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Snaps from Red Square

Are you in search of a stunning vacation spot that must serves as a complex of many prehistoric wonders? If your search matches this criteria, as a traveler i would recommend you to visit the Moscow’s most astonishing wonder Red Square. Red Square is a fabulous place with aplenty of prehistoric wonders. Though Russia has many provinces with much wonders, Moscow’s red square is great amongst. Each and every prehistoric buildings in Red Square, will impress you by its unique color, shape, architecture and more aspects. Let’s see what are all the prehistoric wonders available in Red Square,

St Basil’s Cathedral:

One of the great masterpiece in Russia is St Basil’s Cathedral, located at the southern end of red square. Folks, from other countries knock this place, in spite of its ancient glory. After you reached this place, you don’t like to move from here, because of its confusion of colors, patterns, shapes unique style of Russian architecture. The charming St Basil’s Cathedral famous for the nine different colored domes, that really allures. Among the nine, main dome is tall and located in the middle and dedicated to the Church of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God. Next four largest dome dedicated to the Church of Sts Cyprian & Justina, Church of the Holy Trinity, Church of the Icon of St Nicholas the Miracle Worker, and the Church of the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem.(image by suraark)7571348818_fe887b497c_b

Kazan Cathedral:

In Red Square you can also find a gorgeous Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral. Kazan Cathedral is not big as St Basil’s Cathedral, though it is charming wonder in Moscow. This still serves as one of the breathtaking wonders of Europe with its alluring architecture. The Kazan Cathedral was constructed during 17th century, located north side of the square region. Kazan Cathedral covered by a cube shaped roof with clusters of domes. North west corner you must find a bell-tower, and in the north-east the chapel of Averkiy Ierapolskiy. The Kazan Cathedral really amazing wonder in Moscow.

Kremlin walls:

Usually people love to watch the wonders such as Kazan Cathedral and St Basil’s Cathedral, but apart this you must also discover the Kremlin wall. Kremlin wall is famous for the communism, which offers many cemetery visit too. Beneath the Kremlin wall you can find two tombs and 240 casualties of the October Revolution. Under Kremlin wall, aplenty of soviet heroes were buried. The great Kremlin walls serves as one of the prehistoric sites in Moscow.

Lenin Mausoleum:

Next your visit would be the great mausoleum, that is fabulous with the attractive pyramid in layers of red, grey and black granite that harmonizes remarkably well with the Kremlin buildings behind it. The great mausoleum is small but it has many hidden secrets within it. Here you must find the two underground floors to the structure, which is a house of rest area for VIPs and the Kremlin guards, and the laboratory that was once used to supervise the ongoing embalming process.

Prefer this Red square visit, when you begin to wander around the Russia.

Featured image courtesy by suraark


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