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Legendary Motorcycle Tours in Mongolia

Those interested in exploring nature and enjoy in its beauty could undertake trips to remote areas which can be done on motorcycle tours conducted by Vintage Rides. With the desire for adventure travel being their passion, Vintage Rides got into the stream of designing and running tours on inspiring motorcycles for biker lovers and adventurers. They tend to conduct tours with the combination of motorbike adventure together with discovery of untouched areas all of which is organised with total security.

They have a concept `Passion for old-fashioned adventure’.  With their legendary motorcycle, one could ride on long stretches of road to any of their organized tours with all the guidance provided by their team of experts. You could explore the high peaks of Ladakh and Nepal or the Mongolian steppe, India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Vintage Rides, experts for appealing packed motorcycle tours in Asia since 2006, have been organizing tours for those interested in involving themselves in the expedition of exploring remote areas on their motorcycles.


Initially contrived in Great Britain, the Bullet 350 cc had been utilised during the World War II on the battlefield. Vintage Rides also tends to take it on themselves of catering to the needs of the bikers with the provision of a garage together with a 60 tough fleet of Royal Enfield at its Delhi premises.

Mongolia – Land of Ultimate Expression of Freedom

To make sure that one can travel on their tour in good condition, they are equipped with experts who tend to be passionate about the Bullet and have a tendency to have thorough knowledge of the bike.  With a team of six mechanics with prior experience in official Royal Enfield bike garages they seem to work joyful in a happy environment.

Bikers need to explore the beautiful regions which are differently planned for a motorcycle adventure. On these tours one would ride along for 4 – 6 hours a day with 80% of which is spent on the roads which could be smooth or bumpy and then have the time to explore the cultural riches of the country. Mongolia is a land of ultimate expression of freedom which takes the traveller by surprise with a lasting impression.


The nomads’ unique way of living in Mongolia can captivate you together with the unmatched horse riders which tend to be lost in the enormity of this place Mongolia tends to boast in actual involvement in unknown areas from the inspiring mountains to the taiga which is the large forest in the north while passing via the Khangai volcanic mounts.  The peculiarity of the Khogno Khan Dune tends to entice you together with the prodigious Gobi Desert that covers the south of the country. It is said to be a region truly full of surprises.

Visa Process Different for Every Tour

Budding or confirmed bike lovers could choose one of the four motorcycle tours in Mongolia and indulge in adventure of 10 – 14 days.  They will be accompanied by experienced guide, ride the motorbike or side-car to this fabulous area of this amazing region. Choosing any one of the motorcycle tours in Mongolia indicates being introduced to the nomads which is a clan of generous and kind individuals.

Before embarking on your motorcycle tours in Mongolia, one needs to have your passport which should be valid for a minimum of another six months after the end date of your holiday.  Visa process tends to be different for every tour country which is the responsibility of the individual.  Application for the visa should be done in your country.  A US passport holder visiting Mongolia for tourism for a period of 90 days does not need a visa.


Acute Mountain Sickness – AMS

Travellers also need to buy repatriation support together with insurance which could cover up medical cost on the ground.  This could be obtained from the insurer or through a provider who tends to offer inclusive and concrete packages. Other thing which needs to be considered is motorbike licence, international driving permit, money, physical fitness, vaccination and AMS – Acute Mountain Sickness.

AMS is said to be a constant risk while on trips especially in the Himalaya where the routes have been planned considering the altitude levels in mind with inclination for steady climbs together with restricted quantity of time spent at high elevation.  Considering the symptoms which could be nausea, loss of appetite, headache, insomnia etc., and their significances, while indulging in these types of excursions, their team provides the essential guidance which may be needed.  They are also equipped with oxygen cylinders should the need arise while they are on their adventure at high altitudes.

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