, petrels, cormorants, seals, penguins, and whales and so on. You can find skeleton of many fin whales in Port Lockroy.The fin whale is the second largest whale. This skeleton is covered by ice and reassembled after the sunrise. Lemaire Channel is the fabulous place in Antarctic Peninsula located between Graham Land and Booth Island. The Difficulty is the sometimes icebergs covers the way so tourist may have a chance to miss this astonishing views of Lemaire Channel.

Falkland Island:

The Falkland is famous for its spectacular wildlife and rural lifestyle. The visitors move towards this island mostly in summer, between October and March. This island visit will worth for its spectacular penguins, seals and albatrosses and you can see the five types of penguin besides the five types of penguin gentoo, king, and Macaroni, Magellanic and rock hopper. You can use the Flights which depart every Saturday flying to and from the Falkland islands. In Falkland Island you can play with penguins in the white sand beach.

The Antarctica offers fabulous places for you and it will be worthy full for the tourist persons.

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