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Highlights of San Antonio

Are you looking for the ultimate destination for your family fun? If you are wish is so, the San Antonio is the best selection for you. In San Antonio you can find the spectacular attractions in wide range from wonderful historic sites, beautiful River walk, zoo and more. It also offers many things for you to see as well as do more, where attractive spot ranging from theme parks and enjoy the restaurants, patios, galleries and shops. The San Antonio city is fully filled with culturally significant arts, museums and ancient architecture. Now your itinerary to San Antonio is here, read it.

Zoos and Caves:

Whether you want to discover the world’s most important animals or thrilling trip you must visit the San Antonio’s Zoos and Caves. The San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium offers its full view to you around the clock, which is the home to more than 8,500 animals of 779 species. There you must take a ride on a miniature train in the name of San Antonio Zoo Eagle, which helps to treks around Brackenridge Park. Next wonder is Natural Bridge Caverns, which offers the paved and lighted walkways to reach the underground chambers and enjoy the Challengeable Canopy trip there. In San Antonio you can also visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, Wonder World Park and more. These are the must visit places under the title of Zoos and Caves.(image by Vitamin G)107470282_4f97fc0234_z

Theme Parks:

Theme parks are the best spots for fun and thrill oriented fun, If you want to enjoy the new Iron Rattler coaster ride you must visit the at Six Flags® Fiesta Texas. There you can also visit the SeaWorld® San Antonio in South region of south Texas, which offers many Aquatic activities over there. In San Antonio you can also enjoy the Morgan’s Wonderland, which is the ultimate amusement park especially for the adventure seekers. Don’t miss the Splashdown™ San Antonio’s; it is the perfect family oriented fun theme park, which includes 50 rides. In San Antonio you can also visit the Schlitterbahn Water Park, Green Acres Golf and Games. So don’t miss to quench your adventure thirst in San Antonio.(image by Gusano_Quemador)13255089163_c538a127ef_z

Other Attractions:

Don’t think that San Antonio is only best for the Theme Parks, Zoos and Caves, it is also best for the other attractions such as the Phil Hardberger Park, HemisFair Park, Brackenridge Park and more parks. There you can enjoy the Canopy trip under the name of Natural Bridge Caverns, which offers three activities such as discovering the top of the 60-foot, four-tier adventure, discover the 47 obstacles. Don’t miss to wander around the each and every streets of the San Antonio to enjoy the best shopping experience over there. If you want to enjoy the complete San Antonio trip you must taste the delicious traditional dishes. In San Antonio you can enjoy the stunning nightlife in Bars & Lounges, Live Music & Clubs over there.

These are the best ways to explore the San Antonio, So make the above mentioned spots in your travel plan.

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