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Moldova Attractions

Do you like to spend your vacation in green hills and pastoral countryside? If you are looking the same you must opt the Moldova as your astonishing tourist destination. Moldova is a fabulous picturesque country fully sprinkled with green hills and pastoral countryside, serene lakes, charming vineyards, turbulent history and more. More over Moldova is one of the stunning provinces in Europe that added an additional enthusiasm to you. local vineyards, peculiar villages, unexplored historic wonders and much more popular and worth seeing destinations available in Moldova to soak up you in to an stunning vacation trip.

Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova. A very modern green and cozy town that stretches along the tributary of the Dniester River. History of Moldova can be easily known from the Chisinau town. Visit the historical center of Chisinau, administrative and cultural edifices, which is ready to offer enough information regard the history of the Moldova. In Chisinau watch out the evidence of cultural, regional and historic architectures such as General National Meeting, two central parks, churches and museums of the city, Central Market, market of souvenirs, W.W.II memorial. Apart this, you can able to find some ruined ancient fortresses, that still show off the ancient glory of Moldova in front of the entire world.

World War II bombing destroyed almost two-thirds of the old buildings in the Chisinau city, but still it has plenty of rich and stately old buildings and churches. Gray square buildings of the Stalinist era, serves as a exemplar yet. The city is enriched with many beautiful parks. Each one was constructed with great skill and love. Here visitors love to reveal their restless life days by watching these parks such as most popular park of the Cathedral, the park Valia Morilor with theater Teatrul de Vare and offshore zone Moldexpo, park Valea Trandafirilor with a cascade of lakes and the museum of garden sculpture, a park of La Izvor with a cascade of ponds connected by canals, parks Ghidighici , Alunelul and Riscani.

In Chisinau you must visit the Lake artificial Chisinau, which will impress you with the picturesque shores of it. This serves as one of the famous vacation spot amongst the townspeople. On the shores you can have a chance to enjoy the exhibition of achievements. There you must also visit the Green Theater that can accommodate up to 7 thousand visitors. In the hills of the old Chisinau, watch out the ancient buildings, which survived Mazarakii (1752), Ryshkanovskaya (1777) and The Annunciation (1807) church. Each one will remember the characteristic of the Moldavian medieval architecture threefold plan. It is so called Moldavian set that has two tiers of arches supporting the drum with a dome.

usually Breathtaking wonders of Europe arouse the keenness of visitors across the world, Moldova resembles the same. Enjoy your vacation in Moldova.

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