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Family-Friendly Winter Travel Tips

Going on a winter holiday can be the perfect way to get some time away after the hustle and bustle of summer, and can be a great opportunity to try new places and experiences.

Going away for winter with your family can, however, feel a little more stressful than going away in summer as it may be more difficult to get around in the difficult weather conditions that come with the season. Therefore we’ve put together a list of a few tips for hopefully making the experience a little easier so you can have a fantastic time with minimal stress!

Allow yourself plenty of travel time

It’s no surprise that travel times are often much longer during the winter, and you will need to give yourselves some extra time to get to your destination. This can be anything from arriving at the airport a little earlier, setting off in your car sooner than you’d planned or putting back reservations slightly for when you arrive so you’re not rushing around too much.

Consider a ‘staycation’ instead

Why venture further out than you need to?! A staycation somewhere in Great Britain can be the perfect solution to the nightmare of having to go far away with little ones in the colder winter months. The UK is full of amazing places to keep the kids (and parents!) entertained, and you can get great deals on UK short breaks found here.


Look at alternative locations and destinations

Instead of heading to top touristy spots, why not look a little off the beaten track? There’s a great guide here for alternative winter holiday destinations that should hopefully get you inspired to start looking in different places. This can be really great for avoiding crowds and the hustle and bustle, along with saving you some money, too.

Go prepared with lots of supplies for the journey

As mentioned above, the journey is likely to take you a lot longer during winter, regardless of whether it’s a journey you’ve made before or if it’s pretty simple. Therefore, taking a few supplies for the journey ahead can feel like a lifesaver, especially if you end up stuck in traffic or way-laid by bad weather conditions. These can include things like food, drink and things to keep the little ones entertained, too.

Ensure you have sufficient supplies for when you get there

Likewise, ensure you have enough of what you need for when you actually arrive at your holiday destination too, as local shops that are open all through the summer may not be as available during winter, for example. Take foods that will keep and that you can get lots of meals out of for maximum efficiency, like pasta.

Make frequent stops where possible

If you can stop off along your journey (if you’re driving, for example) it’s a good idea to do so at regular intervals. Driving in bad weather can be really tough and it’s important to get enough rest so you and your family (and other motorists) stay safe along the way.

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