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Historic Monuments in the World

In this world, historic monuments list is endless and uncountable. These historic monuments are the important things to the social group. Later on or upcoming generations can able to get the information about their ancestors and their cultural and historical heritage too. There are hundreds and thousands of beautiful, historic and incomparable monuments carved around the world. We can’t say everything is unique, but there are few monuments noticeably famous for their beauty and not only for social and historical aspects. Here few wonders is listed below, these are the must visit historic wonders and flocks of people fly from all corners of the world to see them each year.

Machu Picchu:

Peru is one of the ancient region in the world, which is the combination of beautiful landscapes, modern and ancient cultures and the enigmatic Machu Picchu. The enigmatic Machu Picchu draws attention of much visitors across the world, specially to watch out the abundance of awe-inspiring monument in the world presents everywhere here. These abundance of ancient monuments, history of rich culture, unique landscape and more are the gifts bestowed by the Incas, who created this scenic landscape over there. The majestic Machu Picchu city perched high 300 m / 1000 ft above the Urubamba River. If you want to explore this region, indulge in to the hiking over the Inca Trails. After reached the top of the hill, you can find out the spectacular collection of temples, terraced hills and plazas of the Inca’s. This ruined monuments serves as a evidence of the ancient Incas lifestyle, culture and more.(image by wbirt1)9093323982_13f9f1df9c_b


Tikal is almost resembles the Machu Picchu not in the way of construction. In Tikal you can able to watch the evidence of Mayan civilizations.History of Mayan civilization is still in mystery, aplenty of research is going on with this. This Tikal is a large archaeological site in the Guatemalan department of Petén. You can also find other few ancient wonders of Mayans. The Tikal was one of the largest and most important of the Mayan cities. The construction of Tikal is similar as the Mayan city Chichén Itzá, but located in the deep of the vast forest region. There immerse in to the wonders of Tikal such as the Tikal’s plazas, pyramids, and temples, but you have to walk under a thick canopy. During Tikal trip you must explore the wonders Temple of the Grand Jaguar, Northern Acropolis, and Temple of Inscriptions.(image by Shuwi)3056489443_b9a3e376a7_z


Jordan is a collection of ancient historic wonders, where each ancient wonder is unique. Western part of the Jordan is still famous for the spectacular Petra. The Petra located in the Nabatean city, which is a wonderful historic monument with massive facades. This have been carved entirely out of the existing red sandstone. Petra’s magnificent temples and tombs are really fascinating, unlike other religious buildings in the world. Around the Petra, you must find best places for the hikers as well as many historical sites. This rugged landscape serves as a hiker’s paradise. Explore the dramatic history of the Petra city and its fascinating sights.(image by

These are the must visit historical monuments in the world.

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