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The Los Angeles city is internationally recognized for the film and entertainment industry which is now cashable for the Los Angeles tourism. Some significant changes in the city have happened for the tourism purposes, by the Los Angeles tourism.

One of the best holiday destinations, to experience the warm climate and the breeze from the oceans, a number of beaches and for the entertainment, a number of wonderlands are present in the city, with some changes done by the Los Angeles tourism.

 Here are some places where you can explore the truth of the city.

  • Venice beach:

The Venice beach calls up the artist in us. From the soaking up in the beautiful bay to shopping for treasures, Venice beach call every individual to explore, experience and enjoy the way the beach talks to your soul.

Los Angeles tourism

Stylish boutiques, coffee bars, fitness centers and a lot of events and entertainment centers are arranged around the beach by the Los Angeles tourism. A culture of the city will be known when you enjoy the gastronomical adventures at the beach.

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame:

The world-famous stars names are embedded on both sides of the Hollywood Boulevard and Vine street. This pavement is called as the Hollywood Walk of Fame an internationally recognized Hollywood icon.

The tour to the walk involves stops like Warner Bros studio, Home of Oscars and the Dolby Theatre. This walk is considered as unique in the Los Angeles tourism.

  • Griffith Observatory:

Los Angeles tourism invests on the observatory so that few telescopes are available for the public for free to experience the cosmos. 8-10 live shows are performed every day in the planetarium building. Special events like solar and lunar eclipses date released prior to the events.

Los Angeles tourism

In the observatory’s café, you can have whatever you want for your gastronomy. Gift shop and a bookstore also available to surprise your family with some scientific stuff.

  • Santa Monica Pier:

A very small city, very walkable and offers a community feel. The beachfront location offers an easy access to outdoor activities like sunbathing, biking and volleyball are ideal for the public beaches.

Los Angeles tourism has provided with a lot of galleries, museums and the vibrant public art which shows the art and culture of the city. Having a relaxed nightlife with live music, bars is really a blessing for the small city.

  • Los Angeles Zoo:

Los Angeles tourism has invested in the zoo to protect the endangered species.

Shows and activities:

  • Giraffe feedings
  • Hippo encounters
  • Elephant training demonstration
  • World of Birds Show
  • Muriel’s ranch

The zoo also offers to celebrate special occasions like birthday parties and private events.

  • The Getty Center:


  • European paintings which span several centuries, sculptures and decorative arts arranged in a proper manner.
  • Collection of medieval to the modern renaissance manuscripts are displayed in rotating exhibition.


  • Open spaces and gardens are beautifully designed such that the visitors experience that they have an access to the world.
  • Curvilinear designs and natural gardens enhance the beauty of the architecture.
  • The specialty of the architecture is that the glass walls allow the illuminated sunshine into the interiors.

Los Angeles tourism


  • Los Angeles tourism invested in a variety of plants into the gardens that lead the visitor to the extraordinary experience of sights, sounds, and scents.
  • New plants are often added to the gardens in which the garden never look alike twice.

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