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Ethiopia Wonders

Ethiopia is the place where all the great natural wonders and historic wonders handshakes together. The Ethiopia is a land of rugged mountains, broad savannah, lakes and rivers surrounded region, which is significantly well know for the stunning vistas of natural wonders as well as wildlife. Plenty of national parks are treating it as one of the best home. Among the many natural tourist attractions in the world, the Ethiopia place one of the must visit attraction. If you are looking for the cheapest tourist destination around the Africa, the Ethiopia is the right choice for you. The Ethiopia is famous for its stunning ancient culture. Let’s begin to discover it.

Blue Nile Falls:

Begin to wander around the Ethiopia, by visiting the spot river Nile, which is the Africa’s longest river spreads over 800km in length within Ethiopia. People know this river like the great Egyptian civilization began across the Nile river. This part of Nile river called as
Tis Isat- Smoke of Fire, which offer the most dramatic and spectacle vista to you. Really the scenery of the Blue Nile Falls stunning, you ever seen this before anywhere. Especially the rainforest of lush green vegetation, roaring sound enhances the Blue Nile Falls in to awesome. Never miss to collect snaps from there.

National Parks:

National parks are one of the most common tourist attraction available for you in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia you can find a list of stunning national parks, each one will impress you more. The national parks are not only famous for the wildlife and also famous for the the unique eco system. This eco system combined with the rugged mountain backdrops, forest and more. One you must visit the Abijatta-Shalla Lakes National Park, which located at an altitude from 1,540 to 2,075 meters over the Mount Fike, situated between the two lakes. Next one is the Awash National Park surrounding the dormant volcano of Fantale, here you can find the more than the 392 species. Similarly in Ethiopia you can find Bale Mountains National Park, Gambella National Park, Mago National Park, Nechisar National Park and more.

Other wonders:

In Ethiopia you are still having plenty of places, in that list you must visit the ancient holy city harar. The harar city is the oldest Islamic city in Africa, which is really famous for its ancient buildings and impressive city walls. There you can find approximately 99 mosques and it oozes old school islamic culture, which is one of the place in the world. There another one factor grab the attention of all visitors that is the wonderful unique wild ‘hyenas’. Next atttraction is the Rift Valley that is endowed with numerous hot springs, beautiful lakes, and african wildlife. The Rift valley is paradise for those who love the animals more. Next one is the famous medieval settlement called alibela. It is the medieval settlement that lies perched in the midst of an extensive rock church complex. Where you can find the 11 incredible rock-hewn monolithic churches. Really this is the breathtaking wonder among all, which attract you by its distinctive architectural designs. This would be your most unforgettable place among the all wonders.

Don’t miss any attraction to explore over there.

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