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Spectacular and Powerful Unspoiled Natural Sites- Guyana

South America’s most impressive province is Guyana that lies between Suriname, Brazil and Venezuela, which has three distinct Geographical zones such as the coastal belt, the forested and mountainous regions and the savannas. So grab your belongings immediately for the trip towards the best unspoiled natural sites. Don’t crush your vista only in natural covered attractions rather than there you can find the site which speaks the glory of the cultural and great historic in Guyana. The Great Guyana is the best tourist destination in the South American continent. Let’s read which and what makes it is a best tourist destination.(image by Ed Reder)6248325514_b5a290e073_z

Kanuku Mountains:

Kanuku Mountains is a beautiful sanctuary and serves as a home to many beautiful and diverse flora and fauna, which is located in the south-western part of Guyana. Kanuku Mountains is a vast area of pristine beauty and it stretches for one hundred kilometers from east to west, and fifty kilometers north to south, a real home to an abundant diversity of wildlife. The Kanuku Mountains have been visiting by many naturalists and this area has been recognized as one of the most biologically diverse regions in Guyana, because of its unique habitats such as gallery forests, lowland forests and montane evergreen forests. The abundant wildlife includes 350 species of birds and special species found in Guyana, where you can find incredible number of the rivers such as the Kumaka creek, Moruiway River, Puwib River, Mormiswau River, Ushawau River, Tatuwau River, Shelina, Shulinab River, Wild Cashew creek, and Manariwau River. So The Kanuku Mountains are the best recreation point in the Guyana.(image  by ruth_ritzema)3907180539_85c93306be_z

Iwokrama forest:

Most exotic nature attraction in Guyana is the iwokrama forest, nested in the loop of the various wildlife, dark green plants, amiable weather, and enriched atmosphere and more, where you must take a task in canopy tours to explore the best astonishing wildlife vista, this canopy walkway is stunning and terrific with 30 meters height and 154 meters length. While walking over the canopy you can find the attractive wildlife and awesome nature surroundings. The iwokrama forest offers the plenty of opportunities to explore the wonders by walking, 4×4 vehicle trips and much more. There you can find the best class of room for the accommodation and you can also tasty the Guyana’s traditional food over there. So the iwokrama forest is the best companionship in the leisure time trip on Guyana.

Other attractions in Guyana:

Nothing can beat the natural wonders of Guyana, because each attraction is unique and must visit site, Kanuku Mountains and Iwokrama forest are the must visit, though you can find many nature oriented places such as the Pacaraima Mountains, best spot for the wildlife and many gorgeous plants. Then visit the Kaieteur National Park, a lush greenery surroundings best companionship for nature seekers. If you are ready to see the vast view of the Guyana you must climb over the Mount Roraima, highest part of the tepui plateau. The Guyana National Museum is the best spot to know more about the history of the Guyana. Guyana Zoo is the next nature wonder in Guyana which offers the view of the traditional Guyana wildlife and more other wildlife too. There you must also visit the Castellani House, Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology, Guyana museum of African heritage and so on. These are the other important sites in the Guyana.

Amazing country with Natural beauty, but you has to be there to see, enjoy, explore and experience it for yourself, so prepare a bucket list and discover it!

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