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Important Ski Areas and Resorts in the World

A white glistering walkway, each and every part turned in to a white carpet and welcomes you all, that’s the Snow is a real wonder of the world, however we wandered each and every natural spots such as beaches, mountains, forest and more. The snows are the best way to explore the heaven on earth, which yields a way to the adventurous game, ski, is the major activity usually taken place in snow covered areas, especially many resorts working for this to encourage the ski seekers in the name of the ski resorts. Now this review will allow you to explore the best ski areas and ski resorts in the world.


In Africa, Algeria is a best partner for ski seekers with wonderful Ski Areas and resorts; especially Chrea town is the famous place for this. Chrea town is not that much famous, but it offers an excellent ski environment to you, where you can fun over the magnificent views and attractions. June to September is the best season to enjoy this ski attraction in Chrea, during this period you can find more Ski resorts with all facilities. Next one is the Lesotho, a novel spot in Africa, which immerse you more by its stunning ski area under the name of the AfriSki, which is located at an altitude of 3050m above sea-level in the Maluti Mountains. There you can find the Ski resort, which offers 1 Kilometer ski slope, beginners slope in the month of June to August. Among the all Morocco is the home for highest ski resort in Africa. Morocco offers three fascinating ski areas and more ski resorts such as the Ifrane, Mischliffen, and Oukaimeden. The best time to enjoy the real skiing experience in Morocco from December to March or April. These are the most important Ski Areas and resorts in Africa.


In Asia, skiing has become popular in Chine because of more skiing mountains and lower prices, unlike other ski spots such as the British, Australians and Americans, in china you can find Varity of ski spots, especially in Beijing you can find the excellent and spectacular Ski resorts in the name of the Huaibei International Ski Resort and Nanshan Ski Resort and then find Emei Mountain Ski Resort in Sichuan region. Tianshan Mountain International Ski Resort in Xinjiang, Alshan Skiing Resort in Inner Mongolia, Yulong Skiing Resort in Yunnan, Wanlong Ski Resort in Hebei, Shennongjia Ski Resort in Hubei, Beidahu Ski Resort in Jilin, and Yabuli Ski Resort in Heilongjiang. These are the best ski areas in the China. Next one is India, in India summer is the best time to experience skiing, during summer Himalayas mountains located in the north fully wrapped by snows, to enjoy wonderful snow experience you must visit Pahalgam and Gulmarg ski region in Jammu and Kashmir, Solang Nala, Kufri, Narkanda and Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Munsiyari, Mundali and Auli in Uttaranchal, Dayara Bugyal in Uttarakhand and Lachung and Yumthang in Sikkim. These are the wonderful as well as popular Ski Areas and resorts in Asia.

So explore the wonderful ski experience across the world.

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