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Historic Saint George and the Dragon

Saint George, a most famous legend or Patron Saint of England most of people never have an idea about this name, its sounds weird obviously! Because, he has been still popular by the story name of St George and the dragon, awesome story really believed by Christianity region people, many versions of St George and the dragon story is available but the root of all is common, in middle ages people usually called devils as dragons, St George slayed a dragon and rescued the princess, so people who belongs to the Christianity region believes this and every April 23rd especially England and America people celebrating as a St George day.

Apart from the history of the St George and the dragon in middle ages, later on this St George slaying the dragon picture is famous among art personnel, world popular Italian High Renaissance artist Raphael painting this under the name of St. George and the Dragon, now this artful painting in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Raphael embarked his career in painting by number of tiny cabinet paintings, these tiny cabinet paintings helps to show full-length figures at a small scale. Among plenty of Raphael’s cabinet paintings we can consider most famous St George in the Louvre, and the Vision of a Knight in the National Gallery in London.

Raphael’s St George and the dragon painting done by oil on wood type painting, which is very prestigious medium in Greece and Rome and very old too. Giovanni Bellini, Tintoretto, Gustave Moreau, Peter Paul Rubens, Brian Whelan, Edward Burne-Jones and other artists also practiced St George and the dragon painting. St George and the dragon not only well known by painting, it is also known by Sculptures, you can find this historic Sculptures in Open Air Museum in Cosenza, Storkyrkan in Stockholm, The Landmark Loews Movie Palace in Jersey City and more. Saint George and the Dragon is really a legendary and historic painting.(image by carlm1066)9528218411_d988fbdf5e_z

featured image courtesy by Tjflex2

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