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South India-Heaven in India

Have you ever experienced the charming regions with rich culture? To experience all these you must take a trip to the charming South India. Here, you could find most of the regions still retain its own distinct identity. Folks from other regions, love to wander each and every regions in South India, in spite of intricate temple architecture, historical ruins, hills, and more. Right from the beginning trip, damn sure you will enjoy the varied and interesting attractions over there. Whether you are passionate about wildlife, adventure, pilgrimage, culture, heritage or scenic beauty, South India is apt for you. Obviously your South India trip is worthy and unforgettable too, Here a list of must visit wonders for you,

Mysore Palace:

India is a great region in the point of historic trip, because here you could find aplenty of royal palaces and more. In that distinct royal palaces list, you could find out the Mysore Palace utmost in first. Though it slightly resembles the medieval Mughal mausoleum, but it stunning with a blend of greatest architectural styles. This abundant grandeur was designed by British architect Henry Erwin, which is a three storeyed building measuring over 240 feet in length and 150 feet wide huge structure palace with a number of square towers covered with distinct carved dome. Inside the palace you can find many carved ceiling and numerous sculpted pillars, are the masterpiece of the great Raja Ravi Verma. These ceilings are still looks gorgeous with the fabulous vivid color. Don’t miss to visit this palace during Dussehra Festival, when the palace is attractively decorated and looks great with a magnificent look.(image by sureshbhat)14871720962_fd6004d17b_z

Kerala Backwaters:

One of the most stunning region in India as well as South India is the God’s own country Kerala. Kerala is really famous for the breathtaking natural beauty. Kerala’s most fascinating one is backwaters, which is the peculiar beauty. You could have a chance to watch this scenic beauty in Kerala alone, which is not possible in everywhere else in the world. Though entire Kerala region is famous and fascinating but few of them is unique for the backwater enjoyments. Vembanad lake is the largest backwater stretch in Kerala and the most beautiful backwaters area is the Kuttanad region located in Alappuzha district. If you want to hide yourself from the city weary life you must hire a boat house that is the right way to explore the beauteous scenic of backwater. These house boats are available for a day or a week too. House boats offers various facilities such as sleeping area, with toilets, a dining area and more. So enjoy the grand view of the water surroundings with greenery frame works, coconut groves, banana and yam, flock of ducks and more. After a backwater trip, you could feel that the Kerala is a real heaven on India.(image by globalholidays)5747389262_f04a14b5a0_z

These are the wonderful attractions in South India.

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