Attractions in Paris
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Places to Visit in Paris

Paris is a densely populated capital of France. The sites and attractions in Paris will not let you feel left out with their familiar icons and structures. Paris has a great historical touch in its exquisite architecture and modern lifestyle.
Dubbed the ‘capital of fashion’, Paris is home to the famous cosmetics and designers like L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton.
With its epic landmarks and UNESCO world heritage sites, these attractions in Paris will spellbind you-

Eiffelturm Paris

Eiffel Tower-

It is an undeniable attraction in Paris for a romantic getaway for newly-wed couples and lovers from all over the world. Gustave Eiffel built this 324m high structure in 1889. It was presented at Exposition Universelle to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.

58 meters from the ground on the first floor, there is a famous restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel. The second floor at 115m offers a diving view of the surroundings. Finally, the third floor at 275m exhibits Gustave Eiffel’s office with a fascinating Paris look.

Notre Dame Cathedral-

It is located on the eastern side of Ile de la Cité; the birthplace of Paris. This Roman cathedral is a fantastic example of Gothic architecture. Starting from 1163, its construction completed in 1345.
You will much adore this towering perfection from the ground. It is one of the attractions in Paris which you see in the Hollywood movies. Afterwards, move up to the top using 387 stair steps to witness the amazing gargoyles and sculptures.

Louvre Museum-

Being a former royal palace, this museum lies in the Louvre, which was a fortress in the 12th-century. Covering an area of 2,10,000 square meters, this is one of the most visited attractions in Paris and the world.

This museum has eight departments to exhibit-

  • Paintings
  • Islamic & Graphical art and Objects of Art
  • Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Egyptian and Oriental antiquities
  • Sculptures from the Middle Ages, Renaissance age and Modern Times

Champs Elysées / Arc of Triumph-

This arch is an ancient Roman architecture from the 19th century. Built to the glory of imperial armies, this attraction in Paris has been engraved with the names of 558 generals and the victories. It stands at de l’Etoile that leads the way to the “the most beautiful avenue in the world”; Champs Elysees.


This place got its name from a 130m high hill. This attraction in Paris is famous for the white-domed basilica. It was built in 1919 dedicated to the French victims of the Franco-Prussian war (1870).

You should not miss the Square of Tertre that is at a short distance from the basilica. You can also have your live painting from one of the artists here. This place has seen great artists like Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, and Claude Monet in the early 20th century.

Palace of VersaillesPalace of Versailles-

This 17th-century attraction in Paris was built to exhibit the French supremacy. This famous castle mesmerizes everyone with its exquisite buildings, unique furniture, and art decorations.

Must visit the hall of mirrors, state apartments, French gardens, and the Queens’s chamber.

The Latin Quarter-

It lies on the left bank of Seine River (a UNESCO world heritage). The Latin Quarter got its name from the Latin language that was a prominent language here in the middle age. This is quite a youthful place due to its active student life. This attraction in Paris has many educational institutions, bistros and a fantastic ambience.

Disneyland Paris-

If you visit Paris with your kids, Disneyland Paris is a must-to-go attraction in Paris. It is at 32 km from the central Paris. You can reach here with the suburban RER A train system.

There are two theme parks in the Disneyland Paris-

1. Disneyland, where you can behold the setup of sleeping beauty’s castle

2. Walt Disney Studios. You should not miss the Space Mountain- a space themed roller coaster.

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