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How to Save Money on Food – Travel on a Budget

Spending on Food consumes the major expense while travelling. Large number of explorers spends more money than necessary on food, however earlier planning and great spending decisions can extend your travel on a budget. Trying out the street foods is always one of the best things I love most about exploring. In my childhood I use to have a big appetite and I tend to think about dishes a lot. I can’t go for long trip without thinking about it! But now spending on food will end up major expense while making a trip. Here I have gathered together about how to save money on food at its best if you travel on a budget.

save money on food

This would definitely help you out to eat cheaply without feeling hunger or denied regardless of where you go. Check out the following tips to know how to save money on food and travel on a budget.

Check out How to Save Money on Food:

Prefer to stay at a place with a complimentary breakfast

Staying in hostels or hotels with a free breakfast is one of the best ways to learn the trick of how to save money. Free breakfast times are usually earlier than a regular time so set your alarm to avoid missing it. If you have had enough food, grab some biscuits or piece of fruit from the breakfast buffet to eat as a snack and start your day to explore the cities as you won’t feel hungry until dinner time.

If your hotel or hostel doesn’t have a complimentary breakfast option, eat breakfast at a local bakery.  Eating baked items from nearby pastry shops often cost less than eating at a restaurant or a hotel.

Stop Drinking Soda And Refill That Water Bottle

Maybe a couple of soda here and there is fine, but if you are purchasing lots of drinks a day it can really boost up your expense. They are often more costly than water and less healthy for you as well! If you feel it’s safe for drinking, grab some drinking water in the restaurants and fill your water bottle before you go out on a day of touring. In a few countries you surely need to drink filtered water to avoid getting sick, so don’t forget to buy it in super markets instead of getting it in restaurants.

Cook your own meals

Eating out is costly and sometimes it can be irritating to find some place to eat each day. Sometimes you simply wish to have a nice home-cooked food. Staying in a place with a kitchen permits you to eat whatever you need, and also it will build up your cooking skills and the main thing it an easy way to save money on food. You can always stock up on inexpensive staples, such as canned soup mix, rice, bread and pasta and so on instead of running to shop every time. If you are on diet, then it is much easier for you to travel on budget as you can prepare and eat your simple protein rich food.

If you wish to travel on a budget, book an accommodation that let you to use of a kitchen, microwave or fridge.

Eat Local Food

Eating local food is normally less expensive and more delicious. In Vietnam for example, it is cheap to eat pho noodles or rice paper rolls, but in case if you prefer to order some rich food like a burger or pasta, you need to pay significantly more.

Eat Street Food

Countries in Southeast Asia have loads of little street shops with plastic seat. They may not look favor, but rather the food is divine! This is the place you could find an inexpensive food as you can fill your tummy under a dollar. However some people worry about the hygienic thing of eating road side food. In that case always prefer to take light food that will prevent you from food poisoning.

Visit Farmers Markets and Food Trucks

I use this trick a lot when I am travelling, to save money on food; I used to make a visit to farmers markets. They will offer fresh products to taste for sample that definitely help you to save money on food. I also love eating from food trucks when I travel as it’s very simple and easy on the go. Sitting on the table and eating at the restaurants can be expensive, particularly when you need to figure in tax and tip. So if you are looking for how to save money on food, this trick will help you for sure.

Catch Happy Hour

Every shops, restaurants and bars have a good happy hour offer with discount prices. In case if you are fine with eating early, you can save decent amount of money by ordering food and rolls at Happy Hour offers. This simple tip will help you out to travel on a budget.

Don’t Eat At the Airport

Airport food is extremely costly! But if you are feeling hungry, the best tip to save money on food is to take a packed lunch for your flight, or in case you’re going on a flight that offer a free meal, wait until then.

Eat At Buffets

Most of the restaurants are expensive to end up out of your budget. So prefer to eat at buffets that offer variety of dishes so that you can eat whatever you want! Eating at buffets let you to enjoy little bit of every dish instead of sticking with one dish from menu card.


Eating out is a most common thing, so share! I always love to share food with my companions so we split maybe couple things and it usually saves us a bit of money. I don’t need to deal with food envy either!

Order Take-Away

Take-away can be less expensive than eating out in restaurants because you’re not so tempted to order additional dishes to taste.

Use Those Coupons

If you wish to eat at nice eateries, check on the web for discount coupons. Have the coupon number and bring them with you! This will definitely help you out to reduce the counts in eating.

I hope you will leave the blog by getting some knowledge ideas on how to save money on food and help you to travel on a budget.

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