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Luxury Getaways to Splash Out On

If money is not an issue and all that you want is to have the time of your life, plan a holiday in any of the destinations that we will recommend below. From high-end hotels to fine dining experiences, these are places where you can have bespoke vacations that you will surely remember forever.

Ski in Val d’isere

Searching for the perfect destination to go for a ski holiday? Val d’Isere, a ski resort in the French Alps, will surely be a place that you will love. It is not as large as other ski resorts, which means that it is easier to get your bearings. The intimacy is actually one of the reasons why it is perfect for a luxury vacation. It has stunning landscapes that will be mesmerizing. The accommodation and food are all part of experience here; you can stay in a luxurious lodge or hotel and be served some delicious authentic regional cuisine.

Explore Israel

If you are looking for a pilgrimage site to visit while still enjoying a bit of luxury, this is one destination that should be part of your bucket list. With endless history and culture, Israel is an incredible country. From the ancient city of Jerusalem to the thriving party scene in Tel Aviv, you will have endless attractions to see and experience. In recent years, the country also has experienced a growth of boutique hotels, which are ideal if you are searching for lavish accommodations sans the crowd.

Relax in Tahiti

For a slice of tropical paradise, Tahiti is one destination that holds a lot of promise. This is the best place to enjoy white sand beaches with clear water. The best thing is that it is not crowded, especially if you opt to stay in a luxury resort then you will find tranquility. There are also many resorts with over-water bungalows. Known as the largest island in the French Polynesia, this is the perfect place to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. You can choose to try a wide array of activities or simply bathe under the heat of the glorious sun. Either way, it will surely be a memorable holiday.

Safari in Kenya

If you have always wanted to have an up close and personal encounter with animals in the wild, try a safari in Kenya. To make the experience luxurious, stay in a high-end lodge where you can sleep in the middle of the forest and be one with the animals that are roaming free. There is no need to be scared; these animals will never disturb you. In Segera Retreats, you can enjoy private villas with its own Jacuzzi and a view to boot.

Private Island in The Maldives

Why stay in a five-star hotel if you can have the island all to yourself? While there are many private islands in the world, one of the best is Voovah in Maldives, which is operated by Four Seasons. The entire island can accommodate only 22 guests and you can be sure that there are no other guests to bother your party. Aside from luxury villas, there is also a gym, spa, library, and yacht. There is also a 28-member staff to attend to your every need.

Enjoy England’s Best Towns

The only downside to a holiday in the UK is the unpredictable weather; one moment you can be enjoying glorious sunshine, and the next you’ll be sheltering from a downpour. However, so long as you take plenty of layers, a raincoat and an umbrella, you’ll have a great time. Going on a canal holiday will allow you to have access to shelter quickly if it starts raining, but when the weather is pleasant you can enjoy sitting out on the boat or walking alongside it. If you’d prefer to stay on land, you check into a luxury country house hotel and you’ll find your every need is taken care of by polite and attentive staff. You can enjoy spa treatments, go for walks in the countryside, and shop in some truly beautiful towns and villages. The variety of food available in England is also marvelous. If you are staying near the coast you can enjoy fresh fish dishes and if you’re in the countryside you’ll be provided with meat and dairy produce from the local farms. The full English breakfast is something that’ll make you excited to wake up in the morning. You can go for a cream tea where you’ll be served scones and a pot of tea, and you can’t visit England without devouring a traditional Sunday Roast!

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