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The capital city of England is not a small city so that the London sightseeing can be done in a brief time. From the modern engineering London eye to the historic constructions like Tower of London, here are some great landmarks in London sightseeing. A London guide with the knowledge of the places will be perfect who will not only assist you in some of the best travel packing tips but also adds completeness to your journey.

  • The London Eye:

When someone was new for the London sightseeing, the first and foremost thing you should ask your London guide is the London Eye. The 135m tall structure, with excellent architectural quality and engineering, attracting millions of visitors every year.

With 32 high-tech glass capsules, it takes you approximately about 30 minutes ride. Every capsule is arranged with a London guide to explore the city’s iconic landmarks. On a clear day, you can see up to 40KM radius with spectacular details.

  • Tower of London:

In the journey of your London sightseeing, you might come across the Tower of London, which got its fame for the torture and death. But besides those stories, these walls tell you the history of the palace, armory, royal mint, exotic wild animals and the infamous prison.


If you ask your London guide to explain the history of the palace, in brief, there will be definitely about the stories of “The Ceremony of Keys” and “The Priceless Crown Jewels of the Kings and Queens”.

  • The View from the Shard:

The Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe of 1016ft height, visitors will experience unparalleled 360 views of 40 miles on a clear day. To experience overwhelming views in the London sightseeing, the view from the shard is one of them.

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On the top, you can explore the capital’s past, present and future through the high-tech digital telescope, multimedia, and the local London guides make you experience the city like never before.

  • Westminster Abbey:

The 700-year-old building is a charade of the British history’s kings, queens, soldiers, priests, poets, and statesmen. Every year the Abbey welcomes millions of visitors who want to explore the history of the building.

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In the Abbey they several things of kings are preserved, like The Coronation chair. In the church, the audio guides are available in various languages to guide the visitors.

  • Tower Bridge:

A must visit in the London sightseeing is the Tower Bridge. The 120-year-old bridge was constructed across the river Thames to ease the traffic in the city. Tower Bridge has an exhibition which shows the history of the bridge construction and its reasons.

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The specialty of the Tower Bridge is, it has the service of lifting the mass structure while the tall ships are traveling. This lifting event attracts the visitors from across the planet. The bridge is raised around 850 times every year.

  • SEA LIFE London:

The visit to the SEA LIFE London in your London sightseeing will give you some astonishing views while you walk on the glass floor, where the creatures in the ocean will be swimming few inches beneath your feet.

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Many of the creatures present in the aquarium are on endangered species which are only permitted to bred and grow inside the aquarium. Talks and feeding times in the Aquarium has been the most exciting time in the SEA LIFE.

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