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Stunning Holiday Villas across Europe

A holiday in Europe allows you to explore diverse cultures, languages, architecture and history. Not only that, but whilst on your holidays, you are able to stay in some of the stunning accommodation that is dotted across Europe. Below are some suggestions to help inspire accommodation for your next stay.


Crete is known for the White Mountains and pristine beaches of fine sand. The best way to explore this magical island and its ancient culture, wild natural beauty and exquisite cuisines, is by staying in some of the stunning villas. Villa Ammosi, Villa Domus Eleon, Villa Thalassa and Villa Charisma are some of the amazing villas here, all with top-class facilities and incredible views. Beautifully furnished bedrooms, infinity pools, close proximity to beaches and fascinating gardens are just a few of the incredible facilities these villas boast.


When exploring this mountainous island, you must be sure to stay in some of the luxurious and beautiful villas here, such as Casa Juliana, Arbitru, Villa Calvi, Villa Solana, Villa Dominique and Villa Penta. Located in a picturesque location, while the modern villa Arbitru comes with walled gardens, a decked terrace, a private pool and open space to relax, Villa Penta offers a great view and features a partially covered terrace, a swimming pool and a games room. It is therefore certain that when looking for luxury accommodation, you will not struggle in Corsica.

Puglia, Italy

The authentic Italian villas in Puglia encompass spectacular views, classical Italian architecture and a natural yet vibrant environment. When selecting your villa, be sure to look out for differing styles in architecture and décor and also for the location; some may be far quieter in nature. For instance, Masseria Alberobello boasts refined elegance in its decorations and design, whereas Villa Magnifica focuses on offering modern, luxury facilities. Other beautiful villas worth mentioning are Villa Salenta and Villa Battimuro, both offering private outdoor kitchens and pools.

Ibiza, Spain

Whilst Ibiza is famous for its wild clubbing scene, it is also home to some gorgeous villas. You can expect to find poolside Jacuzzis, breath-taking views, spacious indoors, immaculately maintained gardens and outdoor kitchens. The villas are sure to take your trip to the next level. Some of the most beautiful include SesSavines, Villa Adelina, Casa Atlantis, Villa Salome, Villa Las Olas and Vila Montecarlo.

Provence, France

If you are in the mood for relaxing in luxury with a glass of fine wine in your hand, then Provence is the place for you. Provence makes for the perfect holiday destination for both couples and families, as it boasts a magnitude of delicious restaurants to suit every budget. Villa Rosella, Villa Magenta, La Borie, La Provencale and Villa L’Eternelle are just a few of some of the many stunning villas in Provence. Serving as a peaceful retreat, these villas come with luxury bedrooms, private pools, perfectly maintained gardens and panoramic views.

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