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Guadeloupe Attractions

There is an island archipelago in the Eastern Caribbean under the name of Guadeloupe that enchants visitors with its evocative blend of natural beauty, culture, and fascinating history. The Guadeloupe looks like a butterfly in shape with two main islands such as Grand-Terre in the east and Basse-Terre in the west, separated by a narrow mangrove channel called the Rivière Salée. Apart much hot spots at the exterior, which has lush mountainous with waterfalls, hot springs, an active volcano at the interior. Guadeloupe’s islands boast excellent opportunities for birding, photography, hiking, and water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, swimming, and diving.

Guadeloupe National Park, Basse-Terre Island:

Begin your trip in Guadeloupe by watching the Guadeloupe National Park in Basse-Terre Island. It spreads over 300 kilometers of hiking trails, where you could find the wide range of flora and fauna, including 100 species of orchids and 11 species of bats. This would be right spot for Birdwatchers. Here you will enjoy the diversity here with resident species such as the black woodpecker, pearly-eyed thrasher, and lesser Antillean pewee.
Along this route, visitors will find lookouts, picnic areas, jungle waterfalls, and a staffed roadside center at Maison de la Forêt. Many visitors also stop for a cooling swim at Cascade aux Ecrevisses, a small waterfall spilling into a pond.

La Soufrière:

La Soufrière is an active volcano and it is the highest peak in Antilles, where you can find the hot springs, mud pools, and fumaroles punctuate its barren black sides. Hikers love this two-hour climb with panoramic views from the highest points. There you could also encounter the largest of the mountainside lakes formed in craters on the volcanic massif surrounded by lush hillsides.

Terre-de-Bas Island:

Terre-de-Bas is the western island of Les Saintes and features small fishing villages swimming beaches and hiking trails. Two hours is sufficient to cross the island, which is considered one of the most natural and wild in the Guadeloupe archipelago. Grande Anse on Terre-de-Bas features a small 17th century church, a pretty bay and beach with huts for swimming and snorkeling, and a hiking path to the promontory of 273-meter Grande Montagne. Gros-Cap is the main village of Terre-de-Bas with a ferry landing, hotel, restaurant, and the starting points of roads and hiking trails.

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